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Customer satisfaction of bsnl

  1. 1. A SUMMER TRANNING PROJECT REPORTON “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OF BSNL” AT BSNL BAREILLY Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of degree Of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SESSION (2012-2014) SUBMITTED TO:- SUBMITTED BY:- Ms. Nishtha Sharma Piyush Tewari Assistant professor MBA IIIrd SEM Roll No-12021335 IFTM UNIVERSITY, Moradabad
  2. 2. CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY I Rahul Saxena Roll No 12021226 a full time bonafide student of first year of Master of Business administration (MBA) Programme of IFTM University, Moradabad . I hereby certify that this project work carried out by me at Bajaj Allianz and the report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the programme is original work of my under the guidance of the industry mentor upander shingh and Faculty mentor Sonnath paul , and is not based or reproduced from any exiting work of any other person or any earlier work undertaken at any other time or for any other purpose and has not been submitted anywhere else at any time. Rahul Saxena (Student Signature) Date: ii
  3. 3. ACKNOWELEDGEMENT It is sense of immense pleasure & satisfaction for me that this Research Project report has been successfully completed. I have made his project as concise as possible and also arranged the topic in straight forward and logical manner. I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Manjula jain (Director, school of Business Management, IFTM University) for providing me an opportunity to undergo summer tranning at BSNL Bareilly. I express my thanks to Mr.P.K Kashyap Assistant Director Telecom (H.R.) of BSNL to carry out my summer training in their esteemed organization. I also extend my sincere appreciation to Ms. Nishtha Sharma my faculty mentor, who provided his valuable suggestion and precious time in accomplishing my project report. Lastly, I would like to thank the almighty and my parents for their moral support and my friends with whom I shared my day –to-day experience and received lots of suggestions that improved my quality of work. (Piyush Tewari)
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter No. Chapter Name Page No Certificate of Originality ii Certificate from company iii Acknowledgement iv Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 2 COMPANY PROFILE Chapter 3 SECTOR PROFILE Chapter 4 RESEARCH PROBLEM Chapter 5 OBJECTIVES OF STUDY Chapter 6 SWOT ANALYSIS Chapter 7 RESEARCH METHOLODOGY Chapter 8 DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS Chapter 9 FINDING Chapter 10 SUGGESTIONS  BIBLIOGRAPHY  OUESTIONNAIRE INTRODUCTION
  5. 5. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (abbreviated BSNL) is a state-owned telecommunications company headquartered in New Delhi, India BSNL has installed Quality Telecom Network in the country & now focusing on improving it, expanding the network, introducing new telecom services with ICT applications in villages & winning customer's confidence. Today, it has about 43.74 million line basic telephone capacity, 8.83 million WLL capacity, 72.60 million GSM capacity, 37,885 fixed exchanges, 68,162 GSM BTSs, 12,071 CDMA Towers, 197 Satellite Stations, 6,86,644 RKm. of OFC, 50,430 RKm. of microwave network connecting 623 districts, 7330 cities/towns & 5.8 lakhs villages . BSNL is the only service provider, making focused efforts & planned initiatives to bridge the rural-urban digital divide in ICT sector. In fact there is no telecom operator in the country to beat its reach with its wide network giving services in every nook & corner of the country & operates across India except New Delhi & Mumbai. Whether it is inaccessible areas of Sachem glacier or North-Eastern regions of the country, BSNL serves its customers with a wide bouquet of telecom services namely Wireline, CDMA mobile, GSM mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN, VSAT, VoIP, IN Services, FTTH, etc. BSNL is numerouno of India in all services in its license area. The company offers wide ranging & most transparent tariff schemes designed to suit every customer. BSNL has 90.09 million cellular & 5.06 million WLL customers as on 31.07.2011. 3G Facility has been given to all 2G connections of BSNL. In basic services, BSNL is miles ahead of its rivals, with 24.58 million wire line phone subscribers i.e. 71.93% share of the wireline subscriber base. BSNL has set up a world class multi-gigabit, multi-protocol convergent IP infrastructure that provides convergent services like voice, data & video through the same Backbone & Broadband Access Network. At present there are 8.09 million broadband customers.
