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Virtual keyboard ppt


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power point presentation

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Virtual keyboard ppt

  2. 2. A Virtual Keyboardis a projectionkeyboardthat is projectedand touched on anysurface
  3. 3. The ground breaking Virtual Keyboard,uses state of the art infrared & laser technology toprojecta full-size keyboard onto any flat surface.For the first time mobile device users can actuallytype normally on a virtual keyboard , enabling themto work quickly and effectively, taking the pain andfrustration out of existing minuscule keyboards andhandwriting recognition software.
  4. 4. Introduction:-• Key in device.• Roughly Size of a Fountain pen.• Uses Laser technology toproject keys.• Camera Tracks the fingermoments of the typist.
  5. 5. • User operates by typing on orwithin a wireless or optical-detectable surface or arearather than by depressingphysical keys.• Proved nightmare for users• Way to eliminate finger cramping
  6. 6. What Actually it is:-• Keyboard that a user operates bytyping (moving fingers) on or within awireless or optical-detectablesurface or area rather than bydepressing physical keys.
  7. 7. Technologies used:-• In one technology, the keyboard isprojected optically on a flat surfaceand, as the user touches the image ofa key, the optical device detects thestroke and sends it to the computer.• In another technology, the keyboard isprojected on an area and selectedkeys are transmitted as wirelesssignals using the short-rangeBluetooth technology.
  8. 8. With either approach, a virtualkeyboard makes it possible forthe user of a very small smartphone or a wearable computer tohave full keyboard capability.Theoretically, with eitherapproach, the keyboard can be inspace and the user can type bymoving fingers through the air!
  9. 9. Celluon BluetoothVirtual Keyboard
  10. 10. When connected to your handheldcomputer it is more convenient tocarry around than your laptop.It takes up less desk space than aconventional keyboard.You could use it with your desktop,laptop or handheld computer.
  11. 11. Advantages:-• Portability• Accuracy• Speed of text entry• Lack of need for flat or large typing surface• Ability to minimize the risk for repetitivestrain injuries• Flexibility• Keyboard layouts can be changed bysoftware allowing for foreign or Alternativekeyboard layouts.