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Launching Campaigns at various places and through various techniques

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  1. 1. Nimbooz Launch 2009 Piyush Bhadani 9953425497 [email_address]
  2. 2. Nimbooz by 7UP is an authentic drink that’s made with real lemon juice squeezed from the best of lemons. It has No Fizz & no added Artificial Flavours. It is tasty and 100% hygienic and is available in trendy and convenient packs, so that you can enjoy natural delicious, lemony refreshment anytime, anywhere Nimbooz by 7UP. Refreshing Nimbu pani with Real lemon Juice.
  3. 3. Insight   Our culture is rich and deep rooted. No matter how much we migrate to a modern lifestyle, it’s only when we enjoy truly familiar & authentic experiences (albeit in a contemporary way) that we can relish being our true selves.    Brand Idea   “ Enjoy Being My Asli Self” Brand Role The ASLI Indian Refresher
  4. 4. Nimbooz creative brief Get busy Indian men and women Who have adopted a modern lifestyle but still love their (Indian) tradition To try Nimbooz, the real nimbu paani with real lemon juice By telling them Nimbooz is the cool way to enjoy a traditional favourite
  5. 5. Nimbooz Launch Objective The objective of the film was to communicate the launch of the brand “ Nimbooz” with the proposition “Ekdum Asli Indian” (Absolutely Real Indian) . which is a refreshing Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) with Asli (Real) Lemon Juice
  6. 6. Launch Package Launched in Delhi, U.P., Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra and Gujrat on 18 th March 08. Launched in the above cities with TV, Radio, OOH, Press and BTL. Association with Kings XI Punjab cricket team.
  7. 7. Total Work Nimbooz Radio OOH Press ads T.V Billboards Bus Shelters Mobile Van Innovations Hindustan Times Hindi Hindustan Amar Ujala Punjab Kesari Dainik Bhaskar Big FM Radio Mirchi Red FM MyFM 15 different channel Including IPL (setmax)
  8. 8. Press Ads Teaser Launch
  9. 9. Invite and give away sent to the Opinion leader/Bottlers/Media on the occasion of the launch Invite and Give away
  11. 11. Retail Package POS was done to create impact across all the mediums and drive consumption
  12. 12. Poster Range look – To highlight all three packs Banner Gate Flange Streamer
  13. 13. The brand’s proposition of “Ekdum Asli Indian” (Absolutely Real Indian) was brought alive on outdoors in some very interesting ways. Here are some examples.
  14. 14. Jute Bag Installation Location: Mumbai
  15. 15. Day 3 3 days to go for the real thing Day 2 2 days to go for the real thing Day 1 1 day to go for the real thing Launch Day
  16. 16. Giant Squeezer Bottle Installation and Outdoor Mechanized Moving Squeezer Location: Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Jaipur
  17. 17. Teaser Reveal Outdoor – Mechanized Moving Squeezer
  18. 18. IPL – Indian Premier League Our association with Kings XI Punjab cricket team For 2009, Nimbooz was a part sponsor for Kings XI Punjab as Punjab is one of the key markets of Nimbooz .Therefore, the objective was to encourage general public into sampling the product and make this sponsorship regionally pertinent. This offered people from all over Punjab an opportunity to dance with the Kings XI Punjab in South Africa.
  19. 19. Outdoor Communication Translation – ‘Drink Nimbooz and dance with Kings XI Punjab in South Africa’
  20. 20. Kings XI Tableau Mechanics of the Promo: The Tableau was made to go around all the major cities in Punjab in the span of 7 days. The participants were expected to come and give dance auditions at the tableau, where winners were selected on the basis of their performance and were given an opportunity to dance with Kings XI Punjab team in South Africa.
  21. 21. Independence day Campaign Media: Radio and Outdoor
  22. 22. <ul><li>Nimbooz celebrated Independence Day in Asli Indian style using Kite as a device. On that day, 200,000 kites were distributed in Delhi and NCR </li></ul>
  23. 24. Thank You