  6. 6. The company has vast experience in planning, installation, network integration & maintenance of switching & transmission networks & also has a world class ISO 9000 certified Telecom Training Institute..During the 2010-11, turnover of BSNL is around Rs. 29,700 Crores. BSNL is one of the largest Indian cellular service providers, with over 90 million subscribers as of July 2011, and the largest land line telephone provider in India. However, in recent years the company's revenue and market share plunged into heavy losses due to intense competition in Indian telecommunication sector. BSNL is India's oldest and largest communication service provider (CSP). It had a customer base of 90 million as of June 2008.[6] It has footprints throughout India except for the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and New Delhi, which are managed by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam(MTNL). As of June 30, 2010, BSNL had a customer base of 27.45 million wireline and 72.69 million wireless subscribers. BSNL then known as the department of telecommunications had been a near monopoly during the socialist period of the Indian economy. During this period, BSNL was the only telecom service provider in the country. MTNL was present only in Mumbai and New Delhi. During this period BSNL operated as a typical state-run organization, inefficient, slow, bureaucratic, and heavily unionized. As a result subscribers had to wait for as long as five years to get a telephone connection. The corporation tasted competition for the first time after the liberalization of Indian economy in 1991. Faced with stiff competition from the private telecom service providers, BSNL has subsequently tried to increase efficiencies itself. do veterans, however, put the onus for the sorry state of affairs on the Government policies, where in all state-owned service providers were required to function as mediums for achieving egalitarian growth across all segments of the society. The corporation (then DoT), however, failed to achieve this and India languished among the most poorly connected countries in the
  7. 7. world. BSNL was born in 2000 after the corporatization of DoT. The efficiency of the company has since improved, however, the performance level is nowhere near the private players. The corporation remains heavily unionised and is comparatively slow in decision making and its implementation, which largely acts at the instances of unions without bothering about outcome. Management has been reactive to the schemes of private telecom players.Though it offers services at lowest tariffs, the private players continue to notch up better numbers in all areas, years after year. BSNL has been providing connections in both urban and rural areas. Pre-activated Mobile connections are available at many places across India. BSNL has also unveiled cost-effective broadband internet access plans (DataOne) targeted at homes and small businesses. At present BSNL enjoy's around 60% of market share of ISP services . Year of Broadband 2007 was declared as "Year of Broadband" in India and BSNL announced plans for providing 5 million broadband connectivity by the end of 2007. BSNL upgraded Dataone connections for a speed of up to 2 Mbit/s without any extra cost. This 2 Mbit/s broadband service was provided by BSNL at a cost of just US$ 11.7 per month (as of 21 July 2008 and at a limit of 2.5GB monthly limit with 0200-0800 hrs as no charge period). Further, BSNL is rolling out new broadband services such as triple play.BSNL planned to increase its customer base to 108 million customers by 2010. With the frantic activity in the communication sector in India, the target appears achievable. BSNL is a pioneer of rural telephony in India. BSNL has recently bagged 80% of US$ 580 m (INR 2,500 crores) Rural Telephony project of Government of India./On 20 March 2009 BSNL advertised the launch of BlackBerry services across its Telecom circles in India. The corporation has also launched 3G services in select cities across the country. Presently, BSNL
  8. 8. and MTNL are the only players to provide 3G services, as the Government of India has completed auction of 3G services for private players. BSNL shall get 3G bandwidth at lowest bidder prices of Rs 18,500 crore, which includes Rs 10,186 crore for 3G and Rs 8313crore for BWA. BSNL Broadband is an Internet access service from state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) available in India since 14 January 2005. Until 30 September 2007 it was known as Data One.BSNL is commissioning a multi-gigabit, multi-protocol, IP infrastructure through National Internet Backbone-II (NIB-II), that will provide services through the same backbone and broadband access network. The broadband service will be available on digital subscriber line technology (on the same wire that is used for plain old telephone service), spanning 198 cities.NIB-II would have put India at par with more advanced nations. The services that would be supported include always-on broadband access to the Internet for residential and business customers, content-based services, video multicasting, video-on- demand and interactive gaming, audio and video conferencing, IP telephony, distance learning, messaging, multi-site MPLS VPNs with Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees. The subscribers would have been able to access the above services through Subscriber Service Selection System (SSSS) portal ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
  9. 9. Cellone now BSNL mobile was a mobile phone service provided by the Indian public enterprise BSNL. It provides pre-paid and post-paid mobile services as well as many value added services.Cellone has pan-India presence with presence in all the 21 telecommunication cellular circles in India. Cellone provides all of India with roaming access, including Delhi and Mumbai, and International roaming access to more than 300 networks across the world.Many private Telecom Operators have entered in Indian market and acquired many customers and have given stiff competition to Cellone in recent years. The major private players are Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Tata Communications, Aircel and many more.Cellone started their GPRS/EDGE service on 2005 and has coverage major cities and towns and more places are being covered.BSNL has now introduced 3G services: BSNL has started its 3G services before the allocation of spectrum to private operators in India. Other private players are expected to roll out their 3G services when they are allocated the spectrum for respective circles in 2nd half of 2010. cellone was renamed bsnl mobile on 2007.
