Green Building Movement


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A brief overview of green building movement with introduction to LEED, BREEAM, CASBEE sistyem. Factors influencing the movement with a short history.

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Green Building Movement

  1. 1. Pearl River New City- Guangzhou Twin Tower Presented at USMCA 2008 Beijing, China 22-Oct-2008 Copyright: Wilkinson Eyre Architects GREEN BUILDINGS CURRENT STATUS AND PROSPECTS Pranab J Baruah, PhD Research Fellow The University of Tokyo Copyright: Michael Ficeto/Hearst Corporation
  2. 2. Building Footprint on GHG Emissions Worldwide share of different sectors in total anthropogenic GHG emissions in C02 equivalent (Year 2005; Forestry includes deforestation) 2.8 19.4 17.4 Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing 7.9 13.5 7.9 25.9 Data source: Climate Change 2007, IPCC
  3. 3. Building Footprint Taking Into account the entire lifespan of buildings… Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Source: UNEP SBCI 2006
  4. 4. GHG Mitigation Potential in 2030 Building sector : ‘low hanging fruit’ for GHG mitigation Greening building sector : win-win solution Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Source: Climate Change 2007, IPCC
  5. 5. What is Green Building ★ A Green Building is OFTEN NOT Sustainable Building ★ ★A Sustainable Building is a Green Building★ Sustainable Building NO net impact on environment Green Building Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing focuses on incremental steps to solve known and measurable problems with our current practice A Greener Building in India may be less green than a normal building in Japan in using energy and resources Greener than average, Greener than baseline
  6. 6. Pearl River GREEN BUILDINGS ARE BETTER IN… Tower Community Transport Development Energy Efficiency Indoor Sustainable Environmental Quality Green Landuse Design & Building Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Delivery Affordability criteria Process Water Global Resource Environmental Mgmt. Material, Impact Resources Efficiency Affordability Durability 71 story, 2010
  7. 7. Ancient Green Buildings !! Ancient Chinese and Indian geomacy principles are similar to several present green building attributes Feng-shui tries to achieve a balance between natural sunlight, air and water within a building Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Vastushastra tries to harmonize the flow of energy with exact directions for objects, rooms etc.
  8. 8. Modern Green Building (GB) Movement Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing
  9. 9. Factors of Green Building Movement Global warming Climate Change Pollution UNEP-SBCI Mandates Overall UNFCC Directives Environmental IPCC Policies Awareness International Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Government Organizations Actions LOHAS Assessment customers Systems Voluntary Creatives Mandatory True-blue greens Business-case
  10. 10. Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Green Building Assessment Systems
  11. 11. BRE Environment Assessment Method (BREEAM) World’s first, BREEAM 2008 Started in 1990 Rating %-age UK Outstanding 85% Building Research BREEAM Bespoke Excellent 75% Establishment Very Good 55% BREEAM Courts Good 45% (BRE) BREEAM EcoHomes Pass 30% BREEAM EcoHomes XB Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing BREEAM Industrial Voluntary; BREEAM International Mandatory BREEAM Multi Residential Pre-construction & BREEAM Offices Post-construction BREEAM Prisons Review in BREEAM Retail BREEAM 2008 BREEAM Schools London Westminster BREEAM Excellent
  12. 12. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Voluntary, Pre-design US Green Building Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Council
  13. 13. Comparison of Assessment Systems Assessment systems are either …… (1) Point Value based ( LEED, BREEAM, Greenstar etc.) (2) Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) based (BEES, EcoQuantum etc.) (3) In between (1) and (2) (CASBEE) BREEAM 2008 Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing LEED-NC
  14. 14. Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency (CASBEE) Voluntary, Pre & post-design CASBEE for New Construction(2008) CASBEE for New Construction(Brief) Ranks CASBEE for Existing Building Japan CASBEE for Renovation S Green Building CASBEE for Heat Island A Council (JaGBC) CASBEE for Urban Development(2007) Japan Sustainable B+ CASBEE for an Urban Area+Buildings Building Consortium B- (e.g. CASBEE Nagoya) C Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing (JSBC) CASBEE for Home(2007) BEE = Quality / Load Toyota Headquarter, 2005
  15. 15. Green Building is still not an attractive CleanTech (…despite the low or negative costs) Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing
  16. 16. Growing Green Building (GB) Market Growth of LEED •Projects in 69 countries •Annual market for GB product & service: $12 Billion (2008) Growth of CleanEnergy Trio (solar, wind, biomass) •20-50% a year worldwide •~$10 billion by VC firms alone Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing •~$140 billion investment (2007) China factor •Urban population 44% in 2006 to 70% in 2035 •20 bil. sqm in next 15 years (2 bil. sqm annual construction) •2000-2015, 50% of all new constructions in the world will be in China •Building+ Building material consumes ~45% of energy at present •National Project of Building Energy Conservation, by 2010 $400 bil investment to be 50% energy efficient, save 10 m ton coal.
  17. 17. Future Factors •Future of the World is Urban ( in 2008 first time urban pupulation~50% 60% by 2030 ) • half of the world urban area in 2030 is yet to be built 1 2 3 Mandatory Research New Policies by Funding in Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Technology governments Integrated (Lean Approach to cement, Design UNFCC & LED Lights, UNEP-SBCI ICT) ICT: Information and Communication Technology
  18. 18. Impact of ICT in Greening of Real Estate -Increasing Efficiency & Dematerialization -Impact in Transport, Building, Industry & Power (smart grid) CO2 due to ICT in 2020 Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing 2002 2020 no reduction Reduce 5 times of what it emits 2020 with reduction reduction by other method CO2 reduction by ICT in 2020 Source & copyright: SMART 2020 The Climate Group
  19. 19. Impact of ICT in Greening of Real Estate By 2020 (Data source: SMART 2020 The Climate Group) Energy Efficient Building Design: 0.45 GtC/yr Building Management Systems: 0.39 GtC/yr Lighting Automation: 0.12 GtC/yr Total with other options: 1.68 GtC/yr (Total with ICT 7.8 GtC/yr) Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing …about $ 340 billion in savings + The China factor How much greening of real-estate happens in China, the biggest builder in coming decades
  20. 20. Concluding Remarks COST & Greening of buildings is more of a ECONOMY safety issue & an economic issue Key to get to greener buildings AWARENESS is awareness, mainly of public To create market &spur innovation MANDATES & Green Buildings, USMCA 2008 Beijing Reduce emission, increase efficiency INCENTIVES Assessment systems are good way ASSESSMENT to incorporate integrated design SYSTEMS approach, present with a business APPROACH case, and achieve real efficiency while creating awareness and BUSINESS spurring cost-effective innovation CASE
  21. 21. China’s first low energy demo building @Tsinghua University 2005 USMCA 2008 Beijing, China Wed 22 Oct Hearst Tower, NYC LEED Gold, 2006 Copyright: Michael Ficeto/Hearst Corporation