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Oct 9


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Oct 9

  1. 1. Tuesday, Oct. 9 (4/3 week)  If you are interested in the International trip to London and Paris next October, see Ms. Moritz ASAP!! Dodgeball today will be: Team 5 vs Team 2 at 11:05,then Teachers vs. Team 7!
  2. 2. Fire AT THE DOOR!! Prevention Week The Door Ways Out!! be every Have 2 Jam will week on Wednesday fromClearview Fire Dept. wants to give away an iPod 7-9 at The Door. Bring Touch!! Just email atalent and share – all your picture of you and your family members having 2 ways out in case of a fire to: ages. fireprevention@clearview.caFriday Night Drop In at to win!! And you are automatically enteredThe Door from 7-10pm. Deadline is Friday, October 12,Ages 13-18 welcome. Play 2012 at midnight!!a game of pool or X-Box or
  3. 3. Tuesday, Oct. 9 (4/3 week) There are lots of volunteeropportunities available –see Guidance!  There are University Seminars running this Fall. Sign up in Guidance!
  4. 4. Tuesday, Oct. 9 (4/3 week) Sr Boys Volleyball willpractice from 4-6.  TFC is meeting at 10:50 in room 118.
  5. 5. A Haunting at SCI.Friday, October 266:30-9:00pm.Open to staff, studentsand community$2/students, $7/family.Interested in helping to create?See Ms. Green in 214.
  6. 6. Tuesday, Oct. 9 (4/3 week) York U will be hosting a FREEseminar on Sat., Oct 27 from 10:30 – 12:30 for students interested in going to an American College/University. See Guidance for details.
  7. 7. Boys…Way to go spartans!!
  8. 8. Tuesday, Oct. 9 (4/3 week)  Boys Hockey will meet on Friday at 10:50 in room 665. If you would like yourartwork displayed in this year’sart magazine, email it ASAP
  9. 9. Tuesday, Oct. 9 (4/3 week)  Sr Concert Band practice tomorrow at 2:30 in the Music Room. Boys Rugby ConditioningTraining today at 10:50 in thegym.
  10. 10. D.E.A.R. will be during period 2in October
  11. 11. Tuesday, Oct. 9 (4/3 week)  Boys Soccer is dismissed today at 1:30 for their away game vs. Vanier. Yoga is cancelled for today.
  12. 12. AT THE DOOR!! The Door Jam will be every week on Wednesday from 7-9 at The Door. Bring your talent and share – all ages.Friday Night Drop In atThe Door from 7-10pm.Ages 13-18 welcome. Playa game of pool or X-Box or
  13. 13. Tuesday, Oct. 9 (4/3 week)  There’s an Info Night on Thursday at 7pm for anyone interested in the music trip to Washington DC. SPC Cards will be on salein the lobby for $9 fromOct 15-19.
  14. 14. Friday, Oct. 5 (3/4 week)If you are interested in attending U of Waterloo, there is a 3 day program Nov. 14-16 for you. See Guidance for details.
  15. 15. CAFÉ SPECIALS Popcorn Chicken, Zippy Sticks,Chicken Strips or a Chicken Burgerwith Wedge Fries and a Drink for$5Pulled Pork on a Bun with Wedge Fries and a Drink for $6 Soup of the Day – Turkey Soup
  16. 16. No Colognes or Perfumes!No SunflowerSeeds!
  17. 17. DRESS CODE REMINDER!!Spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, short shorts, underwear showing and bare shoulders are NOT acceptable.Students who are not properly dressed may get a call home.
  18. 18. No Skateboards! No hats in class or the office!