  10. 10. CHAPTER 2 COMPANY PROFILE BSNL is a leader in GSM mobile telephony in india. It also has a significant share in the GSM mobile market. The mobile communication market is characterized by immense competition with large player fighting for the market share. BSNL has a superior infrastructure, which is a big advantage to it. The company faces many problem on account of its faulty billing system and poor response to its GSM iniative , BSNL has positioned its brand primarily as a “common man’s phone” and supported it by providing the lowest tariff plans in the industry. For distribution BSNL has setup a large number of BSNL web words and retails points of sale all over the country. BSNL is also aggressively into the billboard space. The four main existing customer segments are in the metros, and the category A, B, C categories circule. Tata tele services, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Bharti, Idea Celluar BPL mobile, and Vodafone services are the main competitors of Reliance. BSNL communication, with its “mass a marketing strategy”has been successful in attaining a large customer base within a sort span of time. throgh the subscriber base in high, the growth seemd to have slumped dramatically in the last year. the reason for this drop in the growth of subscriber base can be attributed to the changing telecom scenario. . This has left title to segments in terms of the market, where in the differentiation was purely on the basic of image. BSNL communication current targeting approach is a mass-marketing method that tries to address the needs of the entire market and widen its subscriber base. This plan proposes to launch a new service catering to the identified target market while maintaining the existing service without any repositioning. The marketing objective of BSNL communication as per this marketing plan are to increase market share of BSNL communication in mobile services market to 30% by the next year and to attain revenue of Rs. 11, 000 crores by the same period. The monthly expenses for the various marketing actions programs mentioned in the plans have been estimated in the report. The projected additions to the subscriber base and revenue earning projection have been also included in the report. The key focus is on the product bundle that should be provided to attract the largest possible chunk of the youth market. For this, newer feature that need to be incorporated were explored and proposed.The pricing need to be competitive,as the target segment is demanding, yet price sensitive. BSNL
  11. 11. communication also needs to come up with offerings in the niche segment as well and look for further scope to segment the market and likewise come up with well-priced products to tap the maximum potential. Next the product- services bundle has to be packaged in such a way that it acts as a source of differentiation and the promotions should be focused make use of this differentiating factor. Finally, with newer demands, the retail network needs to be revamped and all issues pertaining to territorial adjustment need to be worked out.
  12. 12. CHAPTER 3 ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Customer Satisfaction, a term frequently used in marketing, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. Customer satisfaction is defined as "the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services (ratings) exceeds specified satisfaction goals."In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 71 percent responded that they found a customer satisfaction metric very useful in managing and monitoring their businesses. It is seen as a key performance indicator within business and is often part of a Balanced Scorecard. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. "Within organizations, customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. They focus employees on the importance of fulfilling customers’ expectations. Furthermore, when these ratings dip, they warn of problems that can affect sales and profitability.These metrics quantify an important dynamic. When a brand has loyal customers, it gains positive word-of-mouth marketing, which is both free and highly effective. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to effectively manage customer satisfaction. To be able do this,firms need reliable and representative measures of satisfaction. "In researching satisfaction, firms generally ask customers whether their product or service has met or exceeded expectations. Thus, expectations are a key factor behind satisfaction. When customers have high expectations and the reality falls short, they will be disappointed and will likely rate their experience as less than satisfying. For this reason, a luxury resort, for example, might receive a lower satisfaction rating than a budget motel-even though its facilities and service would be deemed superior in 'absolute' terms." The importance of customer satisfaction diminishes when a firm has increased bargaining power. For example, cell phone plan providers, such as AT&T and Verizon, participate in an industry that is an oligopoly where only a few suppliers of a certain product or service exist. As such, many cell phone plan contracts have a lot of fine print with provisions that they would never get away if there were, say, a hundred cell phone plan providers, because customer satisfaction would be far too low, and customers would easily have the option of leaving for a better contract offer.
