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Foaming Technology


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Brief presentation on Composite Materials
MME Dept
IIT Kharagpur
MME Dept
IIT Kharagpur

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Foaming Technology

  1. 1. Short Presentation on Foaming Technology for Composite materials By Piyush Verma 09MT3018Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  2. 2. Foaming Technology•Objective - To produce porous structure in matrix.•Material used to produce porosity-Supercritical CO₂•Matrix – Poly Lactic Acid (PLA)•Reinforcement – Nano Hydroxy Apatite (nHA) PLA Hydroxy Apatite
  3. 3. Why PLA? Biodegradable (Gradually transforms loads to the bone as organ heals) (Medical implants in the form of screws, pins, rods, and as a mesh)Why supercritical CO₂ ? Non-toxic, non- flammable , noncorrosive, abundant, inexpensive, commercially available in high purity, and readily accessible supercritical conditions ( Critical Temperature = 31.1˚C and Critical pressure = 7 37MPa)Why nHA ? Nanocrystalline HA (nHA) enhances osteoblast adhesion and surface deposition of calcium-containing materials. (with respect to Bone-tissue growth). Inorganic calcium-containing constituent of bone matrix and teeth, imparting rigidity to these structures
  4. 4. Steps involved Firstly amorphous or semi-crystalline polymer is saturated with CO₂ at temperature 31.1 and pressure 7.37 Mpa, with the diffusion of gas into polymer matrix, it forms single-phase polymer/CO₂ solution.  When the equilibrium is reached, pressure is reduced or temperature is increased or both, so that the supercritical CO₂ turns into gas and escape out of the polymer leaving pores
  5. 5. Observations Property Without reinforcement With reinforcement (Nano HA) Compressive Moduli 10-180 Mpa Upto 250 Mpa Density of foam High Low Pore diameter Small Large