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Using Social Media Tools for Corporate Branding: A Case Study


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This presentation explains how to use social media tools - including blogs, Twitter and web communities - for corporate branding. The case study looks at RADVISION, a high tech B2B environment, and their success using the tools to broaden their web presence and drive traffic.

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Using Social Media Tools for Corporate Branding: A Case Study

  1. 1. Using Social Media Tools: A Case Study PR Newswire Seminar Kelli Brown | May 2009
  2. 2. About your presenter • Social media consultant and trainer • Expertise includes web design and development, SEO, social media marketing and strategy • Seven years in journalism • Created one of the first newspaper blogs • Created first Yahoo! newspaper widget • Captured target audience with Facebook, MySpace • Experienced technical communicator
  3. 3. Current state of SMM • Companies are increasing budgets for SMM • Expected to increase more in Q2 2009 • What is SMM? • Why invest in it? • Ideal tool for tight budgets during the recession
  4. 4. What is SMM? • Generating publicity through web-based tools • Common tools: • Corporate blogs • Social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter • Web Communities: Forums, knowledgebase, wiki • Rich media: Videos and webinars
  5. 5. Why invest in SMM? • Reputation monitoring • Convert negative commentary • Social public relations – spreads virally • Positive effect on SEO • Caters to a limited budget and resources • Can be built over time
  6. 6. Case study: RADVISION • Three corporate blogs • Three Twitter accounts • Developer Community • Forums • Documentation • Media center, free eBook, newsletter
  7. 7. Corporate blogs • Establish your company as an expert in the field • Foster relationship with customer base • Create an active relationship with media • Build internal collaboration among employees • Recruit potential customers, partners, employees • RSS allows users to subscribe, replaces newsletter • Boost your search engine rankings
  8. 8. Corporate blogs
  9. 9. Corporate blogs • Commit to posting regularly • Make at least a six-month commitment • Host the blog on main Web site - SEO • Write with a conversational tone • Link to other social media efforts • Address customer concerns on a regular basis
  10. 10. Twitter • Brand and industry monitoring • Real-time discussion with customers • Direct consume attention to “good” things • Break news without relying on the media • Augment customer service • Connect with potential partners, employees
  11. 11. Twitter
  12. 12. Twitter • Offer useful tips and content • Send relevant and useful links • Ask questions with posts, entice readers • Social media: Connect as a human being • Twitter search: Who’s talking about you? • Comment on others, retweet posts
  13. 13. Web communities • Forums, conditional knowledgebases, wikis • Searchable, keyword-heavy product details • Live Q&A with partners, clients, users • Documentation clients use • Elicits power users • Venue to present news, product releases
  14. 14. Web communities
  15. 15. Web communities
  16. 16. Web communities
  17. 17. Response: Blogs and Twitter • Blogs: Reaching potential clients • Demonstrating expertise • Sharing industry news • Direct link to media coverage • Twitter: Influencing industry leaders • Leaders use their leverage to promote RADVISION • Increased traffic and followers on the blogs
  18. 18. Response: Developer Community • Close relationship with customers • Communicate better • Customers supporting each other • Helping users with day-to-day jobs • “Hear them, understand them” • Show potential customers ongoing support
  19. 19. Tools you can use • Blog: Reach out to potential clients • Twitter: Leverage your industry position • Forums: Interact with current customers • Demonstrate your customer service • Listen to and learn from current users • Entice potential customers – ongoing testimonial