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Sylius - Open Source eCommerce Framework


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My talk at SymfonyCAMP UA in Kiev. Sylius is a fully Open Source platform, built with the latest technologies. Focused on Developer Productivity, Testing, Simple Upgrades, APIs, Easy Integration and delivering business value faster than ever.

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Sylius - Open Source eCommerce Framework

  1. 1. Paweł Jędrzejewski Sylius Framework - Revolution in PHP eCommerce Development
  2. 2. Paweł Jędrzejewski Founder Sylius Project & Company Co-Organizing PHPers Łódź
  3. 3. Sylius Open Source PHP eCommerce Framework for tailored solutions
  4. 4. Top #4 PHP ecommerce on github 4,000,000+ package Downloads more than 730 Translators 415+ Code contributors almost 800 Slack users
  5. 5. High developer productivity easy to integrate simple deploy & Hosting API testing Core Ideas
  6. 6. sylius STACK Sylius Components Sylius Bundles Sylius Platform
  7. 7. Sylius Components Sylius Bundles Sylius Platform sylius STACK
  8. 8. Sylius Platform 1.0 Shop Core REST APIAdmin Components
  9. 9. Do not take our architecture as an example for your custom Symfony applicaEon! tip
  10. 10. PHP 7.1 with strict typing Symfony, Doctrine, Twig… Bundles you know! Clean Code, SOLID, Single responsibility princple simple crud and grid generation components developer productivty
  11. 11. $ composer update sylius/sylius simple upgrades bc break policy Testing culture built-in Tests clean code results in simpler bug fixes
  12. 12. *single responsibility principle* REST API state machine callbacks Message queues easy to integrate
  13. 13. Sylius integrations Sylius App X Plugin
  14. 14. Remember, we are a standard Symfony app. Just include a bundle / plugin.
  15. 15. Sylius integrations Sylius App X Message Broker PluginPlugin
  16. 16. currently as a plugin. progressive web apps
  17. 17. Sylius 1.0 application Sylius Admin Interface Customer Interface
  18. 18. Sylius 1.0 application (experimental) Sylius Shop API Plugin Admin Interface Customer Interface App
  19. 19. built-in agile workflows with BDD Behat (UI + integration) phpspec (unit) phpunit (api + integration) test-driven-development also with plugins!
  20. 20. Varnish support out-of-the-box FOS HTTP CACHE BUNDLE elastic search plugin with php 7.1 redis/memcached bundles performance (thanks symfony)
  21. 21. single responsibility principle… again! Google cloud amazon official docker support = WIP easy deployment & hosting
  22. 22. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3… solution partner program Plugins plugins plugins customer success stories what is next?
  23. 23. @pjedrzejewski @Sylius THANK YOU!