Smart Beauty: Sustainable Marketing


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Smart Beauty: Sustainable Marketing

  1. 1. SMART Beauty By Maybelline GGU MKT 302 Professor Dr. Chet Chaffee Spring 2013 Piyanuch Kangwankijwanich (Tu) Wanich Hathagitjamroen (Hui) Kanokwan Watkum(Wan)
  2. 2. SMART Beauty AGENDA       Introduction SWOT Analysis Competitors Targeted Customers Business Objectives  Product Positioning  Product Life Cycle  Price  Distributions  Promotion and Communication  People References
  3. 3. SMART Beauty INTRODUCTION    Lipstick is a product that is used daily by women, and there are rumors about lead contamination. Maybelline lipstick color FF 205 or Pink Patel contained the highest lead. Benefits for Maybelline IF it launches green cosmetics    Lessen notorious reputation Create competitive advantage over competitors by improving the brand image Decrease production costs in a long-term
  4. 4. SMART Beauty LEAD IN LIPSTICK Posted by Dr. Claudia Pirisi, Oncologist. Dr. Elizabeth Ayoub, biomolecular and medical is issued an alert for lipsticks containing lead, which is a carcinogen. The brands that contain lead are: CLINIQUE, ESTÉE LAUDER, SHISEIDO, RED EARTH (Lip Gloss), CHANEL (Lip Conditioner), MARK AMERICA, MOTIVES LIPSTICK, AVON Take this test: 1. Put some lipstick on your hand 2. With a gold ring on this lipstick pass it 3. If the lipstick color changes to black, then you know that contains lead
  5. 5. SMART Beauty • • • • • Like-mind celebrity Intelligent & stylish image • International cosmetic brand • Alternative choice for green consumers Product testing on animals • Strong R&D teams Strong supply chain Low price positioning • • Intense competition High costs of advanced technological
  6. 6. SMART Beauty COMPETITORS  Direct Competitors:  Indirect Competitors
  7. 7. SMART Beauty TARGETED CUSTOMERS       Women aged 16-45 who always wear colored lipstick Moderate income and live in major states such as New York, California, Illinois, etc. Chic, modern, love fashion, health-conscious Price sensitivity Use public transportation, donate to non-profit organizations 3R: Reduce (electricity usage), Reuse (tote bag), Recycle (waste)
  8. 8. SMART Beauty BUSINESS OBJECTIVES LONG-TERM GOALS SHORT-TERM GOALS C2C LCA zero waste Reduce carbon footprint Energy effectiveness and efficient • Decrease production costs • Support local communities • Packaging scorecard • Waste/recycling audit • Sustainable plants and building • LEED Accreditation • Animal welfare policy • Cross-functional working groups • Training process • Increase sales 5% quarterly • 30% of the market share • 50% customers’ awareness • • • •
  9. 9. SMART Beauty POSITIONING Premium Organic Glam SKII Dior Origin Elizabeth Arden keilh Clinique Clarins 100% natural Smart Beauty 0%natural Body shop Maybelline Revlon Neutrogena Mass
  10. 10. SMART Beauty PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Raw material  100% natural ingredients  No harmful effects for humans  Botanical oil: moisture and smooth  Super plants: natural colors Packaging  Ingeo producer Nature Works  Biopolymer (from plants)  50% less GHG  30% less non-renewable energy (than PVC)
  11. 11. SMART Beauty PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Supplier  Well-managed organic farm  Require to comply with all laws  Fair trade USA  Educating farmer Transportation  UPS  Sustainable company  Reduces carbon footprint  Top score on the CDLI (99 out of 100)
  12. 12. SMART Beauty PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Manufacturing processes  Sustainability trainings for employees  Reuse,Recycle, and Reduce  No toxins and heavy metals  Wastewater treatement system  Solar cell system Retailer  Non-toxic cosmetic retailers  CVS, Walgreen, and Target  Screening out the chemical products  Communicate safety commitments
  13. 13. SMART Beauty PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE End-users and Disposal    Remain high performance Returning package policy  Discounts and gifts  Promote recycle Disposal processes  Eliminate wastes  Never leave toxins and chemicals
  14. 14. SMART Beauty PRICE   Customers are price sensitive Price and Quality based strategy  Slightly higher than market price  Product differentiation
  16. 16. SMART Beauty DISTRIBUTION  Directly to Customers    Through Retailers      Online shopping and the mobile application provide more detailed product descriptions Convenience stores and Drugstores e.g. Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, and drugstore Supermarkets e.g. WholeFood, Safeway University grocery stores Communicate the sustainable campaign quickly Through Wholesalers   Discount Stores: Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco Design the special sustainable packaging for large volume orders
  17. 17. SMART Beauty PROMOTION AND COMMUNICATION Sponsorship - PETA - GEF - PINK Sale promotion - Co-branding Make-up consultants - Educate biochemical in cosmetic Smart Beauty Internet - Social media - Blogger Public Relation (PR) Event Marketing
  18. 18. SMART Beauty PROMOTION AND COMMUNICATION  Sponsorship: donates funds to support three organizations     PR press    Animal Protection: The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Environmental Protection: The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Human Right: The Pink Fund Promote the company’s products and sustainable activities Persuade the media outlets such as blogs, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal Event marketing   Promote product launching by tradeshow or roadshow Display products in the universities and offices
  19. 19. SMART Beauty ANIMAL TESTING FOR COSMETIC PRODUCTS L'Oreal, Lancôme, MAC, Estée Lauder, Cover Girl, Revlon, Maybelline, Clinique, Olay, Neutrogena, etc. It's not just rabbits and mice, it's cats and dogs too.
  20. 20. SMART Beauty PROMOTION AND COMMUNICATION  Sale promotion     Make-up consultants:     offer special promotions created co-branding strategy: sustainable cosmetic bags Product redemption promotion: return getting a discount Teach make-up artists the right method Use natural products and ingredients Educate to evaluate materials and labels in cosmetic products Internet promotion   Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.  Provide product description details  Update new product launching  Promote PETA, GEF, and PINK information and activities updated Make relationships with bloggers: TreeHugger, Committee to Protect Journalists Blog, and Animal Rights blog
  21. 21. SMART Beauty PEOPLE   Rotates employees to join non-profit organizations and boost ethics Encourages employees to reduce environmental impact  Reduce CO2 emissions: reduce electricity, gas and diesel consumption.  Reduce waste: separating the type of waste and use recycled, reused, and repaired products and packages  Reduce domestic water consumption: minimize use through low-flush toilets, metering and other devices
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