April 5


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April 5

  1. 1. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week)A Reminder From Guidance… If you have made changes to your option sheets, please besure to get it signed and return it to Guidance ASAP!
  2. 2. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Ms. Sherlock’s period 2Fitness Class is meeting inthe Library today. Students for Social Change meeting at 12:20 in room 213.
  3. 3. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week)Yoga is running for anyonewho’s interested in the MusicRoom at 11:45.  New Hampshire Hikers are reminded to bring in their forms & payment ASAP!!
  4. 4. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Mock Trial meetings today atlunch and after school!  Sr. Badminton Team leaves at 7:15 am on Tuesday. Be sure to bring a lunch!
  5. 5. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Jr. Boys Rugby practice todayafter school.  Yearbooks are available for pre-ordering. Cost is $40. See Ms. Moritz in the library!
  6. 6. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Easter Egg-Stravaganza Teams are to meet in thelobby right after period 5!
  7. 7. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Grad Gown Rentals must bepaid for at lunch in room 201today & next week. Fee is $25.  ATTENTION ALL GRADS!! Community Service hours are due in Guidance by Apr 20 !!
  8. 8. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) French Clinic is now openMon., Wed. & Fri. from12:00-12:30. See Mr. Arnott! Extra Math Help is available Mon-Thur from 12:10-12:40. All students are welcome!
  9. 9. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Attention Graduating Students! Every year, SCI and members of thecommunity provide scholarships and bursariesfor some of our graduating students. This year, students have the opportunity to apply for these various awards and tell us why they should be considered. Simply fill out the application form found on the Guidance website or in the Guidance office, and return the completed form to Mrs. Fawcett or Mr. Murray.The deadline for applications is Fri., April 20th
  10. 10. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Have you considered submitting an essay on the “Value of Public Service”?Cash prizes will be awarded forthe best entries. See the office for more details. Deadline is April 17!
  11. 11. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Dress Code Reminder!!! Spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, short shorts, underwear showing and bare shoulders are NOT acceptable.Students who are not properly dressed may get a call home.
  12. 12. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Wasaga Youth Centre is running a Youth Night on April 27 & June 1 from 6pm – 9pm.Ages 12-17 are invited for use of the gym, art, video games and hanging out – free of charge! Check out www.wasagabeach.com for more information.
  13. 13. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week)SuperStore and Loblaw Gift Cards are for sale in the office!
  14. 14. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) D.E.A.R.is during period 4 in April!
  15. 15. Thursday, April 5 (5/4 week) Photocopies are10 cents per page.Colour printing is25 cents per page.