  13. 13. CHAPTER 4 SCOPE & IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SCOPE OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION This research study is useful for BSNL to understand the expectations and requirement of customer and can serve them in a better way. This research was conduct from may 2013 to June 2013. The respondent from Coimbatore,Poll chi and Tripura have been taken for this study. The brand equity was measured in terms of brand attribute preference brand awareness, brand loyalty and prefence about the brand. Creating an incomplete or imprecise Scope of Work has some serious implications. The primary three are: 1. Scope creep 2. Low margins 3. Poor customer satisfaction Scope Creep: Scope creep occurs when customers or stakeholders think something is included in the service or project, and then ask for it to be completed. In the name of customer satisfaction, service teams and companies complete these requests, which originally were not priced or calculated into the service. Low Margins: Hours are spent, travel costs accumulate, and equipment expenses expand as additional work needs to be done to “fix” scope misunderstandings. These additional
  14. 14. costs directly reduce the service’s profit. Poor Customer Satisfaction: It is always better to have a service delivered as expected the first time. Although heroic efforts may be appreciated, such efforts typically come with confusion and delays that are not understood by customers. This is particularly true if the Scope of Work problems require customers to reallocate budget to obtain the service they thought they were receiving all along. BSNL, NE-1 Circle is one among the top. 10 Telecom Circles in India and is No.2 in meeting the Business Development targets. Enterprise Business Group in NE-1 Circle is proposing to take the services of OEMs/Vendors/Network Integrators in the following areas to cater to the needs of our esteemed customers: Customized WAN (Wide Area Networking) Solutions. Video Conferencing Solutions. EPABX/CENTERX/WI-FI Solutions. Video Surveillance Solutions. Call Centre Establishment Solutions
  15. 15. Any other Equipment / solutions needed by the customer. IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Sometimes companies are misguided by the notion that customers depend on them. The truth of the matter is that we very much so depend on them. Many researchers and academia have highlighted the importance of customers in today’s market. The level of satisfaction a customer has with a company has profound effects. Studies have found that the level of customer’s satisfaction has a positive effect on profitability: • A totally satisfied customer contributes 2.6 times as much revenue to a company as a somewhat satisfied customer. • A totally satisfied customer contributes 17 times as much revenue as a somewhat dissatisfied customer. • A totally dissatisfied customer decreases revenue at a rate equal to 18 times what a totally satisfied customer contributes to a company. Research has shown that when a person is satisfied with a company or service they are likely to share their experience with other people to the order of perhaps five or six people. However, dissatisfied customers are likely to tell another ten people of their unfortunate experience. With social media readily available for consumers to tell their story to all of those online, you can easily go to Twitter or Facebook and read about someone’s experience with a company or service. However, merely focusing solely on customer satisfaction has its drawbacks in the marketplace as well. For those companies that focus only on customer satisfaction run a real risk a failing
  16. 16. to differentiate their brand from others. In order to achieve long-term sustainability companies must seek to establish ties of loyalty with consumers that are strong enough to ward off the advances of competitors. Creating loyalty among customers can help the company to increase purchases of existing products, charge premium prices for appreciation of your added-value services, and create positive word-of-mouth promotion for your company, which is the core marketing objective for companies.Customer loyalty is much harder to obtain than satisfaction. Even though customers are satisfied with the company there are several factors that could cause the customer to defect to the competition, such as finding a better value or the competitor is more convenient. With that said, having high levels of customer satisfaction does not always lead to customer loyalty. However, a company cannot achieve customer loyalty without having customer satisfaction.Thus, though customer satisfaction does not guarantee the repurchase from a company but it does play a very important role in achieving customer loyalty. Conducting customer satisfaction research will provide your company with the necessary insight it needs to make informed decisions in order to retain and increase your customer base and improve customer relationships.
