Pep clikzy Creative Brief


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Pep clikzy Creative Brief

  1. 1. Hello!PEPEducating Parents.Enriching Families. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330
  2. 2. Clikzy has worked on a variety of non-profit, advocacy, and/or youth-led organizations. The goal for each of these clients, though unique in their personal missions, was similar in that they all needed their branding and website to speak to their audience just as clearly and honestly as a face-to-face conversation. We worked together to produce a brand and a website for each of them that transparently reflected their mission and ignited their audi- ence into taking action, joining the organization, and becoming an active and well-informed member. A list of these clients include: Arlington Green Games, The Bryce Harlow Founda- tion, The Littlest Lamb, Mine the Vote, Lolly’s Locks, Policy Studies Organization, London Towne Elementary School, Hill Snowdon, Fairvote, and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.PRIOR NON-PROFIT WORK Here are some more specifics on a few of our previous non-profit projects: Arlington Green Games: Clikzy worked with Arlington Green Games ( to create an appealing and effective website redesign in a Drupal platform. They were thrilled with their website, however, Drupal proved to be a more difficult platform for their internal team to use to update the AGG website. To solve this problem, they came back to us and requested we transfer their website from Drupal to Wordpress, which has a much more user-friendly administrator back end. Lolly’s Locks: Lolly’s Locks ( is a new non-profit organization whose mission is to get high-quality wigs into the hands of women who would not be able to afford them otherwise, inspired by the founder’s mother Lolly who lost her 15-month battle of cancer in March, 2012. Jaime, the founder, really wanted to create a site that reflected her mom’s clean and elegant sense of style, her bright spirit, and had a unique interface for accepting donations. To fulfill her needs, we built her site on a Wordpress CMS platform for easy updating and management, and we designed a custom donation section that is both inviting and intuitive. Littlest Lamb: The Littlest Lamb ( reached out to Clikzy in hopes of having their site redesigned. Their site was outdated and messy. Each news article they posted displayed on the homepage, which made for an overwhelming and endless scroll for the users. Being an organization whose goal is to improve the lives of orphans and street children, an organization also run by young adults, we created a custom design that a fun yet able personality. We reorganized the site architecture and navigation to provide users with an easy-to-use environment. They were also thrilled with their ability to easily manage and update a blog (not housed on the homepage) and a small e-commerce store. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  3. 3. Client References Mine the Vote Matt Oczkowski Director, Online Campaigns Advocacy Group, Inc. 1411 K Street, NW, Suite 1400 Washington, DC 20005CLIENT REFERNCES (202)-525-9849 Bryce Harlow Foundation Linda Dooley President Bryce Harlow Foundation 202-654-7812 Arlington Green Games Sarah E. O’Connell Energy Outreach Coordinator Arlington County Department of Environmental Services 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 705 Arlington, VA 22201 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  4. 4. 12 3 4ORGANIZATION & PROCESS Discovery Questionnaire Kick-off Phone Content We believe it is never too Discovery is the most and Site Map Call important phase of the soon to start gathering your To begin our discovery During the kick-off design process. This is content, especially for the process, we ask our clients phone call we go over when we get to know homepage. To move from to thoroughly fill out a the questionnaire and your company, your discovery into a homepage website questionnaire that sitemap to make sure we brand, your goals, and wireframe, we ask that you we created. The question- are on the same page. your objectives. The tell us what information naire guides the design Depending how design process is collabo- (text, charts, images, videos, process by giving our design thoroughly the ques- ration between client and contact forms, etc.) you need team the overall direction to tionnaire was filled out, agency. We want to give to have displayed on their take with each custom a kick-off call can be a you the best and most homepage. The relationship design. If this questionnaire brief 5 minutes, to a effective product possible. between agency and client is filled out fully and lengthy 2 hours. Our To do this, both parties is like that between home- thoroughly, our designers designers will ask for any have to do some home- owner and contractor. are always in the ballpark clarifications they may work. The client must Kitchens, bedrooms, living when it comes to creating need, and our clients will know what they want to rooms- they all have 4 walls, wireframes and mockup ask any questions they convey to their audience, but each room serves a designs. The client will tell have on their end as and we must know how to different purpose. We will us websites they like and well. convey that message(s) in take care of the dislike, competitor websites, the most effective way. (information) architecture; goals and objectives, we just ask that you tell us keywords for SEO purposes, what room we’re building. and more. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  5. 5. 