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Seven Simple Steps to SEO


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SEO is Search Engine Optimization or as we like to say, "Making websites and brands more easily found by the people already looking for them."

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Seven Simple Steps to SEO

  1. 1. Simple Steps to Search Engine Optimization
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization is the ability to make a website more easily found by the people looking for it. What is SEO? Define Target Audience Social Bookmarking Competitive Analysis/Clustering Increase Link Popularity Keyword and Tag Research Blog with RSS Feed Mobile Applications 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  3. 3. PSEO – Professional Search Engine Optimization • Define Target Audience(s) Use specific Keywords and Phrases - include them in content - tag all blog posts and submissions • Utilize Social Bookmarking Increased Target Market Exposure - tweet with #hashtags - organic exponential growth/web saturation
  4. 4. A blog displays updateable, chronologically current content Why Blog? Blog has Description and Keywords built into HTML and each blog posting can be tagged as well. An RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndicated Feed) is built into the Blog. This Feed is submitted to RSS Feed Directories. Every time the Blog is updated, the directories and social networks are notified and the Feed updates its content on these sites. This feed is also used for Widgets (Wireless Gadgets and Mobile Applications) Reciprocal links are acceptable by Google on Blogs. Templates Website has Description and Keywords built into the HTML that are visible to the Search Engines Increased inbound links improve Google Page Rank. Website PSEO – Professional Search Engine Optimization 1 2
  5. 5. PSEO – Professional Search Engine Optimization Becoming the Authority Answering Questions Before Asked Organic Content Content is posted to the Blog with appropriate keywords reflective of content Press Release Distribution RSS Feed is “pinged” and all Directory, Widget and Mobile Application content is updated instantly. RSS Feed 3 Niche Article Directories and Blogs for tagged submissions with a link back to website to improve Google Page rank. Article, Directory and Ezine Submissions Traditional Press Release distribution has been proven to be effective in the past, however now we need to think outside the box. Internet surfers want to easily find their specific content of interest and the more places this information is posted and properly tagged, the more apt the Search Engines will be able to provide that accurate linkage. 2 1
  6. 6. Following current conversations Tracking Trends PSEO – Professional Search Engine Optimization Tweet Reach measures the number of impressions per Tweet and reflects hashtag/keyword strength Twitter ApplicationsGoogle Alerts By analyzing the inward bound links to your competitors, the most valuable linkage for manual, individualized submissions become evident. The higher page level in Google for a particular key word or phrase, the stronger the site. Back Link Analysis Increased awareness surrounding certain keywords and phrases is achieved with Google Alerts. A message tracking daily trends displays recently Search Engine scanned content. 321
  7. 7. PSEO – Professional Search Engine Optimization Website Traffic Conversions
  8. 8. PSEO – Professional Search Engine Optimization Newsworthy content is submitted to Yahoo News and B-Net and posted to Blog labeled with appropriate keywords and tags. Blog is posted, keywords added, RSS pinged, socially bookmarked and Twitter hash tags added, The Internet is constantly changing. Tracking the keyword strength, hash tag reach and keyword traffic conversion is essential. Increasing Authority Press Release/New Content Statistics/ Analytics Blog/RSS Feed/ Social Network
  9. 9. PSEO – Professional Search Engine Optimization Content Delivered to You Mobile Applications • Surfer Builds Their Own Customized Homepage Add Custom RSS Feeds Add Widget • Mobile Application Delivers Content to Phone
  10. 10. PSEO – Professional Search Engine Optimization It’s a lot of information…let’s go over what is really important! The main goal of SEO is to improve page ranks and increase targeted traffic to a website thereby increasing your search engine presence, rankings, and ultimately create higher internet visibility and/or improve the sale of your products. Blogs and Social Bookmarking Target Specific Markets Post properly tagged content with links to website to improve page rank. The more places content is listed, the more easily it is found.
  11. 11. THANK YOU!