  17. 17. CHAPTER 5 SERVICES OF BSNL Description of the Brand , Product, Category & Company The Brand BSNL Mobile- Postpaid Joy Plans The postpaid plans have been specifically designed to help the customer save on costs. Depending on the customer usage and the customer budget, the customer has a choice of plans with economical tariff rates. Unlimited Talktime Pack Now the customer can enjoy the benefits of making unlimited Calls to other BSNL Phones within the customer’s circle, Absolutely Free. Get Started Kit The customer can now set the customer free with the new Get started Kit from BSNL Mobile. Bill Payments BSNl has introduced the most convenient mode of Bill Payment. The customer can now pay the bills directly from Credit Card or Bank Account and save precious time. INNMARSAT
  18. 18. BSNL now offer its subscriber’s significany saving for voice calls made to any Innmarsat number.The saving could be as high as 70% depending on the type of terminal and the location. BSNL india Mobile – BSNL postpaid CNJ 199 SOHO Plan Now people who mainly use mobile for local call can save their lot of money by using this Plans NJ 499- In this plan all calls free to any BSNL Mobile within the region. Call from UPE/UPW made to any mobiles phones in the region of Haryana, Punjab, HP, Rajasthan and Delhi Charged 50 paise per minute only. MY Unlimited 440- Call made to any phone expect BSNL MOBILE charged 99 paise per minute. Call made to BSNL mobile is free all over in India. Other Plans- Unlimited 399. NJP 124, BSNL India 299 & 399 Fixed Wireless Phones- BSNL has launched FWP to increase its market share. Cost of phone is very low. There are various plans for customers as One India plans 180, Plan 125, Plan 299, One India Plan 225, One India Plan 180. BSNL Data Card USB Modem BSNL has launched data card and modem for the people who want to use the Internet on their computer. These are differents plans for different need of customer. BSNL has presented the new Rs. 360 and Rs. 335 recharge vouchers.
  19. 19. E-Recharge BSNL has introduced E-recharge from it prepaid Now the customer can recharge the customer ‘s prepaid with any amount. SMS Top-Up Cards BSNL offers to top up the customer’s prepaid with the new sms top-up for Rs 55 only,and send free unlimited SMS (local or national) to any BSNL phones across India. Get Started Kit Gone are the days when the customer were bound by a particular handset and a certain phone number. The customer can now set themselves free with the new Get Started Kit from BSNL Mobile. The Product Category Cellular Services, Prepaid and Post Paid India is one of the fastest growing markets for wireless technology. The country’s mobile operators are currently providing services based on predominantly on GSM. Whilst india has been moving into advance forms of mobile technology. including GPRS and EDGE, The country has stopped short of extensive adoption of 3G, although trail services are being set up. Prepaid services have been an important driver of growth subscriber number and represent around 75% of the total mobile subscriber base. The first mobile service were introduced in 1996, but did not take off until 1988. Mobile data services are expected to grow strongly on the back of rising mobile subscription. In the India mobile market, GSM continues to be the technology plateform of choice since the first networks began to be rolled out in 1995. A significant event occurred, however, when the government allowed use of rival technology, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), for the application of wireless Local Loop (WLL) services by fixed-line operators. This was initially done to enable the faster rollout by cable. The government allowed fixed0- line companies to offer what was referred to as “limited mobile service” to customers using CDMA in 2001 , hoping that this would attract private investors into the sector. The move
  20. 20. was part of an effort to achieve the strategic target for boosting phone connection in the country to 100 million by 2005, in a significant move in the context of the government’s open market policy, US-based Qualcomm announced plans invest up to US$ 200 million in India’s BSNL communications, a fixed-line start-up of the powerful BSNL group, which has been plan to deploy the CDMA mobile technology on a larger scale. BSNL has been granted licenses for fixed-line service in 16 India States, covering 90% of India population. SMS has been the most successful value added service india’s mobile sector. Research Company Gartner announced in February 2004 that outbound SMS volumes in India increased by 200. 8% per year-on- year to reach 7. 39 billion messages in 2003. That was equivalent to 35. 