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Joomla 3.0 UX JaB 2012


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Joomla 3.0 UX JaB 2012

  1. 1. Joomla 3.0 UXKyle LedbetterPrinciple Usability EngineereBay, Inc.
  2. 2. What’s UX?UX is like The Force“The force is an energy field createdby all living things, it surrounds us,it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy-Obi Wan Kenobi
  3. 3. Joomla User eXperience (JUX)The overall experience you takeaway from using Joomla, including:User Interface (your heads up display)Usability (your interactions with the UI)Information Architecture (structure &organization)Accessibility (equal availability)
  4. 4. Joomla User InterfaceLibrary (JUI)A library of standard UI elementsthat can (and should) be used in allcomponent views in Joomla 3.0Based on Bootstrap from Twitter
  5. 5. Why Bootstrap?It’s simply the best out thereperiod.We get so much for freeIt’s modern and minimalPractically every UI element is already thereIt’s continuously tested and improvedThe barrier for entry into Joomla is lowered
  6. 6. Used Everywhere.After all, that’s the definition of astandard, isn’t it?Joomla Installation ProcessJoomla Administrator InterfaceJoomla Admin Extension Views (Core &Community)Joomla Frontend Extension Views (Core &Community)
  7. 7. Installer
  8. 8. Admin Interface
  9. 9. Frontend Template
  10. 10. Won’t everything look the same?Yes, in a good way not a bad wayComponents will finally output standard andconsistent markup & stylesTemplates will handle all the theming, as theyshouldAll UI elements will be available everywhere,frontend and administrator.
  11. 11. Everyone Wins!Devs, Designers, UsersThere’s no catchPromise.
  12. 12. Component Dev BenefitsDevs don’t need a designer on the teamDevs can focus on code, not UI designCenter releases around featuresRapidly develop extensions since UIdesign is immensely loweredDevelop UX FLOWS, not UI
  13. 13. Template Designer BenefitsCSS just for theming, layout and UIis all handled by JUINo custom CSS needed for each andevery god-forsaken component!Style for JUI and all falls into place
  14. 14. End User BenefitsA modern, intuitive JoomlaexperienceLearn Joomla once, not on a per-component basisTraining material is more genericand applicable to all extensions
  15. 15. Responsive Web DesignResponsive Web Design(RWD) automaticallyresizes for deviceresolution.Bootstrap is has mobileoptimization out of thebox.Not possible from atemplate, standardresponsive markupeverywhere.
  16. 16. What if Joomla devs needmore than Bootstrap?We’ve got a plan for that. An everexpanding & improving JUIbootstrap-extended.css
  17. 17. bootstrap-extended.cssAdditional UI elements that Bootstrap lacksUpdated up request from Joomla devsAll benefit and keep up with the lateststandardsNo more “islands” created from lack ofcore UI optionsCore & Community, Sharing &Collaborating
  18. 18. JUX Will Pave The RoadFor Component DevsWe’ll provide examples of the manyUI variations possible with BootstrapThere will be a Developer set of sample data.
  19. 19. Adoption is Key(Bootstrap has already won)Community Developers must fullybuy-in to the standard solution forit to stay standard.Good news: It’s already happened.
  20. 20. It’s already happening
  21. 21. jQuery in Joomla 3.0Bootstrap is designed foritIt’s so widely adoptedPlug’n’play (just like compatible with:Joomla)Most load alreadyjQuery UI CompatibilityjQuery MobileCompatibilityLowers even more
  22. 22. But before we starthaving too much funWe need to get our plan together
  23. 23. JUX WishlistJHTML for Bootstrap MarkupJToolbar (Admin) UpgradesAdmin Menu ManagerStreamlined Install ProcessAdmin Activity StreamFrontend EditingMany, many more...
  24. 24. Give ‘er a gogit clone checkout templateInstall and have fun!@kyleledbetter