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  1. 1. Exploration UnitYiPPY! Our exploration unit finishes and our PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE unit starts!In this unit we will learned about the people that are in need. Some of us have allready seen on the roads and on our Field Trip peoples needs. This unit will havemany projects , from some of them we will learn so much. In this unit we will needso much focus and its going to be so fun and nteresting.THIS UNIT WILL BE Awesome! By: RUDRAKSHI SINGHField TripWe went on a fieldtrip. While we were on the fieldtrip, we looked at how poorpeople live and how we can help them because we are doing a unit that is calledpeople helping people. While we were walking, we saw a man lying on the ground.Mr. Jonson said if we were not there, he would of helped him but other people werehelping him. We also saw kids looking for trash to sell.By: Ethan
  2. 2. Our New Math WorkshopIn class we have a new math workshop. In this workshop there are fivestations they are called unit of inquiry, problem solving, brainpop, math game,math magician and Mr. Johnson’s math group. We do one or two of thesestations sometimes. We have a pink paper to track down what we did so wewon’t do it until we do all the stations. In problem solving we have threebuckets one of them says super challenging problems. In that bucket thereare math cards that are super challenging. Another bucket says challengingproblems in that bucket there are problems that are challenging. There isanother bucket that says a little less challenging. In this bucket there aresheets which have problems that are a little less challenging. In brainpop wewatch a math video and then write stuff we saw on papers called think boxesor local to global. In unit of inquiry we write a comment on the blog about howunit of inquiry connects to math. In math game we play math games with ourmath buddies. Math magician is a site where you can do math. In Mr.Johnson’s math group you discuss. That is the new math workshop!!!!!!!