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Sample of report of theft


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sample report

Published in: Education
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Sample of report of theft

  1. 1. 1 REPORT WRITING NAME:_____________________ ( ) CLASS:______________ DATE : _____________ FORMAT SAMPLE REPORT REMARKS / REMINDERS Recipient’s name Recipient’s address Date Subject of report Introduction (always say who you are, why you are writing the report) Body (development of points should be organized into 2 to 3 paragraphs) Conclusion Close Full name of reporter Address of reporter To: Mr Bala Principal Tampines Secondary School Date: 5 February 2013 Re: Witness to a Theft in 4E6 Classroom I am submitting my report as a witness to a theft that was committed at half past two in the afternoon on 30 January 2013 in the classroom of Secondary 4E6. The culprits were students from Secondary 3E5. Together with Jeanne Cheng of 4N2, I was walking from my 4E5 classroom towards the toilet during recess time, which was along the same corridor as the 4E6 classroom. Nearing 4E6, I heard a loud thud, followed by the sound of chairs being moved in what seemed to be an empty 4E6 classroom. The doors were closed but unlocked and the windows were open. That appeared strange to Jeanne and I as 4E6 was supposed to be away for their Humanities trip to Fort Canning that day and the students from the class had left their bags locked up in the classroom. Curiosity gripped us, so we crept nearer to have a look through the open windows and saw two Chinese boys, Keith Chin and Lau Wen Kiang from Secondary 3E5 in the classroom. Keith Teo and Lau Wen Kiang are in my CCA- Badminton. Hence, I was able to recognise them. They were ransacking a pink bag placed on the first seat of the second row. They obviously found what they wanted when they suddenly smiled, and as their hands withdrew from the bag, I saw a grey mobile phone in their hands. I told Jeanne to keep an eye on the two of them while I ran to the General Office to report the matter to the Discipline Mistress, Miss Ho. Miss Ho then quickly walked with me back to the scene of the crime before she apprehended the two culprits. I hereby vouch that the above information provided is true and accurate. Should there be a need for further clarification, I would be glad to be of assistance. Submitted/Reported by: Amal B Ahmad Secondary 4E5 Tampines Secondary School Date (standard format) Subject of report (capital letters for key words only, No capital ‘E’ for ‘Re’, should be 7 words and less) Introduction / Body / conclusion ( no indentation, leave a line to start a new paragraph) Close (use colon ( : ) after ‘submitted by )