Augmented Reality | Patrick Collings 2009


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This is a presentation on augmented reality that I gave at the Creative Cape Town section of the recently held Design Indaba. The presentation is best viewed with a talking head in front to explain some of the slides. However, to try make it more understandable I have inserted some explanation on several of the slides. Of possible interest about the presentation is that it had to be delivered within 10 minutes because it was being filmed for YouTube. Knowing that the average online video view is no longer than two to three minutes I designed the presentation to contextualize the content and provide an "executive summary" of the entire presentation within three minutes. I then spent the remaining time fleshing out the points. This is an example of the fractal brand strategy that we are developing at Sagacite Brand Agency, where I work.

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Augmented Reality | Patrick Collings 2009

  1. 1. Augmented reality as a design component of Cape Town Presentation by Patrick Collings, Sagacite Brand Agency Cape Town Creative Cluster, Design Indaba February 2009 photo by Kieran Connellan
  2. 2. is Cape Town a design city In what way could design make a difference to the Cape Town central city (related the presentation to the topic of the conference. argued that relevant information delivered at the right time is an important design component of a city)
  3. 3. ly ck ui q y b go es ut n i m 10 Photo by Patrick Boury
  4. 4. this presentation is technically barren Photo by Estado Lateral Media Lab
  5. 5. Augmented reality deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data, where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real time.
  6. 6. Augmented reality is the real-time delivery of digital information to enhance or enable a geographical / physical experience (expanded on the previous definition to make it broader and include delivery via channels such as sms and bluetooth)
  7. 7. as a society we are comfortable Photo by Mo Riza
  8. 8. with the tools on hand Photo by Massimo Regonati Lab
  9. 9. and a desire to know more
  10. 10. consuming information in layers
  11. 11. our reality coexists with our virtuality
  12. 12. in our literature & films
  13. 13. in our philosophy Jean Baudrillard (1929 - 2007) (french philosopher who tackled the concept of virtuality in society)
  14. 14. we trade in currencies that we never actually hold
  15. 15. second life introduced the reality of virtual worlds to many adults
  16. 16. transmedia (an important theme that looks at how society moves between the real and the virtual. spoke about campaigns that encourage this)
  17. 17. we have the tools
  18. 18. bringing it all together
  19. 19. (in the nearby town of stellenbosch, more than 20 sculptures have been place on the sidewalks with numbers that can be smsed for more information)
  20. 20. (introduced the audience to the concept of qr codes)
  21. 21. (this slide and the next looked at the future of mobile devices using positioning and image recognition to provide more information about a geographical location)
  22. 22. layering the information
  23. 23. user content marketing information geographic reality
  24. 24. design needs to exist in all the layers, in the reality as well as the virtual and in their combination
  25. 25. Thank you patrick collings +27 83 616 0967