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Introduction to kentico cms


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This presentation is about Kentico CMS, its features, advantages, disadvantages and its competition with other CMS in market - via iFour consultancy -

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Introduction to kentico cms

  1. 1. iFour ConsultancyIntroduction to Kentico CMS
  2. 2.  Kentico CMS is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems and Customer Experience Management Systems for developers to build web sites, on-line stores, intranets and Web 2.0 community sites. With over 16,000 active web sites in 90 countries. It is applicable for everything from simple web sites to complex applications.  Kentico CMS is easy to install, simple to manage and reliable  Available in six different languages like English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Slovak  Written in C# and uses ASP. Net as Platform Kentico CMS Overview Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
  3. 3. Why to Use Kentico CMS • An intuitive design that promotes productivity • Provide flexible design module • Highly configurable and Experience centric • Provide Extensibility • Feature set related to the client’s requirements • Ease and flexibility of programmatic customization • Ability to integrate third party and custom components • Ability to handle enterprise requirements related to collaborative access to large data sources • Social media integration capabilities • Reduces site maintenance cost Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
  4. 4. Complete Platform and Ecosystem On Premise In The Cloud Kentico Content Management System Company
  5. 5.  The Kentico Web Content Management Solution delivers every sophisticated feature you’ll ever likely need out of the box.  Everything success demands… in half the time  Right-first-time Technology : Delivers a brilliant and super-flexible customization model for developers  Ready In Half The Time  Consistent Brand Experience  Start Anywhere. Go Anywhere Web Content Management Source:  Plug-and-Play Success : We can show off what we’re really capable of Kentico Content Management System Company
  6. 6.  The Kentico E-commerce Solution makes the fully integrated e-commerce experience out-of-the-box efficient.  Amazon-style Smartness : Delivers up-to-the-minute digital marketing sophistication with automation, personalization, testing, analytics and recommendation tools  Focus On Sales, Not Technology  Make Every Project Pay  Sophisticated Marketing  Manageable Content  Your Checkout, Your Way : Enabling multiple payment options (PayPal, Authorize.NET, eWay, SecurePay, Sage Pay) in multiple currencies and also integrates perfectly with external systems like ERPs, CRMs, payment gateways and shipping providers. E-Commerce Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
  7. 7.  The Kentico Online Marketing Solution simplifies sophisticated digital marketing by giving you a cross-channel 360° view of your visitors all in one place.  Smart Marketing : Delivers a single view of all your website, email, mobile, and social media marketing activities  Content Personalization : Custom-made experience of your brand by responding in real time to individual visitors with personalized content  Social Media Integration  Powerfully Profitable  Fully Integrated  Analytics And Reports Online Marketing Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
  8. 8.  The Kentico Online Communities Solution is, quite simply, every sophisticated tool needed to build, manage and host online communities.  Online Communities made Kentico-simple.  Kentico Simplicity : Communities single-view simple with easy forums, blogs and groups for a deeply engaged community that cares about your brand.  The Living Brand : Adds a new dimension to customer through new gathered intelligence and actionable insights  The Healthy Brand : Get conversations happening and give customers the power to start discussions, create content, rate products and share knowledge  The Social Brand Online Communities Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
  9. 9.  The Kentico Intranet and Collaboration Solution makes empowering workgroups and project teams a hassle-free opportunity for everybody  Unconventionally affordable : Rejects typical pricing models and helps you to deliver brilliant intranets against the odds.  No more knowledge silos : Simplifies bringing the big brains and big ideas together  It’s in your hands : You will love the friendly UI and customizable dashboard that promotes efficient and intuitive working  Ready-to-go sophistication  Effortless Productivity Intranet and Collaborations Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
  10. 10. Benefits of using Kentico CMS  Easy-to-use editing interface in a browser  Full-featured content management system  A complete, all-in-one solution  Highly flexible and extensible  Rapid development and short time to web  All-in-one, full-featured content management solution  Obvious and friendly interface for non- technical users  Rapid development and short time to web Source:  Strength and flexibility of security and workflow configuration  Social media integration capabilities  Fully customizable  Ability to integrate third party and custom components  Highly extensible and scalable enterprise platform  Powerful data migration tools  Relative cost of license, upgrades and technical support Kentico Content Management System Company
  11. 11. Disadvantages of Kentico CMS  Resource Hungry : Servers they run on need to be maintained by technicians, and content management requires more memory, CPU power and software maintenance  Hosting Is Expensive  Need To Be Upgraded to Changes in Software  Sometimes Systems Do Not Index Properly On Search Engines  Buy or Rent Kentico CMS : Issue with renting an application, is that you are unable to customize the site and this negates the benefit of having a CMS that fits your needs Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
  12. 12. Major Clients (Includes 60 Fortune 500 Companies) Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
  13. 13. Technology Partners Source: Kentico Content Management System Company
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