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Save the Farm Trip


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Save the Farm Trip

  1. 1. Preserve the Farm Trip TraditionMaintain the Excellence
  2. 2. The Bronxville community recognizes theimportance of maintaining programs andservices that distinguish the BronxvilleSchools, produce outstanding graduatesand attract new families to Bronxville.
  3. 3. Early grades’ most important role is“giving children the power to achievein new situations, with ability in self-direction” former Superintendent Bair“Our school’s vision goes beyondsimply scoring well on standardizedtests.” Superintendent Quattrone
  4. 4. “Traditions enhance children’s emotional well-being by helping to create feeling of security,continuity and identity. Communities withestablished traditions and those who activelyform new actions or events as traditions aremore likely to create strong bonds amongmembers.” Leah Davies, E.Md., child psychologist
  5. 5. The Bronxville School is Rich with Traditions Outside the Classroom• Memorial Day ceremony and PTA picnic• Graduation gowns and dinner jackets• Kindergarten teacher home visits• 5th grade trip to Philadelphia• 7th grade overnight trip to Williamsburg, VA• 8th grade overnight trip to Washington D.C.• Open campus for middle school and high school• Teen centers• Drama program (3rd – 5th grade play, MS & HS plays)• Talent show• Character Counts Committee• Kindergarten hatching of duck and chicken egg• Holiday sing• Elementary School Music program and recorder concerts• High School Foreign Language exchange program• Weekly family snacks for Kindergarten
  6. 6. However, Some Traditions Have Been Eliminated Recently• Half-day Kindergarten• Grades 1 -2 Loop discontinued (a Bronxville tradition since 1930)• End-of-year family class picnics• 5th grade party at BFC• 5th grade spirit classroom door painting• Family-hosted beginning of year grade coffees
  7. 7. The Overnight Farm Trip is theLatest Tradition to be Eliminated On May 9th parents were informed that the second grade overnight farm trip, a Bronxville tradition for over three decades, was unanimously eliminated by the second grade teachers, with the support of the Administration.
  8. 8. We Need Your Help to Preserve Our TraditionsIf you believe the BHS class of 2023 and beyondshould benefit from the farm trip and the manyother enriching experiences, you should:– Attend the June 14th Board of Education meeting– Sign the petition– Join the Save the Farm Trip Facebook page at– Contact our school administration
  9. 9. Preserve the Farm Trip TraditionMaintain the Excellence