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Jams academy works mainly with Graduate students and Educational Institutions in imparting employability skills & interview skills enabling the students not only to face interviews successfully but also to sustain them in the job and enable them to grow within the organization leading successful career & life

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Jams Academy - Employability Skills Development & Interview Coaching

  1. 1. P Jose Mathew Total professional experience of about 34+ years - 4 years as Head India Workforce Management - 10 years in SAP R/3 in various positions such as SAP Business Head, Service Delivery Manager (Offshore), Competency Manager, Project Manager, Project Team Leader, PP Module Lead Consultant etc.. Has extensive experience of 18+ years in the Manufacturing Industry and has handled various functions such as Production, PPC, Purchasing, Materials Management etc. Skillsets Company Position Year » Atos India » Leading Edge Sys » Ygyan Consltg » CG ltd » Other Mfg. Cos » Program Mgr. / Gr Mgr. WFM / SAP Delivery Mgmt. / Competency Mgmt. » SAP Business Head » SAP Project Manager » SAP Project Lead / SAP Consultant / Head Production Planning & Control » Materials Manager / Purchasing Manager / Production Engineer / PPC Engineer »2001 to 2013 »2001 to 2002 »2000 to 2001 »1995 to 2000 Imparting employability & interview skills to students & young executives Trainer in Soft-skills, Functional domain & ITIL / People Management / General Management / Customer Management / Service Delivery Management / Program management / Analytical ability // Resource Management, Capacity Planning, Career Planning, Contract Management, Management & Financial reporting // Competencies: Client & delivery focus, leadership, presentation, communication, team working, people focus, integrity, dynamism & creative pragmatism
  2. 2. Employability Skills Development & Interview Coaching 7/24/20132 P Jose Mathew Jams Academy Employability Skill Development & Interview Coaching www.jamsacademy.com
  3. 3. Interview Coaching 7/24/20133
  4. 4. “60 Seconds” That Is All The Time A Candidate Gets In A Job Interview !!! 7/24/20134
  5. 5. 7/24/20135 60 Seconds??????  Studies show that job interviews are: Basically decided within the first few moments Based more on how much the interviewer/s like/s the candidate Not necessarily always based on the requirements of the position or the background of the interviewee. Research indicates that human beings:  Create a firm opinion about someone in just a few seconds of meeting him/her  Take mere seconds to conclude whether they like the person / have belief, confidence, faith and
  6. 6. Candidate gets but one chance to make the First Impression 7/24/20136 Needless to say, it needs to be “Perfect ”
  7. 7. 7/24/20137 60 Seconds - That Is All The Time Needed    If & when one has: Planned for job interview/s Carried out preparation systematically & well in time Practiced, practiced and practiced Checked performance repeatedly, assessed & reassessed the gaps Eliminated the gaps & polished the act to perfection Assuming that he/she has:  Done well academically to qualify
  8. 8. Jams Academy Will 7/24/20138 Help students / candidates to prepare for interviews through: Comprehensive “Interview skill” training Assessments, gap identification & action plans based on “identified gaps” Interview practice using “Interview Master” tool Evaluations & fine tuning  Training sessions would be held within resp College premises for students  Sessions carried out generally on week days (for students)
  9. 9. Enablers 7/24/20139  Resume Resume Analysis Resume Building & Enhancement Resume Validation  Projects Technical Projects Non-Technical Projects Jams Original Idea Incubator (JOII) Idea Evaluation support Piloting support Incubation support
  10. 10. Is That All That Is Needed to get one’s Dream Job? 7/24/201310 Getting through the job interview is only the first step…… Employees would need to:  Perform well & excel in their jobs  Grow vertically & horizontally within the organization  Reach the full potential in the career of their choice  Lead a highly successful life with work life balance For these, they would need to have “Employability
  11. 11. Employability Skills 7/24/201311
  12. 12. Indian Graduates Have Low Employability! 7/24/201312
  13. 13. These Headlines Point To The Ground Reality 7/24/201313
  14. 14. Low Employability Exists Across Disciplines Employability Quotient, Not College Name be the New Hiring Criteria "Engineering colleges in our country have been growing at 20 per cent a year. ….despite the increase in number of colleges, the competition for acquiring fresh talent every year is so heated that it gives an impression that resources are really scarce….”, Azim Premji 7/24/201314
