SphinnCon Israel 2011 - Facebook & SEO


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A presentation given at SphinnCon Israel 2011 - this is an introduction to optimizing your site for ranking in Facebook search - including open site graph protocol and ranking factors.

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SphinnCon Israel 2011 - Facebook & SEO

  1. 1. Facebook & SEOSphinnConIsrael 2011Kelli Brown | Pixel/Point Press
  2. 2. Facebook as a Search Engine Facebook is just under 3% of US search Search volume doubled between Jan-June 2010 Source: comScore U.S. Search Engine Expanded Rankings Home Work and University Locations
  3. 3. Facebook SEO – two types Facebook Page Actual Website
  4. 4. Why you rank there… “It is not the nominal number of fans on a page or in a group that makes your page rank. It is the social closeness of the page to the searcher that makes it rank. This means you shouldn’t spend all your money becoming number one. But you should spend your money on acquiring the right people to put you as number one, making you show up to all their friends of friends when they search on related topics to you.” - JesperAstrom
  5. 5. FB Page Optimization Basics Custom URL – pick wisely Employ key phrases – traditional keyword work About Box Info tab Ads File names Titles (discussions, questions, status updates) Notes Inbound links to the FB page FBML for custom content
  6. 6. Build up your fan base Target a wide range of demographics Identify and entice key influencers In short, know your market
  7. 7. Custom Tabs Landing tabs dramatically improve conversion rates Build links to static website pages
  8. 8. Ranking Factors - Personalization You Like It Your Friend Likes It You’re Invited To It You’ve Visited It Before You List It As An Interest Source: http://www.aimclearblog.com/2010/11/09/facebook-seo-ranking-factors-visibility-hacks/
  9. 9. Ranking Factors - AutoComplete You Events (even if no RSVP) Friend with keyword Friend of friend(s) Questions you’ve asked Apps you’ve used Groups you’re in Pages you like Pages related to interests Pages your friend(s) like
  10. 10. Site Optimization for FB Search Bing is the gatekeeper Open Graph Protocol Offers “types” similar to RDFa/Microformats The all-mighty Like button Caveat: In this case, the Likes we’re talking about are not Likes to the Facebook page, but Likes to the actual website.
  11. 11. Open Graph Protocol Provides framework for Facebook to better index the site Adds data to meta tags in site header Similarity to RDFa/microformats Won’t hurt normal site SEO, may help
  12. 12. Thanks and keep in touchPixel/Point PressSocial Media & SEOCustom Facebook Workkelli@pixelpointpress.com+972-54-225-7879Presentation available at slideshare.net/pixelpointpress