(Consulting) Couch to CISO: A Security Leader's First 100 Days and Beyond


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:: History ::
Security BSides DFW 2011 - November 5, 2011 (Philip J Beyer) - http://lanyrd.com/skymy

:: Summary ::
I will present details of how I transitioned from security consultant to program leader from vision to practice and planning for the future.

:: Abstract ::
If you want to go from a sedentary life to running a marathon, you have to have a plan. If you want to go from a consulting life to owning a security program, you also have to have a plan. Much like a 'Couch to 5K' running program, that plan will require vision, persistent effort, and a clear set of goals. I'll share my plan, what has worked so far and what didn't, and how you can design your own.

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(Consulting) Couch to CISO: A Security Leader's First 100 Days and Beyond

  1. 1. (Consulting) Couch to CISO A Security Leaders First 100 Days & Beyond Philip J Beyer Information Security Officer Texas Education Agency http://lanyrd.com/skymy
  2. 2. OverviewThe PremiseOff the CouchAdopt a PlanTrain Like You Mean ItEnjoy the Race http://lanyrd.com/skymy
  3. 3. The Premise
  4. 4. ConsultingGive adviceDiverse experienceNo ownership
  5. 5. RunningRequires commitmentRewardingNo one can do it for you
  6. 6. AssumptionsCouch to 5k programs are a dime a dozenConsultant to CISO programs are notPreparation and planning get your career inshape
  7. 7. Off the Couch
  8. 8. About MeConsulting backgroundInformation Security OfficerRunner
  9. 9. How Did I Start?IT servicesGood record of deliveryReceived great advice
  10. 10. Where Are You Now?Skills Leadership ManagementExperience Delivery Presentation
  11. 11. Adopt a Plan
  12. 12. Your Career PlanNear-term and long-term goalsSpecific activities, not nebulous dreamsBHAG
  13. 13. A Plan Needs VisionBig Hairy Audacious GoalDream bigDoesnt have to be attainable, just real andmotivating
  14. 14. Track ProgressA plan without progress is not a planDetermine your milestonesZoom in when necessary
  15. 15. Train Like You Mean It
  16. 16. MentorNot a peerNot your managerSecurity (or business) leader
  17. 17. ResuméAccomplishments... Not skillsTeamwork... Not solo efforts
  18. 18. Build HabitsManage yourselfOptimize your researchShorten your summariesBe a translator (to business language)
  19. 19. Enjoy the Race
  20. 20. The Starting Line100-Day Plan
  21. 21. Establish OrderManage your projectsKeep it simpleThe Pragmatic CSO
  22. 22. Dont Sprint3.1 miles (5km) is a long distanceYou need to pace yourselfHands off the keyboard and onto thewhiteboard
  23. 23. • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License