56 7 8WireframeA wireframe is the skeleton ofyour site. By building a rough Mockup This is the point where our designers wave their Revisions We want you to love your website. The feedback you Development Our development team brings your website to life.outline of your site (black and magic wands/mouses and provide drives the design They slice the designs intowhite, no graphics) we ensure transform your rough site process. Before we develop HTML and CSS code. Thethat every piece is in place. It’s plan into a real design. your site we make sure that code is then incorporatednot pretty, but it gets the job We summon all our every detail has been into a content managementdone. This bare-bones layout Photoshop/ Illustrator approved. We’re flexible so system. Here you can managereveals the structure of the site talent and design know- you don’t have to be. any interactive elements,without distracting stylistic how to create a website such as updates, news, ortreatments. At this point if that not only works, but blog posts. We test everythere are any content changes, wows. page to make sure the site isthey can easily be made web ready.without disrupting the design. Launch Your site moves to a live server. Anyone can view and search for your site! 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  6. 6. How We Manage ProjectsAt Clikzy, we partner with companies around the globe to create Projects go through these phases:brilliant ideas and convert them into real results. Before starting each 1. Discoveryproject, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire. Our designers will 2. Wireframesderive inspiration from the questionnaire to help create the website. 3. Mock up DesignsThe goal is always to ensure that everyone’s input is taken intoconsideration. 4. Development 5. TestingA project manager guides the project through each phase, making 6. Launchsure all questions and comments from both sides are sorted out. Thetools we use to facilitate the process include Basecamp, Notable, andour Testing Platform.Basecamp To help manage projects we use 37signal’s “basecamp.” This Basecamp offers a tour: software enables us to collaborate with all team members, on our side and your side, throughout the project. Every- thing that is posted on basecamp is viewable anytime by everyone assigned to the project. This is especially beneficial when working with clients that have several individuals that are responsible for the outcome.Notable Basecamp makes it possible to work as a team without the Notable offers a tour: hassle of getting everyone together in a meeting. The same is true for Notable, image capturing software, which takes collaboration to a new level. Notable allows us to post a mockup design for a website online. Then anyone with the link may make comments directly on the image. Everyone’s opinion can be heard and everyone can post on their own time. We then take all of Sites we have recently developed: those comments and apply all necessary changes. Revisions can be anything from changing colors and fonts to changing entire layouts and the overall theme. Addition- ally, we will do unlimited revisions on a design, because we *If you follow the links you will see that they want it to be right. are fully functioning, live websites, which are currently pending client approval.Testing When the design has been approved, we will move toPlatform development. You may watch your site get built via our testing platform, This test domain allows us to work out any issues with the site before launch- ing it on the client’s domain. When we get the go ahead, we will then transfer everything to your domain, at which point ownership of all design and intellectual property is trans- ferred as well. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  7. 7. How We Inspire and MotivateGenerally clients are very good at pointing out “I don’t like this, take this out, etc.” What is harder to commu-nicate is “this is what I would like to see.” Everyone has an overall idea of what they want to happen but thedetails are fuzzy. We offer unlimited revisions on the design because we know that it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what you want. We generally offer more than one mockup version so that it is easy to com-pare what works and what doesn’t. Then we collaborate through Notable to highlight exactly what needsfixed.Content writing may be the most difficult step in creating a website, and often the number one thing thatcan hold up a project. What makes it easier is having a site layout. After an initial mockup it is much easierto determine where there is a need for content, whether it’s images or text. No one knows a companybetter than you, so an “about us” section generally falls into place rather easily. Other sections are lessintuitive and therefore take a little more effort. When in doubt it is best to keep it simple. Also keep inmind that the internet is an abundant source of information. There is nothing wrong with doing someresearch and identifying the key items that others have included in their websites. Many companies preferto just transfer the content from their old site into their freshly designed site which also works well.We will always try to be the catalyst for bringing out your creative side. Building a website takes a teameffort and we will provide support. Feel free to send any content to us for review. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  8. 8. TestingWhen the design has been approved, we will move to development. Clients may watch their site get builtvia our testing platform, We have recently developed these sites: you follow the links you will see that they are fully functioning, live websites, which are currently pendingclient approval. This test domain allows us to work out any issues with the site before launching it on theclient’s domain. When we get the go ahead, we will then transfer everything to the client’s domain, atwhich point ownership of all design and intellectual property is transferred as well.SupportAll the websites we create are custom designed and built. For this reason, support varies significantly byproject. Due to the nature of support we offer website maintenance packages. The following services areencompassed by all of our maintenance options:• Monthly website updates• Support & Consulting Request Emails• Support & Consulting Request Calls• Annual Strategic Planning w/ Clikzy Management Team• Annual Website Review (Delivered via email)• Online customer support system• Monthly Backups• Broken Link Fixes• Graphics & Animation UpdatesBelow are the packages we offer:• On Demand Package @ $80 per hour (Quoted per project)• Package of 24 hours @ $70 per hour• Package of 60 hours: @ $65 per hour• Package of 120 hours: @ $60 per hour• **Packages do not expire and rate is locked. