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Where the Codex Ends

  1. Where the Codex Ends
  2. The WordPress Codex
  3. The Question
  4. Google time
  5. How about that?
  6. Uh oh.
  7. Now what?
  8. There are other worlds than these. ^sites
  9. Adam Brown's WP Hook Database
  10. WP Hooks over time
  12. - autocomplete
  13. Ah, there it is.
  14. Detail view
  15. Function in situ ...hmm, apply_filters( 'upload_size_limit'... ), eh?
  16. Let's check out that filter...
  17. Not much there.
  18. Or in the Codex.
  19. Guess it's time to check the code on Trac.
  20. Trac URLs
  21. 3.6.1 code
  22. Armed with that info...
  23. And the followup
  24. What it was
  26. Improving the Codex Because the Codex is a community-edited wiki, anyone with a ID can add pages to the Codex. So, once I have a clear idea how wp_max_upload_size() works, I can add that info to the Codex. (I haven't yet. But I should.)
  27. References &c ● Photos (CC-licensed): – “This is where the sidewalk ends...” by Marissa Garza – “Mark Cries in the Fetal Position” by Jared Cherup ● ● ● ● And of course
  28. Thanks!