8 outbound SMS messages per celluar connection per month. SMS based usage such as text based information/enterainment services on-demand, games and promotions/marketing activities are expected to grow. While MMS has been touted in other Asia Pacific markets, MMS provides longer text messages, in addition of music and picture, and allows the sending of message to multiple recipients. BPL mobile, which one has been operating mobile services in Mumbai. Maharasthra. Goa, Kerla, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, with a network spanning 209 cities launched india’s first MMS in October 2002, making India the Fourth country in the Asia Pacific region to commercially launch the service. The introduction of MMS followed in the from the wide acceptance and usage of SMS. The association of United Telecom service Provider of India (AUSPI) The Company-BSNL Communication Working at breakneck speed, from late 1999 to 2002 BSNL infocomm built the backbone for a digital india 60, 000 kilometers of fiber optic backbone, crisscrossing the entire country. The BSNL communication pan India networks was commissioned on December 28, 2002. BSNL communication network is a pan India, high capacity, integrated (wireless and wire line) and convergent ( voice, data and video)digital network, designed to offer services that span the entire communication valve chain – infrastructure , services for enterprises and indivisuals, applications and consulting. The network is designed to deliver services that will foster a new way of life for a New India Rationale for Selection
  21. 21. India continues to be one of the fastest growing major telecom markets in the world. Sweeping reforms introduced by successive Indian government over the last decade have dramatically changed the nature of telecommunication in the country. Analysis expect india’s mobile phone industry, in particular, to continue its boom and to grow almost five-fold forms its 2001 levels to more than 30 million subscribers by 2005, a compounded annual growth rate of more than 50%. The mobile sector has been especially robust. it has been experience consistently high annual subscriber growth rates -96% in 20, 80% in 2001 and 90% in 2002 – moving from 1. 58 million subscriber at the end of 1999 to10. 5 million at the end of 2002. By end 2003, it had passed the 28 million mark following a year where growth was more than 150%. Early 2005, The number of mobile subscriber, GSM and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), had increased from 33. 58 million in march 2004 to 52. 17 million in march 2005 as mobiles tariffs fell by 35% during the year. The number of fixed line subscriber had grown by only 8% during the year, from 42. 58 million in March 2004 to March 2005. India’s total telephone subscriber base has reached 98. 5 million, representing a total tele-density of just over 9% up from 7. 2% in March 2004. later in April 2005, the communication minister announced that the toatal number of telephone subscriber in India had passed the 100 million mark. The potential for future growth in the India market also remained highas its tele-density was only 9%. The ministry projected that by 2007. The country would have with all the villages throughout the country then being connected by the phone. The ministry also noted that some of the lowest telecom charge in the world, with the minimum effective rates at 1. 20 rupees a call, a drop of 35% from a year earlier in November 2004. Market analyst Morgan Stanly repoted that india’s mobile market was expected to grow at a compound average rate of 40% until 2007 India had also emerged as the second-largest market aft mobile services, after China for mobile handset sales. An industry survey predicated that at least110 million new mobile phone subscriber would be added in India by 2007. Most of the fixed line services added were fixed wireless services operating in homes on CDMA technology. Another driver in the market has been the advent of the CDMA-WLL mobile service, which has been BSNL emerge as a challenger to the GSM operators. Basic telephone Services The plain old country wide telephone service through 32, 000 electronic exchanges Digitalized Public Switched Telephone network (PSTN).
  22. 22. Data One BSNl launched Data One Broadband service in January 2005 which shall be extended to 198 cities very shortly. The service is being provided on existing copper infrastructure on ADSL technology. The minimum speed offered to the customer is 256 Kbps at Rs 250 per month only. Other services such as VPN multicasting, Video Conferencing, Video-on- demand, , Broadcast application e. t. c will be added. Internet Keeping the global networks networked, the contry wide internet services of BSNL under the brand name includes internet dial up/ leased line access, CLI based access (no account is require) and DIAS services, for web browsing and E-mail applications. You can use Dial-up sanchar net account from any palace in india using the same access ni’172233’. The facility shish no other ISP has. BSNL has customer base of more than 1. 7 million for Sancharnet service. BSNL also offer web hosting and co-location services at very cheap rates. ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network Service of BSNL utilizes a unique digital network providing high speed and high quality voice data and image transfer over the same line. It can also facilitate both desktop video and high video conferencing. Intelligent Network Intelligent Network Service offers value-added services, such as: Free Phone Services (FPS) India Telephone Card ( prepaid Card) Account Card calling (ACC) Leased Lines & Datacom BSNL provides leased lines for voice and data communication for various application on point to point base. medium and low speed leased data circuits as well as dial-up lines. Managed
