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June 6


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June 6

  1. 1. Tuesday, June 5 (4/5 week)
  2. 2. Good news!! We’ve raised over $3,500 so far!We’re halfway to shaving Ms. Ellerby’s hair off!!Don’t forget that you can buy haircut gift certificates in the office for $5!
  3. 3. Girls Slopitch won their play-off round against St.Joseph’s 9-5 but lost thesemi-finals against ParkStreet. Great season girls!!
  4. 4. Wednesday, June 6 (4/5 week)There is a band practiceon Thursday. All membersmust attend!!  Registration for online summer school courses is now available. See Guidance for more details.
  5. 5. Open Auditions with Clearview Community Theatre! Auditions will be Interested held on: performers must June 16 from 1-4pm perform a song of June 22 from 7-9pm their choice and and provide your own June 23 from 1-4pm backup music or at the accompanist. Church of the Good Shepherd Auditions are open on Scott Street to ages 7 and up. in StaynerShow Dates are October 26, 27, 28 & November 2 & 3, 2012
  6. 6. Wednesday, June 6 (4/5 week)There is an Athletic Councilmeeting at 11:35 in room 665. Submissions of photos, creative writing, music or drama for the Art Magazine can be made to Mr. Murray or Christa Rowe!
  7. 7. Have you ever wondered how service dogs learn all of those commands or how they’re trained? Well now there’s a summer camp for youth & adults to show you how!*For further information, email your questions to or call (705) 734-COPE (2673)
  8. 8. Wednesday, June 6 (4/5 week)Yoga will be held at noon onMon., Wed., & Fri. in the MusicRoom.  SCI is organizing a trip to England & France for Fall 2013. See Ms. Moritz for more information!
  9. 9. DRESS CODE REMINDER!!Spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, short shorts, underwear showing and bare shoulders are NOT acceptable.Students who are not properly dressed may get a call home.
  10. 10. No Colognes or Perfumes!No SunflowerSeeds!
  11. 11. Friday, June 1 (5/4 week)It’s that time of year when you need to return all library books to the library!
  12. 12. Wednesday, June 6 (4/5 week) This week is Bike to Workweek so get out your wheels andenjoy the fresh air.  Volunteer Hours are available at Collingwood’s Arthritis Walk this Sunday. Call Patricia Ng at 705-444-7376 for more info!
  13. 13. SuperStore and Loblaw Gift Cards are for sale in the office!
  14. 14. Wednesday, June 6 (4/5 week) French Clinic is now openMon., Wed. & Fri. from12:00-12:30. See Mr. Arnott!  Extra Math Help is available Tue-Thur from 12:10-12:40. See Math office for more details!
  15. 15. D u e th D ue 5 !! Ju n eJu ne 1 1 5 th!!
  16. 16. No Skateboards! No hats in class or the office!