  15. 15. Candidate Conversions Are Very Low Conversion Funnel: Academic Skills A B I L I T I E S 25 (lower threshold) Interviews D O M A I N 18 (Technology/Domain Knowledge) Offers 12100 candidates Joining 10 Conversion Funnel: Employability Skills E M PL O Y A BI LI T Y 15 (lower, trainable scale) Interviews A B I L I T I E S 9 (various abilities & skills parameters) Offers 6 100 candidates Joining 4 7/24/201315
  16. 16. Industry Says “One out of every four graduates found unemployable by industry” – B Santhanam, Chairman of CII National Committee on Skills and Human Resources “The biggest failure is that students do not possess soft skills to discuss, present & articulate” – Kiran Karnik, President, NASSCOM “If we don’t take steps to improve the quality of our engineering graduates, we will soon lose out on our ability to compete globally” – NR Narayana Murthy 7/24/201316
  17. 17. Demand Not Met Despite Large Educated Population 7/24/201317 “Nearly one-half of employers say the skills gap relates to command of both hard (technical / domain) and other (communication, team work etc.. collectively termed as Employability Skills) abilities” – Ref: Baseline®
  18. 18. 7/24/201318
  19. 19. 7/24/201319
  20. 20. 7/24/201320
  21. 21. 7/24/201321
  22. 22. Huge Gap Between Expectations & Availability 7/24/201322
  23. 23. Bridge The Gap Through 7/24/201323
  24. 24. Employability Skills Development 7/24/201324
  25. 25. 7/24/201325 Jams Academy
  26. 26. Employability Skills Programs Programs designed to help students / candidates to: Develop / enhance employability skills Make them Industry Ready Achieve Success In Life. Employability skills:  Non-academic skills Necessary for getting, keeping & doing well on the job Act as launching pad for career growth & success within and outside the employer organization Leading to success in life. 7/24/201326
  27. 27. We Cover Most Of These Employability Skills 7/24/201327
  28. 28. We Pay Personal Attention  Individual progress tracking & monitoring Awareness of employability skills and their vital importance Assessment of language skills, voice accent & computer literacy levels of participants Specific actions recommended for weak language skills / pronounced accents / low computer literacy levels 7/24/201328  Experiential learning with extensive use of role plays, individual & group assignments & practice interspersed with highly interactive lectures, presentations, videos, etc.
  29. 29. 7/24/201329 Practice Individual specific external coaching Assignment s Class room sessions Individual specific action plan/s Assessment Net gap identification
  30. 30. We Help Achieve Success Students / participants could be employed in the best of organizations – (post) graduate from the best of institutions - grow to their full potential in the career of their choice &, above all, in life – meeting & exceeding their own expectations….. All they would need to do is to understand their own employability skills gaps and work on them systematically and well in time ….. Employability skills mastery is a must for employees if they want to achieve success in career & life 7/24/201330
  31. 31. Functional Business Students / participants would be provided a high level view of the standard business flows explaining the various business functions and their inter-relationship & inter- dependencies. Understanding of ERPs (like SAP) & how they enable Business to get real time data leading to quicker & better decision making and hence improvement of overall performance. 7/24/201331
  32. 32. 7/24/201332 Sessions would be highly interactive & a mix of: Classroom talks / discussions Video presentations Power point presentations Games Role plays Individual & group assignments Progress evaluation / assessment Q & A and Feedback sessions Highly Interactive Sessions
  33. 33. 7/24/201333 College Directors / Principals / Placement Officers Specific tailored programs for students of: Engineering Degree Colleges Non-Engineering Degree Colleges Diploma Course Colleges BBA / MBA Colleges Conducted within resp. College premises Duration 1 to 3 years (excluding final year) 2 to 4 Hours single/multiple sessions every week Pre-Training Assessments Employability Skills Development & Interview Coaching Post Training Assessments
  34. 34. Each of you can be “employable” Develop & enhance your strengths Identify & work on the areas for improvement Master “Employability skills” & “Interview Skills”  Be Industry Ready & Grab That Dream Job Pre-Training Assessments Employability Skills Development & Interview Coaching Post Training Assessments 7/24/201334 Graduate/Diploma Students
  35. 35. Get candidates trained & coached on “Employability skills” & “Interview Skills” Multiply candidate selection ratio manifold  Reduce recruitment turn around time  Reduce overall cost of recruitment 7/24/201335 Recruiting Professionals / HR Consultants Shortlisted Candidates Focused Short Term Coaching & Training Client Interview
  36. 36. Contact Jams Academy Employability Skill Development & Interview Coaching Mumbai Employability Skills Development & Interview Coaching Programs 7/24/201336 Sales@jamsacademy.com 9820095120 www.jamsacademy.com
  37. 37. 7/24/201337