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  9. 9. Service (SLA) AgreementINTRODUCTIONWhy Clikzy Creative?• Experienced Professionals• We’ve completed over 300 websites with over 100 being WordPress!The Clikzy Creative’ website maintenance team is made up of full / part time professionals each with morethan three years of web design experience.• Customer ServiceClikzy Creative’ website maintenance experts are friendly, courteous, and most importantly, responsive toyour web maintenance needs. They will always provide an estimate of the number of hours it should taketo do the job and notify you by telephone or email upon completion.DESCRIPTIONWhat is web maintenance?Think of it as painting your house; the more attractive it is, the more often it will be visited and noted toothers. Good regular maintenance will also keep visitors coming back. As simple a thing as a time stamp onyour web page, will show the viewer your pages are up-dated regularly. Make your website attractive andalways aim to attract new visitors to it. Maintenance can consist of minor text changes or additions tographics or a new website page design or new page content, etc.We define "Website Maintenance" as keeping the website current. This could include website design, anddevelopment.CLIKZY RESPONSIBILITIESWe maintain a current backup, and archive all submitted files for your website.We reserve the right to distinguish between "updates" and "new designs". Changing the navigation, theadding of new pages, graphic changes, buttons, etc. are considered new designs and charged accordinglyto our hourly design rate.PARTNER RESPONSIBILITIES It is the clients responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that we need tomake. There will be no charge for any errors on our part. However, if a change needs to be made due toclient error, the regular hourly update fees will be charged. Your rate is calculated on the total timeinvolved in completing the updates. Billing occurs on the 30th day from your contract date every month.Updates should be provided electronically (by email) as much as possible. Attachments should be in textformat (.txt or Word .doc formats are fine). Send digitized pictures in common format such as .jpg, .gif, .ai,.psd, .png, .bmp, etc. Updates may also be sent by postal mail or by fax. This will require retyping data or thescanning of photos and will cost more to complete your changes.
  10. 10. Clikzy Creative is a new age web design and search engine marketing company with dedicated professionals with the same goal in mind: Create outstanding designs that promote your sucess and growth. For 6 years we have helped companies grow their business through great websites and great marketing. You will be working directly with theAGENCY OVERVIEW designers and copywriters who are extremely responsive and allow you unlimited revisions until you are happy with your product. Clikzy began when a small team of Web Designers and Search Marketers kept noticing how bland and boring most websites out there really are. If you don’t believe us, Google search some terms in your industry and review the sites. Bored yet? We decided that Clikzy Creative’s goal would be to bring uniqueness, creativity, and excitement to each and every project we touch. We work to make sure your site stands out amongst the dullness floating around the internet, and blasts your competitors out of the water. We do not settle for mediocrity and we believe no client should. Our Goal: Make Your Website Unique and Effective Your Website is the face of your company. We want you to be involved. Flexibility and frequent communication is only one of the many things that set us apart from the others. At Clikzy Creative, our goal is to combine our expertise in web design and development, social media, and search engine optimization to give you the kind of website that will ignite your company and propel your business to new heights. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  11. 11. Core Competencies Your Website Design starts with an in-depth analysis of your goals and marketing plan. We’ll help you define and navigate through the sea of acronyms such as HTML, PHP, Joomla, and Drupal to identify which platform works best for you. Our team of designers and developers are experts in creating beautiful and professional websites including interactive elements such as jQuery and Flash. Not only that, our team is well versed in various content management systems to help you manage your new website easily and efficiently. Online Marketing strategies are an integral part of our process because we know a successful website is about more than beautiful design. Our team at Clikzy Creative will work with your company to analyze keywords, utilize e-mail marketing and social media platforms to better connect with your target audience. We specialize in search market- ing techniques and search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that your company stands out among your competitors. E-Commerce websites allow you to sell virtually anything online. But with millions of e-commerce websites already established, how will you compete? Our team can help. We will educate you in how to avoid the most common mistakes made in e-commerce design to ensure detailed product descriptions and user friendly navigation. Integrating simple check-out processes gives your customers peace of mind when navigating and purchasing from your website. Engaging your audience with Social Media is a crucial part of promoting your business and brand recognition. Our developers under- stand the importance of connecting with people and use an array of social media platforms to do so. Social bookmarking, referral strategies, and blog integration are just a few great ways to stay in touch with your exisiting audience and bring in a whole lot more. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  12. 12. All of Us at say...THANK YOU! CONTACT 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 22314 US! 703.567.4330