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SEO Client Case Study


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Understanding what to do to increase SEO clients online reputation

Published in: Marketing
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SEO Client Case Study

  1. 1. Local Business Marketing We Change with the Digital Trends
  2. 2. The GreatEvent SEO Strategy Competitor’s Strength Competitor’s Activity – Last 30 Days
  3. 3. Keywords - Competitors Google’s Leader Board Keyword & Content Ideas
  4. 4. Strategy Seo Audit • should rank higher than it’s current 4th page ranking. • Activity is low compared to the competitors. 3/month • Keywords and Mentions should be refocused to stronger search terms. Web Audit • opportunity for page strength is lost, SEO web structure should be modified to incorporate all events hosted by • page titles/tags should be changed to optimize new refocused keywords • page content should be rewritten to include secondary keywords. Recommendations • Basic Slide Show Ends Here