Bootstrapping Your Digital Marketing


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Building your digital marketing presence in seven steps while on a tight budget.

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Bootstrapping Your Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Bootstrapping Your Digital Marketing MATI Jerusalem Kelli Brown | Dec 2012
  2. 2. What we do:• Social Media• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• WordPress websites• Facebook Tabs, