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Final Copy NCTE Presentation ppt


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A second attempt to upload my Blogging presentation from NCTE 13. Some work is lost in translation from keynote style to ppt.

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Final Copy NCTE Presentation ppt

  1. 1. Using Blogging to Engage Students' Voices 1
  2. 2. •Pamela Hunnisett •Calgary, Alberta, Canada •TWITTER - @PamelaHunnisett Foundations for the • Future Charter Academy 2
  3. 3. NCTE13 Documents Links to all the great educators who have inspired me. Class Blogs 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. d to ten n we ore dents a e m st u “th our ore e he m l giv nce, t gfu die eanin to au e m s" se e m thes ent m ros ou "mo en” ge C pp eor G ha 5
  6. 6. Scholarship Integrit Integrit y y Respec t COMMUNICATION COMMUNITY COMMUNITY TRUST TRUST Courtesy Courtesy 6 SelfSelfDiscipline Discipline
  7. 7. 21st Century Goals in Alberta Entrepreneuria l Engaged Ethical 7
  8. 8. Goals for Student Blogging •To provide parent and staff access to participate and celebrate in the students’ learning and ideas To provide students with access to exemplars of student writing – “the best resource to improve student writing” (Graham Foster) ETHICAL •To build a safe “virtual” classroom space where language is academic in purpose To teach safe Digital Citizenship To build Character through scholarly and respectful language ENTREPRENEURIAL 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. • ELA 30-1 - Grade 12 Academic Writer s Pages - static information Lates t Posts 10 Tags Links
  11. 11. A Sample Blog Grade 10 MY LITTLE BOY by Rizan He was elated one afternoon, a gentle smile caressing his Every time I read Takaiden says: Rizan, petite face. He handed me a report card, so animated with A and B’s it seemed to have an aura. I wasn’t reluctantpieces I feel something. one of your in giving him an encouraging gesture, a “high-five” to show my Sam A pride enveloped me, a revelation, a possibility that this insufferable, indomitable cloud following my boy content.says: Words can’t Sara says: Rizan, oh my gosh, this Amazement, fear, pain, excitement, describe this piece; the into the promise ahead. He ran upstairs and I began to cook our dinner. It wasn’t long before I would soon disappear and also envy; I wish I could create is so sad but an amazing piece. I despicable truthour kitchen table with poorly vivid and explicit picture of hastily organized placemats. The cutlery in such a prepared porcelain plates and plastic felt as if I was actually and cup bullying ease from were put to was truly my tight grasp soon afterwrite. You have of my skinyour when I the searing this quality in forced me to dropstory and feelingonto the ta the the serving dish all displayed. Amazing! pieces that make it so disgustingly beautiful, by vigorously. I called my son from the kitchen, trying to notify him that supper was ready; no response. My daughter’s emotions the narrator was that I mean you can take such an awful topic silhouette came into perspective and I addressed her, instructing her to call her brother. She ran everything hands and seeing upstairs, her and make it beautiful in an artistic sense. I love colliding with the steps proceeding her feet in childish fashion. My fragile daughter prolongedtheir eyes. Yourestraine your use of diction because when we, through the wait. She did from responding; her words climbed up her throat and clung to the sides of her esophagus so she couldn’t speak. I an excellent job!! as writers, neglect to use words that stormed the stairs of my apartment reaching the second makes and pieces feel steps of my 10-year-old daughter; I wa make you think it floor our tracing the appalled. unfulfilled, but you’ve managed to capture my attention with every My timid little boy, a victim of ignorance.sentence. Greatof maliceI corroded his spirit and ushered him into sinister The martyr work Rizan look forward to solitude. Enveloped in oppression, my son would come crying. With his head to my chest, I felt the tears dampen my reading more of your writing. Jessica says: By the end of this, my sweater. He was scared; he struggled to keep his peace. He was the scapegoat of slurs, which cut deeper than the blad jaw dropped and my eyes self-esteem leaving him amidst paranoia. It wasn’t inconspicuous and I should’ve know and the threats punctured his were full Melissa of tears.woke up without an appetite, rather fear in his belly; however, my says: Wow! This was really I can’t explain how That day he deep andlittle boy packed his things and strolle amazingly well written!! It was outstanding this piece is. I There had been several instances where I had to confront the administration, their lack have to school on April 16 of 2009. so believable and you had me from the never felt this close to someone’s attentiveness was my concern. I tried- oh so dearly- but it wasn’t sufficient. Truly amazing and I love title! writing before, wow. You did a your description! It He was I marvelous door has us aware a shrine My apartmentjob of makingbecome of how and my heart hosts guilt’s assault. What was he to do?felt like lost and couldn much bullying can affect did. Hanging was in my son succumbed find himself, however, I someone. Your from the ceiling amidst his room’s closet, the same room… to the pressure of vocabulary made your work even more worth world as well as the strangle of his belt. Should he? At the tender age of 11, my little boy Jaheem Herrara took his life of praising. Keep up the amazing job; your because he was bullied. writing inspires me! 11 INSPIRATION -
  12. 12. The Growth of Sam as a Writer 10 in Grade 12
  13. 13. The Growth of Sam as a Writer ... in Grade 11 13
  14. 14. The Growth of Sam as a Writer12 in Grade The blogging experience has influenced my writing immensely, The blogging experience has enabling me to express myself through influenced my writing immensely, the written word. It not only enabled enabling me to express myself through me to find my own voice as a writer, the written word. It not only enabled but to share my writing with my peers me to find my own voice as a writer, while also allowing me to evaluate the but to share my writing with my peers works of my peers as well. Prior to my while also allowing me to evaluate the blogging experience, I rarely wrote works of my peers as well. Prior to my and never made efforts to write well, blogging experience, I rarely wrote but introducing the blogging system and never made efforts to write well, motivated me to constantly write and but introducing the blogging system develop ideas which, in turn, helped motivated me to constantly write and me during exam periods. I feel I have develop ideas which, in turn, helped gained a voice and a confidence that I me during exam periods. I feel I have otherwise would never have known or gained a voice and a confidence that I discovered, if not for blogging. otherwise would never have known or discovered, if not for blogging. 14
  15. 15. • Hunni’s Writers - Creative Writing Class Students ’ Blogs 15
  17. 17. FEATURE WRITER CRADLE SPELL - ORE Stuffed animals die. I know because I have heard them in their last moments. They say nothing, yet they wish to. Instead their marble eyes ring, like church bells growing out-out. Spinning until the world has lost sight of itself. This is what you hear when a stuffed animal dies. Ringing, and sometimes if you lean inwards the sound of low singing sifts through your ear, or perhaps dances into your brain like a clumsy ballerina on a pair of wooden legs. They sing of the things that have passed, or those things that will not last. Watch them and hear them and hear them in a chorus asking ‘where has thou youth gone?’ because sometimes their eye twinkle with secrets from a place where the future awaits for your calendars to fall upon it. Stuffed animals lie. I know because I have believed them. They are as cruel as humans, but would never let you see. Instead, they bewitch babies in their cradles with the promise of soft places, scented lilac. This is their cradle spell, and is is cast in tangles like those of a spider’s web. Suffocating and gossamer. Stuffed animals mourn. I know because I have seen them. They weep just like you and I, except their tears are made of sea glass, colourful and crystalline. If you happen to sleep solemnly with their limp bodies tucked underneath your arm, the jagged edges of their tears may plunge into your chest and kill you. This is their cradle spell. It is full of fire and lilac and song; it rings and beats on glassy tears, reminding you of the sound you heard entering the world for the first time. Stuffed animals die. I know because they leave only their body behind, and memories. They say nothing and move seldomly, so that it is almost impossible to tell when they have died, except maybe their fur seems grayer and their bodies limper. That is how sister was able to tell as she mournfully held a limp body in her hand: “I think there is something wrong with bunny.” “I know.” I killed her. 17