  23. 23. Leased Line Network (MLLN) offers flexibility of providing circuits with speeds of 64 kbps up to 2 mbps. Wireless in Local Loop This is a communication system that connect customer to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using radio frequency signals as a substitude for conventional wires for all or part of the connection between the subscriber and the telephone exchange. Helping relieve congestion of connection in the normal cable/wire based network in areas. Connecting the remote and scattered rural areas. Limited mobility without any air-time charge. SERVICES OF BSNL WLL-offers you a host of value –added service:. Voice-mall service 24 hour personal call answering Call waiting allows you to put a current call on hold and make a second call. Call divert: allows you to divert call with in your SDCA Dynamic STD/ISD Locking Data/Fax transmission (up to 144. Kbps), Morning alarm/ Hotline The standard application form prescribed for new telephone connection can be obtained free of cost from any of the designated office of the BSNL or the customer Service Centre Located any where in the in country. A bona-fide verification for new connection is done by the department. Subscriber Exemption is security Deposit (ARD) for CISs. security deposite can be exempeted for bulk demand of 5 or more new connection by commercially important customer. In case there is a
  24. 24. default in payment is any a normal calling pattern is habitual delay in payment the requisite ARD can be levied. Shifting of telephones Shifts are of the following types: Within the same exchange area from one exchange area to another exchange area in Multi- exchange areas all India shift within same Telephone System at any time with in the same exchange area. . application for shift be made in prescribed from any type of transactions copy of registered deeds. SSI application for shift will not be enterained unless the SSI certificates contains the new factory/accessories in the new installation address. Shifting charges with effect from 24. 11. 2003 for local as well All India shifting of fixed Telephone (before) has been abolished. Voice Mail service Short Message Send (SMS) All India roaming Call Conferencing Call waiting and Call holding facility Unified Messaging Service Internet Faxes voice mail GENERAL PACKET RADIO SERVICES (GPRS)/WAP/MMS On Mobile
  25. 25. GPRS ( General Packet Radio Service) offer high speed data services in GSM network. It uses Packet Mode Technique to transfer data and provides connectivity internet. Users will be able to browse internet using handset supporting internet browsing. Using GPRS you can download in your mobile the following: Polyphonic ring tones,MP3 tones,Wallpapers,Video,Animations. CHAPTER 6 RESEARCH PROBLEME The project assigned to me was “customer satisfaction of BSNL in Bareilly. It was a very interesting project,which providers me the opportunity to developed my marketing skills I had to find out following: 1) What services, with what features today customers wants from its services providers, and also with what price tags. 2) What BSNL need to offer to its customer, so as to gain its share. 3) What feature in our value vouchers can provides BSNL an edge over its customer
  26. 26. CHAPTER 7 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY • Analysis of customer Prefence with respect to BSNL networks and BSNL. • To study of the age of the user with respect to BSNL networks. • To study bill adjustment of BSNL. • To study the satisfaction level of bill clarification in comparison of BSNL. • To study the attitude of customer care staff towards BSNL • To ascertain the customer preferences of land line and mobile Services. • To analyze the customer opinion and satisfaction with reference BSNL. • To suggest some guideline to BSNL in order to provide better services. • To determine the status of brand awareness and order to conclude about brand equity.
  27. 27. CHAPTER-8 SWOT Analysis Strength: • Huge basket of product rage which is suitable to all age and income groups • Large pool of technically skilled manpower with in depth knowledge and undertaking of market. • Well established training infrastructure & skilled faculties to take care of technical experience. • Strong and well spread network. Weakness: • Heavy management expenses and administrative cost. • All operating offices do not function as profit centre. • Poor retention percentage of tied up agents. • Vertical hierarchical reporting structure with many destinations and cadres leading to power. Opportunities: • Competition will devlop a better understanding of consumer requirement leading to more customized products apt for market place. • There will be only increase of efficiency and quality of service to sonsumer but also there will be a wider choice of prices and there will be increased productivity.
  28. 28. • The introduction of advance selling techniques with international flavor will direct the sector towards a high growth trajectory. Threats: • Liberalization in this sector will cause market disorder. • The company is facing some threats from the existing private player in the industry. CHAPTER-9 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Tools – Questionnaire method, personal interviews and observation were the three techniques made to collect data for this study. Area – Bareilly Region Sampling Method – convenience Sample Size –150 (equally divided in to Business men, servicemen & students. ) Primary data – it has been collected by applying any of the given research tool, which best suited that situation Secondary Data – it has been collected through various magazines,newspapers, websites as.
