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Nov 1


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Nov 1

  1. 1. Thursday, Nov 1 (3/4 week)If you are interested in attending U of Waterloo, there is a 3 day program Nov. 14-16 for you. See Guidance for details.
  2. 2. Sr GIRLS BASKETBALL played hard and did extremely well this weekend at their tournament!! HOLLY LASALLE & Dayna noordegraaf BOTH BROKE THE school record for 3 pointers!!! Way to go spartans!!
  4. 4. Thursday, Nov 1 (3/4 week)  Sr & Jr Girls Basketball playoffs today. Sr’s play first at 3:30, Jr’s play second at 5! Athletic Council meetingat 10:50 in room 665.
  5. 5. ATTENTION GYMNASTICS ENTHUSIASTS!! Would you like theopportunity to trainwith an Olympian on Saturday, Nov 10? Call 705-445-5374For more information!
  6. 6. Thursday, Nov 1 (3/4 week) There are lots of volunteeropportunities available –see Guidance!  Jr Volleyball will practice today at lunch.
  7. 7. And theSeptember Student of the Month Awards go to… Grade 9 – Alex Leahy Grade 10 – Daniel Proud Grade 11 – Devlyn Lohnes Grade 12 – Mary Bruer
  8. 8. Thursday, Nov 1 (3/4 week) If you would like your artworkdisplayed in this year’s artmagazine, email it ASAP  Grade 9’s must have their forms in for Take Our Kids To Work Day!!!
  9. 9. D.E.A.R. will be during period 2this week!!
  10. 10. Thursday, Nov 1 (3/4 week) SAID meeting at 10:50in room 118  TFC & C3 Youth collected over 500 lbs of food for the Stayner Food Bank!!
  11. 11. CAFÉ SPECIALSVeggie Stir Fry on Rice or Noodleswith Meatballs or Popcorn Chicken and a Drink for$5Veggie Stir Fry with Rice or Noodles& Meatballs or Popcorn Chicken, an Eggroll and a Drink for$6 Soup of the Day – Minestrone