Clikzy Creative Company Guide 2012


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Clikzy Creative Company Guide 2012

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Clikzy Creative Company Guide 2012

  1. 1. 108 N Payne St 3rd Floor Alexandria, VA
  2. 2. ABOUT US It all started when a small team of Web Designers and Search Marketers kept noticing how bland and boring most websites out there really are. If you don’t believe us, Google search some terms in your industry and review the sites. Bored yet? We decided that Clikzy Creative’s goal would be to bring uniqueness, creativity, and excitement to each and every project we touch. We work to make sure your site stands out amongst the dullness floating around the internet, and blasts your competitors out of the water. We do not settle for mediocrity and we believe no client should. Our Goal: Make Your Website Unique and Effective Your websiteWHY US is the face of your company. We want you to be involved. Flexibility and frequent communication is only one of the many things that set us apart from the others. At Clikzy Creative, our goal is to combine our expertise in web design and development, social media, and search engine opti- mization to give you the kind of website that will ignite your company and propel your business to new heights. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  3. 3. Your Website Design starts with an in-depth analysis ofWHAT WE OFFER your goals and marketing plan. We’ll help you define and navigate through the sea of acronyms such as HTML, PHP, Joomla, and Drupal to identify which platform works best for you. Our team of designers and developers are experts in creating beautiful and professional websites including interactive elements such as jQuery and Flash. Not only that, our team is well versed in various content management systems to help you manage your new website easily and efficiently. Online Marketing strategies are an integral part of our process because we know a successful website is about more than beautiful design. Our team at Clikzy Creative will work with your company to analyze keywords, utilize e-mail marketing and social media platforms to better connect with your target audience. We specialize in search marketing techniques and search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that your company stands out among your competitors. E-Commerce websites allow you to sell virtually anything online. But with millions of e-commerce websites already established, how will you compete? Our team can help. We will educate you in how to avoid the most common mistakes made in e-commerce design to ensure detailed product descriptions and user friendly navigation. Integrating simple check-out processes gives your customers peace of mind when navigating and purchasing from your website. Engaging your audience with Social Media is a crucial part of promoting your business and brand recognition. Our developers understand the importance of connecting with people and use an array of social media platforms to do so. Social bookmarking, referral strategies, and blog integration are just a few great ways to stay in touch with your exisiting audience and bring in a whole lot more. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  4. 4. OUR PROCESS 1 Discovery is the first and most crucial step of our process. This is where we set your goals and proceed to dive deep into research. We learn the ins and outs of your industry, your 2 The wireframe is the basic skeleton of your site that will dictate the flow and competitors, and your target audience. foundation. The wireframe will be the placeholder of all content to come. Y MAKE VER AW DISCO IRE F RA ME6 LAUNCH OUR PROCESS 3 Once the wireframe is LAUNCH approved. This is where YOUR DESIGN Your custom webdesign in full circle the full-fledged design WEBSITE! and fun begins (and the unlimited revisions)! ING DE VEL TEST OPM ENT We place your site on our demo 5 server where you can see it live and 4 Once the internal pages are approved, we start functioning, while still being able development! to make any desired corrections. * facilitate theisrevision process by allowing you to make Notable a screen capture software we use to * Basecamp is back and managing way, we use to send files a project forth. This software comments directly on an image of your design. It everything is organized in one location that can be provides clear understanding for all parties. accessed by both our clients and ourselves. 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  5. 5. OUR CLIENTS Just because we are based in Washington, DC doesn’t mean we always stay within district lines.TY RXdccakepops 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  6. 6. We love our clients and they love us! My best business decision was going with Clikzy Creative to design my new website. They took their time understanding my needs and created a truly unique website that accurately reflects my company. I am very proud to show off my website! Charles Park, Park Shamsai DevelopmentAwards& Rankings#1 Web Design #1 PHP Development#1 Interactive Design #2 E-Commerce Design#1 Wordpress Development #2 for Joomla Development#1 Magento Development #3 for Web Development#1 GUI Design #4 for Site Audit#1 Web Strategy 108 N Payne Street Alexandria, VA 703.567.4330 |
  7. 7. Call us at 703.567.4330 for more info!CONTACT 108 N Payne St 3rd Floor US! Alexandria, VA 22314 contact@clikzy.comFOLLOW facebook: Clikzy-Creative twitter: @ClikzyCreative US!