Goal10 b part4


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Goal10 b part4

  1. 1. Goal 11 Part 4 Lyndon B. Johnson’s GREAT SOCIETY
  2. 2. Lyndon B. Johnson Sworn in as President afterJFK’s assassination (1963) Goal for America = The Great Society (poverty, attack on racial injustices, economy, education, environment, consumer protection, housing, healthcare, consumer protection & rights of the accused) *** VERY successful –later elected in 1968 WAR ON POVERTY = it worked!
  3. 3. Great Society programs / lawsTax – Cut Bill (Tax Reduction Act)(1964) = $10 billion cut – spurred economic growth and cut deficit spending from 6 to 4 billion**********Civil Rights Act (1964)**********- Prohibited discrimination based on race, religion, gender & gave the power to the government to enforce it!- (loss of federal funding if proven guilty)- *** Why do we need this when we have Brown??
  4. 4. Economic Opportunity Act (EOA)1964 (Great Society Program)$ 1 billion to the YOUTH of AmericaCreated the following:Job Corps: youth training program *jobsVISTA (Volunteers in Service to America)Project Headstart: underprivileged “preschoolers”Community Action Program: encourage poor people to participate on public work projects
  5. 5. Great Society AttacksDISCRIMINATION in America 24th Amendment – no more “poll tax” Voting Rights Act (1965) - No more “literacy test” - * Remember: poll tax and literacy tests were ways for the South to limit cultures from receiving rights
  6. 6. Education and Healthcare:Elementary and Secondary Education Act = $ 1 billion to purchase textbooks and library materialsHEALTHCARE (GREAT SOCIETY)Medicare - Provides insurance forAmericans over 65 years oldMedicaid – extends health insurance for welfare recipients
  7. 7. Immigration & Environment(GREAT SOCIETY)Immigration Act (1965) -ended immigration based on quotas (no more quotas) - opened Southern and Eastern Europe to immigrate into America- Dissolved the Emergency Quota Act from the 1920s- Why did we limit years ago???Environment:*****Rachel Carson: Silent Spring – exposed the hidden dangers of “pesticides” on the environment(chemicals getting into the rivers and lakesof America) = leads to the Water Quality Act –states given money to clean up rivers and lakes
  8. 8. Consumer Protection & Warren Court Ralph Nader –Unsafe at Any Speed Criticized the auto industry for ignoring risks or safety concerns ************************************************************ WARREN COURT (Chief Justice Earl Warren) LIBERALISM – took over the court system throughout the 50’s- 60’s *Great Society ******** GAVE MORE RIGHTS TO THE ACCUSED ********* Brown V. Board of Education (1954) Segregation = unconstitutional (****OVERTURNED: Plessy v. Ferguson****)
  9. 9. RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED(GREAT SOCIETY/ WARREN COURT) Mapp v. Ohio – evidence seized illegally cannot be used to incriminate the accused Gideon v. Wainwright – a court-ordered lawyer will be appointed to you if you cannot afford it (right to counsel during court process) Escobedo v. Illinois – the accused have the right to counsel “DURING” police questioning Miranda v. Arizona – accused MUST be read their rights BEFORE questioning*The ACCUSED are receiving MORE RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!