  18. 18. “Blogging has not only helped “Blogging has to improve my not only helped writing through to improve practice, butmy writing through also by allowing practice, but and encouraging also try new me toby allowing and encouraging styles of me to try writing.” new styles of Andrew writing.” Andrew “Blogging helps students learn more about each other. “Blogging helps students STUDENT FEEDBACK “For one thing blogging reminds me that I always have an audience. It “For one thing blogging make sure gives me the incentive toreminds me that I always have and get my work is polishedan audience. It gives me the other people. feedback fromincentive to make sure my work is things I write get Normally thepolished and get feedback from or journal, but stuffed a drawerother people. now I Normally the things I write get have the opportunity to share.” stuffed a drawer or journal, but now I Ore have the opportunity to share.” Ore It gives us an opportunity to learn more about each other. actually look into some of It gives us an opportunity to our classmates' beautiful actually look into some of souls.” Jessica our classmates' beautiful souls.” Jessica “Blogging has helped me really put thought and clarity into my “Blogging has helped I really work so it is somethingmecan put thought peers as clearly my portray to my and clarity into as I work so it is something I can can. Hearing people's feedback not portray to me to consider only allowsmy peers as clearly as I can. Hearing people's feedback not elements in the piece being only allows elements I can critiqued, butme to consider elements in the next being work on for the piece blog.” critiqued, Namitha but elements I can work on for the next blog.” Namitha “Blogging has changed my “Blogging has writing changed my identity. I know writing that I have identity. I know improvedhave that I during the years.” during improved Abhi the years.” Abhi 18 “Writing this blog has been “Writing this quite blog has been cathartic.” quite Nima cathartic.” “It works as inspiration, and also as a timeline “It works as inspiration, so you can go back and and also as a timeline read some of your so you can go back and previous work, and see read some of your where you've previous work, and see improved.” Kiran where you've improved.” Kiran “...our peers can comment on the “...our peers can published blogs, comment on the and help give us published blogs, encouragement, and help give us words of wisdom, encouragement, and areas to words of wisdom, improve.” and areas to Jessica improve.” Jessica Nima “I can polish “I can polish them to my hearts content them to my and I think they hearts content andare very they I think useful.” are very Shawn useful.” Shawn
  19. 19. ETIQUETTE and EXPECTATIONS for COMMENTING Dear ______________________, (Format = friendly letter form ) POSITIVE A) : •Encouragement •Praise •Reaction – when positive (be specific, thoughtful, friendly tone) B) CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK: •Suggestions for improvement •Be specific •Be a helpful and kind tutor C) Further the Discussion: •Response to another comment •Enter the conversation about the idea the blogger presented in their post •Provide added value •Offer links that could help to improve or continue the conversation Sincerely, ________________________________ *Etiquette is to ALWAYS respond to any comment that was given to you on the blog. Try to further the conversation! CRITERIA for ASSESSMENT: SPECIFIC * THOUGHTFUL * GUMPS * STRUCTURE FRIENDLY * * GUMPS = Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, Punctuation, and Spelling – Ensure you Edit to Eliminate Gumps! 19
  20. 20. SAMR MODEL Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura • 20
  21. 21. SAMR & Blogging Substitution Substitution Notebooks/ paper to Word Document Drafting the Blog Post Students use word documents - or “draft” feature of Edublogs - to draft, revise and edit their writing ideas. 21
  22. 22. SAMR & Blogging Augmentation Augmentation PAGE to the STAGE. Writing & Peer-Editing of blogs on Hunni Blogs •Students are “contributors” to the class blog. •Assigned blog topics and free choice writing, as well as re-writes. I “approve” all posts after assessing. 22
  23. 23. SAMR & Blogging Modification Modification Critical Acclaim Revising, Reading & Commenting Hunni Blogs • Students interact digitally as: AUDIENCE: reading each other’s blogs CRITICS: writing comments praise & suggestions FANS: inspiring through validation, empathy, exemplars & feedback. 23
  24. 24. SAMR & Blogging Redefinition Redefinition Producers Creative Writing class “Creators” of their own blogs Choose own writing assignments Editors and audience for blogs • Reflect identity, ideas & interests • Students & I co-administers •Redefinition: Creativity , Empowerment, & Engagement 24
  25. 25. What’s Next? Expats living & blogging in Argentina Feb-July 2014 25
  26. 26. Thank you! • Pamela Hunnisett • Calgary, Alberta, Canada • TWITTER @PamelaHunnisett • http://thehunni.wordp 26