The regions of Kanto and Sinnoh have recently been nuked by an insidious individual by the name of masterpizzalord. He was...
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Fan fiction

  1. 1. The regions of Kanto and Sinnoh have recently been nuked by an insidious individual by the name of masterpizzalord. He was supported in this action by his evil cohort DarkDash99. Some experts estimate the loss of hundreds of NPCs across both nations. More information as it arrives.<br />This vicious attack has also lead to the extinction of several species of Pokemon, including Glameow, Driftbloon, and Stunky, along with the endangerment of several more, including beloved Pokemon like Meowth and Mankey. Fire Pokemon were the hardest hit, with several species like Vulpix, Growlithe, Chimchar, Charmander, Houndour, and Slugma now in serious trouble. <br />Leading Pokemon officials have also been reported dead. The most devastating blow was the loss of longtime Pokemon researcher Professor Oak, who is confirmed dead in the attack. Oak was in the process of his international Pokedex movement, a movement that was recently being considered by the Isshu government for adoption. Also dead was current Sinnoh champion Cynthia, along with the rest of the Sinnoh Elite Four. The Kanto-Johto Elite Four has been reported alive, but are currently being transported by officials for treatment for radiation.<br />Reports have confirmed the deaths of five Sinnoh gym leaders:Gardenia, Maylene, Crasher, Fantina, and Volkner. Roark and his father Byron were last reported underground. Candice's whereabouts are still unconfirmed. Also unconfirmed are the whereabouts of Kanto born Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum, who recently rose to international prominence after conquering the Battle Frontier during its Kanto tour last year. Ash was last confirmed to be in Sinnoh traveling with former Pewter City gym leader Brock. Coming up next: the fate of Kanto gym leaders.<br />We are receiving reports that one nuke hit Saffron City, killing five Kanto leaders: Sabrina, Lt. Surge, Erika, Misty, and Janine, along with two Johto leaders, Pryce and Morty, who were waiting for a challenge from a local trainer. Reports are coming in of the collapse of local landmark Mt. Moon which crumbled during the explosion. Witness say that it was the hiding place of several local families, including the family of current Pewter City gym leader Flint, whose son Brock is MIA. Former Kanto-Johto champion Blue, notorious for his brief reign, who currently presides over the Viridian Gym is reported alive and abroad, though clearly shaken. Blaine was last seen inside Seafoam Islands and we have yet to hear from him. Many fear his untimely demise.<br />Ash Ketchum has recently been confirmed alive, being in another dimension fighting evil legendary Pokemon when the attack hit. He is devastated by the attack, and currently moving to Pallet to assist with the evacuation of his family and Pokemon, who may be already dead as we speak. Meanwhile, companion Brock moves to Mt. Moon to assist in the rescue effort that is proceeding. <br />But, a glimmer of hope. A small miracle occurred in the town of Cerulean City. At one time reported devastated due to its proximity to Saffron, reports are coming in of the town withstanding most of the blast. Witnesses claim of a Psychic energy that held back. Reports are coming in of a force of local Kadabra and Alakazam assisting in this effort, but a larger force is taking precedence. Early reading point the center of this resistive force originating from local Cerulean Cave. Scientists claim this leaves a possible explanation for why Mt.Moon remains relatively intact, when it should have been nearly vaporized from the explosion.<br />More news from Sinnoh, Candice has been reported alive and abroad with her lover Zoey in her hometown, far north of the attack. More information about the Sinnoh attack leads to bombs dropped on western Jublife City and eastern Sunnyshore. The proximity to Canalave and Oreburgh does not bear a good sign for local gym leaders Roark and Byron who are still MIA. <br />Back in Kanto, operatives at the scene in hazmat gear report a general lack of damage in the Vermillion area. While several houses have collapsed they have avoided the vaporization of other nearby cities. Survivors currently being treated for radiation tell a tale of the noble sacrifice of gym leader Lt. Surge. Reports are coming in of him simply standing at the east entrance of the city and blocking the brunt of the explosion with his massive body. Scientists, though thankful for his intervention, are still wondering how the hell that happened.<br />This just in. Hoenn officials report that the Slugma population, while devastated, is still surviving thanks to a small contingent taking residence in local Fiery Path.We now have an exclusive report from surviving trainer Riley, who was on distant Iron Island when the nukes hit Sinnoh. " There was a bright light in the distance and a deafening sound. I lost hearing for a few minutes as I lay on the ground bleeding. A rock fell on my legs. Thankfully, my trusted Lucario moved the obstruction, killing a crazed and near death Shiny Golbat to get to me. I then set about doing my best to heal the Pokemon who weren't killed by the collapse, bandaging wounds of those who still had a chance. Nearby trainers helped, but it was too late for too many of these majestic creatures. All those Zubat and Golbat dead. That Shiny Golbat will still forever haunt my conscious." Riley is currently undergoing radiation treatment.<br />A strange phenomenon is occurring around Mt. Coronet, sitting on the edge of both strikes. While the mountain seemingly crumbled in the initial attack, reports are coming in of the mountain seemingly rebuilding itself, as if it was reversing time. Operatives are currently being dispatched to the region in order to not only analyze the phenomenon but see the effects on nearby towns Eterna, Celestic, and Pastoria.<br />