MicroServers and Server Consolidation


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For organizations that want to consolidate servers but have few options because of a variety of physical constraints, Solar-powered Microservers may be a perfect short-term option to enable the consolidation efforts.

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MicroServers and Server Consolidation

  1. 1. MICROSERVERS AND CONSOLIDATIONMICROSERVER HIGH-VALUESCENARIOOne Use Case Scenario Where MicroServers and Solar Power Can Make aReal Difference For Your Business.Page 1
  2. 2. MICROSERVERS AND CONSOLIDATIONMAXED-OUT DATA CENTERSIn many studies of where IT is going to spend money in 2012 and 2013, ServerConsolidation is still at, or near, the top of the list as a strategic priority. However, manyorganizations are at an impasse with how to consolidate without first increasing thenumber of servers they have in the data center. Some organizations simply do not have theroom, electricity or cooling to put in more servers prior to the consolidation effort. It issomething of a check mate, where any move on premises is problematic. Further, thebackup and recovery environment requires additional new servers, networking andstorage to provide adequate redundancy of the proposed new consolidated environment.Many organizations keep the consolidation perpetually on hold because of these vexingissues.ENTER MICROSERVERSThe MicroServer market today is mainly characterized by MicroServers at the low end forentry-level server computing, and by highly proprietary MicroServers at the high end forHyperScale computing. Large vendors that make server systems seem unwilling toproduce a product that cannibalizes their existing mid-range server revenue stream. So,you see very few compact, powerful and energy efficient MicroServers that are low costand run traditional server workloads. One exception is the US Micro CriKit MicroServerhttp://www.crikit.info . It uses Intel Xeon Processors, healthy amounts of memory andSolid State Disk Drives to achieve a degree of high capacity that can’t be accomplishedwith the current breed of low end, entry-level MicroServers. The CriKit MicroServer is atthe junction of small, powerful and low wattage. It is this combination that makes it anexcellent candidate for the consolidation scenario where the IT environment has fewoptions because of constrained space and power/cooling resources.CRIKIT MICROSERVERA CriKit MicroServer is a new entry into the MicroServer space. It uses a 64 Bit Intel XeonProcessor with 4 cores and 8 threads, up to 32 GB of RAM and can be configured with oneor two 2.5 inch hard drives that operate at 6 Gb/Sec, SATA III Speeds. Further, they drawless than 100 Watts at peak and about .8 amps. This low power consumption means theygenerate minimal heat while providing significant computing power.Page 2
  3. 3. MICROSERVERS AND CONSOLIDATIONFurther, because of the low power consumption, they can be run directly from a SolarPanel system.THE SOLUTIONYou may have already figured out that I am advocating putting a Solar Panel system in theparking lot to provide the electricity to the CriKit MicroServers to accelerate theconsolidation efforts. The MicroServer is the size of a book so no rack space is requiredand it can be cooled by normal Air Conditioning. Because you have already done aninventory of your server systems and their workloads, you select the smaller, olderservers first – those with 1 or 2 processors and minimal RAM – and perform a physical tovirtual conversion on them and start running the virtual machines on the CriKitMicroServers. A single CriKit MicroServer can easily run 3 virtualized servers that onlyhad 4 GB of memory and a single processor. Once you have the workloads on theMicroServer, you can remove the old servers and install the newer server that you wish topermanently consolidate onto. Then, just move the virtual machines from theMicroServers to the new server and you are ready to test the environment. You can easilyrepeat the process as many times as you need and do it without being rushed so you cantest more thoroughly. You may even discover that the entire computing environment canbe run via Solar Power and MicroServers, but those are subjects for another paper.SUMMARYCompact, powerful and low-wattage MicroServers like the US Micro, CriKit MicroServer,are allowing organizations to find unique solutions to their consolidation, cost-cutting andcarbon footprint reduction efforts. The use of Solar Power and low-wattage MicroServersprovides organizations with cost-effective and versatile solutions across a broadspectrum of use cases, in addition to server and workload consolidation.For More Information – http://www.crikit.infoPage 3
  4. 4. MICROSERVERS AND CONSOLIDATIONCompany InformationUS Micro PCBellevue, WATel 800-874-5505http://www.usmicro.comPage 4