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  1. 1. Writers & ReadersIn our class we have Published our fantasticseed stories and they look AWESOME! Weused something called a Writing Tool kit. Our books have a page on the back thatpeople give compliments on. In Readersworkshop we have been doing a word workmenu too. We will be starting a new readerstheatre that you might just might havewatched. 3JO’s assembly is come up soon.Sharaf Hossain The Human Body
  2. 2. 3JO has been working on a unit called the human body, so farwe have written thick and thin questions about the humanbody and the most popular questions first. The human body isa fun and interesting unit. 3JO has learnt about systems andhow they connect to the human body in some kind of way(we have tested a bicycle, coffee maker, harmonica, electriccircits and a broken computer with lots of wires the humanbody has lots of different parts that work together to make you. By : Sophia