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Interpersonal Communication Across the Globe


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Interpersonal Communication Across the Globe

  1. 1. What Does This Mean?!
  2. 2. What Does This Mean?! • Let me see! • Thinking • Considering
  3. 3. What Does This Mean?! • Can I help! • Trust me! • You’re in good hands! • Helping Hand
  4. 4. What Does This Mean?! • Now just stop that! • Get out of here! • Defensive
  5. 5. Did You Know ?!
  6. 6. Communication Impact 55% Non Verbal Cues
  7. 7. Communication Impact 7% Words
  8. 8. Communication Impact 38% Voice Quality
  9. 9. Did You Know .. ...Meanings of These Signs ?!
  10. 10. OK to a Westerner, MONEY to a Japanese, ZERO to French, And INSULTING to Turks and Brazilians.
  11. 11. Showing this American football gesture is jailable offence in Italy.
  12. 12. GOOD for Westerns, ONE to Italians, FIVE to Japanese, And UP YOURS to Greeks.
  13. 13. HSBC‘s Marketing Campaign -Cultural Differences-
  16. 16. Did You Know .. ...Lying Face?!
  17. 17. How to Tell if Someone is Lying?!
  18. 18. 1. The first sign is the eyes. When the brain is "creating a picture" the eyes instinctively move up and to their right (your left), signifying access to the right hemisphere (creation) and visual cortex (pictures). This usually means they are constructing a picture in their head. If someone is recalling a picture (remembering something that they actually saw) then they would look up and to their left (your right).
  19. 19. 2. The eyebrows rising towards the centre of the forehead (where the arrow lands in the picture) is a sign of fear. This sign can occur during or immediately after a lie, because they are scared that you will see through it.
  20. 20. 3. Another sign of fear is the sides of the lips turning down. The muscles that control this action are very specific and it is almost impossible to consciously activate them without activating any other lip-related muscles.
  21. 21. 4. When someone touches their nose or lips, covers their mouth or in some way touches their face during the telling of a lie. It is very common.
  22. 22. Bill Clinton answering question about Monica Lewinsky in front of the Grand Jury.
  23. 23. Did You Know .. ...Now You Know Everything.
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. THANK YOU!