Building Buzz on Twitter and getting ReTweeted


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This was my presentation for SMX for April 26th, 2012 on how we manage twitter for our clients.

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  • Talk about how someone at Microsoft saw the pic of Apple CEO buying Windows phone, had all MS Employees retweet and post about it, and it then became mainstream news.
  • Make people read the articles they post when you ghost tweet on their behalf
  • Make people read the articles they post when you ghost tweet on their behalf
  • Make people read the articles they post when you ghost tweet on their behalf
  • Great tool for finding people who are knowledgeable about your topic
  • Use it to expand keyword lists and themes, also use it to find blogs, forums etc…
  • Use Google Trends to review popular sites, and trends, and to potentially find influencers (writers).
  • Use Google Adwords tool to see search volumes and other related keywords
  • Use Twitter Advanced Search to find people talking about your keywords/topics
  • Create topic based lists, pay attention to them
  • Create topic based lists, pay attention to them
  • Building Buzz on Twitter and getting ReTweeted

    1. 1. Building Buzz On Twitter:Getting Followed & RetweetedPatrick McKeownSearch and Social StrategistNavantis Inc. pjmckeown
    2. 2. OBJECTIVES• Sales?• Brand Awareness?• Support? pjmckeown
    3. 3. DEMOGRAPHICS• Is your audience yet on Twitter?• Can you build an audience on Twitter?• Type your keywords into Sysomos, or other tools to see what’s already being discussed. pjmckeown
    4. 4. POLICIES• Employee policies• Posting policies pjmckeown
    5. 5. TOPICS/KEYWORDS• Determine your topics of interest• Find similar topics already being mentioned on Twitter• Create a list of keywords regarding that topic• Analyze your keywords for relevance!!! pjmckeown
    6. 6. Competitive Analysis pjmckeown
    7. 7. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS• Locate competitors on Twitter –See who they follow –See who follows them• Use tools such as Sysomos to see their followers and the gain insights? pjmckeown
    8. 8. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS pjmckeown
    9. 9. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS pjmckeown
    10. 10. Find Influencers pjmckeown
    11. 11. BLOG SEARCH• Use your keywords and search for bloggers• Tools such as Scrapebox can speed this up!• From their blogs, find their Twitter ID’s, follow them, engage them, listen to them• Create content for them to blog (guest blogging) pjmckeown
    12. 12. TWITTER INFLUENCERS• Use advanced search with your keywords• Review profiles for engagement levels• Use Sysomos profile information for authority levels pjmckeown
    13. 13. Actions, Engagements and Evangelism pjmckeown
    14. 14. ACTIONS• Pay attention! Listen• Use lists/organize your audience• Auto Organize: IFTTT to add to lists• Be genuine pjmckeown
    15. 15. ACTIONS: PARTICIPATION/CONTENT• Engage, Listen, Participate!• Don’t be afraid!• Find great content!• Buffer great content!• Retweet great content! pjmckeown
    16. 16. ENGAGING INFLUENCERS• Follow the influencers• Retweet relevant tweets• @reply when you have value to add to their conversation• Listen to them, see what their follower engage with• Create engaging content pjmckeown
    17. 17. ENGAGING AUDIENCE• Find their interests• Provide engaging content regularly!• Retweet relevant tweets• Post their links, acknowledge them with @ mentions• @reply when you have value to add to their conversation pjmckeown
    18. 18. EVANGELISM• Teach the rest of your organization• Engage the rest of your organization• People leave Twitter because of lack of engagement• Get your company people to retweet, list and follow you! pjmckeown
    19. 19. Tools pjmckeown
    20. 20. TOOLS: IFTTT.COM removed pjmckeown
    21. 21. TOOLS: INSTAPAPER pjmckeown
    22. 22. TOOLS: FOLLOWERWONK pjmckeown
    23. 23. TOOLS: GOFISH pjmckeown
    24. 24. TOOLS: LINKEDIN SIGNALS pjmckeown
    25. 25. TOOLS: SCRAPEBOX pjmckeown
    26. 26. TOOLS: GOOGLE TRENDS pjmckeown
    29. 29. TOOLS: BUFFERAPP.COM pjmckeown
    30. 30. TOOLS: TWEETDECK pjmckeown
    31. 31. TOOLS: SYSOMOS/RADIAN6 pjmckeown
    32. 32. Be Genuine! Listen! Engage! pjmckeown
    33. 33. Repeat pjmckeown
    34. 34. MORE INFO:PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS HAVEGREAT CONTENT (IN NO ORDER)• Dr. Michael Wu @mich8elwu• Alan Knecht @aknecht• Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang• Neal Schaffer @NealSchaffer• Maggie Fox @maggiefox• Rhea Drysdale @Rhea• Aaron Friedman @AaronFriedman• MyCool King @iPullRank• @Marketingland• Cher Jones @itscherjones pjmckeown
    35. 35. LINKS TO TOOLS MENTIONED How I use them:•••••••••!/search-advanced•••• pjmckeown
    36. 36. CONTACTPatrick McKeownSearch and Social StrategistNavantis pjmckeown