Digital Trends | Patrick Collings 2008


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This is a presentation on trends underpinning digital strategy that I gave a couple of times at the end of 2008. Like all my presentations, a talking head is needed for many of the slides and the videos are absent from the PDF version of the presentation. Hopefully, you will still get the general overview and thrust of the presentation.

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Digital Trends | Patrick Collings 2008

  1. Trends underpinning digital brand strategy Patrick Collings Sagacite Brand Agency Cape Town December 2008 by Atzu -
  2. i am a digital immigrant
  3. 8 trends
  4. The flow, not the contours Talking to the listener The art of gliding 15MB is the new 15 minutes The third screen Our virtual reality Always informed everywhere Reassembling the fragmentation
  5. The flow, not the contours
  6. from mainframe to desktop to internet
  7. internet explorer rapidly losing ground to firefox
  8. myspace sharing social networking with facebook and others
  9. traditional newspapers abandoning the presses for the web
  10. mainstream media battling bloggers
  11. traditional blogging sharing space with micro blogging
  12. altavista was king before google, will cuil manage to dent the colossus
  13. understand where your market is going and why it is going, but appreciate that the vehicle for getting there will probably change
  14. photo by Oliver Wilke ( Talking to the listener
  15. just because you built it does not mean they will find it
  16. it’s a big universe out there
  17. 1.5bn | 0.3% internet users and the percentage from south africa
  18. 51m | 10% internet users in africa and the percentage from south africa
  19. 12m | 0.03% active blogs and south africa’s contribution
  20. 340m | 0.5% global blog audience and percentage reading south african blogs
  21. beware the closed ecosystem
  22. they may not find you as you intended them to
  23. 1 blog facebook link app 2 digg 3 listing blog article audience rss feed
  24. and if they find it, it does not mean they will listen to you
  25. few / much many / little
  26. if content is king, then relevant content will rule empires
  27. but, mostly, it is about having a conversation
  28. to talk to your audience you need to understand where they are “listening”, what they are willing to hear and listen to what they have to say
  29. The art of gliding
  30. you are not inyou think you are control even when
  31. GM’s Chevy Tahoe SUV video clip of user generated tahoe “commercials”
  32. today, everyone can be a director
  33. video clip of user generated polo “commercial”
  34. collection of guinness ads
  35. video clip of non-sanctioned guinness ad
  36. “... they have to keep on consistently building their brands equity so that when a potentially damaging piece of communication does filter out into the world, their brand is strong enough and their consumers are savvy enough to understand its source is the public domain.”
  37. your brand does not need you to be online others will put it there
  38. invisible
  39. small
  40. watch it
  41. increasingly need to be there
  42. empower
  43. engage, or not
  44. integrate
  45. don’t fake it
  46. don’t box the demographic
  47. 7 = soaring + gliding + influencing
  48. accept the loss of complete control and become part of the experience and conversation
  49. 15MB is the new 15 minutes video clip of ad men employment ad ipod photo by Вася Артёмов (
  50. as a society we are becoming more visual “video beats pictures beats text” - 2008 report
  51. what sort of numbers are we talking about
  52. five billion videos serves each month by youtube 44 percent of all online video consumption in the U.S.A.
  53. embedded video clip of instructional video
  54. what about the news media
  55. news media is promoting video offline south african media organizations developing plans with video as an integral offering
  56. 4 Guidelines
  57. you have to be seen
  58. integrated part of brand communication
  59. parts are greater than the whole
  60. must entertain
  61. speaking of entertainment
  62. branded entertainment the future is inside, not around the edges
  63. growth, and projected growth, in product / brand placement in america in usd billions
  64. we will increasingly tell our brand stories in video and need to weave our brand inextricably into the frames of the video
  65. The third screen photo by Drinksmachine (
  66. 9.5% | 96%
  67. the third is first
  68. 3,000 3,000 2,250 2,058 1,500 729 750 88 1 12 0 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 projected growth in mobile phones worldwide (in millions)
  69. behind the numbers
  70. with us 80% of the day