  29. 29. REFERENCES:- Drivers and inhibitors for mobile Growth in south asia, By K.V Seshasayee (Hinduja TMT), T V Ramachandran ( Director General COAI) 1) Press release by Clint Wheelock, Director of In-Stat/MDR. 2) The Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicators Jan-Mar 2008’, Telecom Regulartory Authority of India. 3) Study paper on Indicators for Telecome Growth’ 2005’, Telecom Regulatory Authority of india. 4) Regulation on quality of services of basic ans Cellular Mobile Telephone Service 2008, Telecome Regulatory Authority of India. 5) Study paper on Financial Analysis of Telecome Industry China and India. 6) Press release on growth of Telecom Market by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. 7) ‘Money-spinners All”, Business line, by Thomas K. Thomas. 8) Role of media vehicles, domain-b. com, Shubha Madhukar, 20 August 2005 9) Wooing Generation Next , rediff. com, Nandini Lakshman, June 12, 2005 10) Top advertisers hike ad spends in 2004,Business Line,Nithya Subramanian, Feb 8. 2005. 11) Financial Presentation H1 FY 2003-04, BSNL Industries Limited Oct 16,2003. 12) Ringing in the rupees, The alternative Assets Network, V. G. Kulkarni.
  30. 30. CHAPTER-10 DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS According to the survey done on 150 customer mobile users. It was found 57% of them were using BSNL connection and 43% of them using BSNL connection Users. After interacting with 150 million mobile user. It was found 57% customer are of BSNL service users. so this is a segment which provides vast opportunity for growth.
  31. 31. BSNL Network User 28 %b user use BSNL network Post paid 72% user use BSNL networks Pre Paid According to the survey done on 150 customer users. It was found that 65% of them were using prepaid services while only 35% of them using postpaid service. After the survey in BSNL done on 150 mobile users. It was found that 25% of the mobile for incoming call purpose. About 25 % of mobile users mobile mainly for outgoing at night increased price war has made mobile phone a luxuary gadget. Customer perception about mobile phones has shifted from an incoming device to an outgoing one.
  32. 32. CHAPTER-11 FINDINGS BSNL is the fastest growing private company in the telecom sector of the region & posing stiff competition to both the older players Cellone. Cellone (BSNL) Is government company but at the same time facing threats from the new & strong entrant. No drought Prepaid is the first choice of customers because still. Above 60% of the subscriber are using mobile as a secondary medium to communication but the fact on the other hand is true that Postpaid Connection are increasingly at a faster rate. This is because the most attractive Tariff Rates & Schemes. And BSNL is the leader in this section with lots & lots of schemes for each kind of user. BSNL enjoys a brand image (with over 4. 7 million subscriber), a good and strong customer care cell, and the most attractive Schemes (both in no. & weight- age).
  33. 33. CHAPTER-12 SUGGESTION Most of the people do not know that their BSNL bill could also be submitted on NET. So tehere should be specific, Information written on the bill reaching their home. Customer care service should be enhanced. The surroundings there should be quiet with no voices from the background its very difficult to talk & understand as tha palace seems to be a fish market`. And the executive should talk to the caller in the language he/she has reached I, e English or Hindi as told by the computer when the number is dialed. All the talks at customer care should be recorded and heard by company officials at the end of the day and corrections. Update information & instruction for improvement be given and recorded some where to know the efficiency of the person. Sim checking facility should be made available at each Franchisee. Detailed Bill should always be given free of cost to subscriber.
  34. 34. Bibliography Books Business today Magazines busisness outlook Magazines Economic Times Business Standard Times of India This information helped me in enhancing the affectivity of this presentation. There are several sources which provided me the valuable information about BSNL. WEBSITES:- www. airtelworld. com www. bsnl. in www. relianceworld. com www. answer. com /www. google. com www. quickmba. com
  35. 35. ANNEXURE OUESTIONNAIRE Q. 1 Which operator’s connection do you Use. ? 1) BSNL 2) RELIANCE 3) AIRTEL 4) OTHER Q. 2 From how much time you are using it. ? 1) Than 6 Month 2) Than 1 Year 3) Than 2 Year 4) Than 3 Year Q. 3 Which is the following service you are availing. ? 1) Postpaid 2) Prepaid Q. 4 What is the satisfaction level of customer care staff’s attitude. ? 1) Satisfied 2) Dissatisfied Q. 5 What is your basic requirement for mobile Phone. ? 1) Yes 2) No
  36. 36. Q. 6 What is your Basic requirement for mobile phone. ? 1) Only the incoming calls 2) Only for outgoing calls 3) For outgoing calls in night 4) More SMS Q. 7 Do you know about value Voucher. ? 1) Yes 2) No Q. 8 Do you know about VAS. ? 1) Yes 2) No Q. 9 Which of the following VAS. ? 1) Hello Tunes 2) Call Conference 3) Ring Tone 4) Missed Call Alert 5) GPRS Q. 10 Are you satisfied with BSNL and BSNL Services? 1) Yes 2) No