  71. 92% daily use
  72. a personal statement
  73. more than a phone
  74. photo by Mike Rosales (
  75. but...
  76. 90% of US users don’t want mobile marketing 72% of US users are annoyed by the idea
  77. however they don’t mind if it is entertaining it informs they are in control
  78. if your digital strategy doesn’t have a mobile component then you need to ask whether you have a digital strategy. if your digital strategy only has a mobile componet then you need to ask whether you have a digital strategy
  79. Our virtual reality
  80. we have been preparing for virtuality for some time
  81. in our philosophy Jean Baudrillard (1929 - 2007)
  82. in our literature & films
  83. our children brought virtuality home
  84. we trade in currencies that we never actually hold
  85. we immerse ourselves in the game
  86. second life introduced the reality of virtual worlds to many adults
  87. video clip of sony home virtual world
  88. virtual worlds were the next evolution of the internet
  89. they came from september 2006 to june 2008, the number of second life members grew from 800,000 to 14,000,000
  90. they played during the same period the number of simultaneous second life users grew from 10,000 to 65,000
  91. 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 they paid in the space of 18 months the average value of transactions per day on second life went from $500,000 to between $1m and $2m* * Figure estimated
  92. they profited in may 2008 over 59,000 people had a positive linden dollar flow, up from 44,600 in september 2007
  93. 32
  94. 45
  95. North America Western Europe Far East Australasia South America Other
  96. great virtual land rush philips c|net adidas mercedes bmw dell mazda microsoft reuters sony bmg vodafone l’oreal ibm mtv
  97. what went wrong?
  98. limited understanding + flawed strategy + rushed implementation is always going to end in tears
  99. life goes on
  100. but is it going anywhere... Photo by Tom Olliver (
  101. google kills virtually thousands
  102. thoughts on the future
  103. 1 virtual worlds are a nascent technology and may evolve with our children
  104. webkinz clubpenguin zwinky neopets imvu barbiegirls gaia habbo redlightcenter kaneva second life unique US visitors in Sept 07, in millions
  105. 2 recombinant subset of games and social media unlikely to escape the gravitational pull
  106. video games match the connected community of virtual worlds
  107. increasingly video games are embracing user generated content
  108. $34bn industry worldwide
  109. 900 829 675 665 450 502 346 225 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 In-game ad revenue (in millions)
  110. prediction virtual worlds will be a subset of games
  111. the same applies to social media
  112. 3 we use virtuality to enhance our reality
  113. society has discover a new layer to its existence
  114. 4 avatars are escaping their virtual worlds
  115. of 23 million and counting
  116. 340 m i l l i o n accounts
  117. video clip from beowulf
  118. Ray Winstone
  119. John Malkovich Anthony Hopkins Angelina Jolie
  120. “One of the things our grandchildren will find quaintest about us is that we distinguish the digital from the real, the virtual from the real. In the future, that will become literally impossible. The distinction between cyberspace and that which isn’t cyberspace is going to be unimaginable” William Gibson
  121. Always informed everywhere
  122. video clip of wikitube
  123. user opinion augmented reality geographic reality
  124. building on the potential of qr tags, iphone and android are advancing the concept of always informed everywhere
  125. Reassembling the fragmentation photo by INTVGene (
  126. the very nature of internet content is that it exists in parts
  127. recombinant culture fractal branding
  128. video clip of faris yakob on recombinant culture
  129. whether we like it or not, remix is here to stay
  130. fractal branding embraces the reality by building the brand communication into the parts
  131. video clip of the modernista Web 2.0 website
  132. brands must exist in the parts as much as they do in the whole
  133. A bit like playing chess photo by Chai Dealo (
  134. photo by Ninja Poodles ( The tail doesn’t wag the dog
  135. For ongoing coverage of and commentary on brands in the digital arena please visit the Brand Architect blog at Thanks to Faris Yakob for his great insights and thinking which help provide the background for the development on my fractal branding model. Photos are taken from Flickr under a creative commons licence. Thanks to Oliver Wilke for permission to use the crowd shot which introduced the sections titled “Talking to the listener” Patrick Collings +27 (0)83 616 0967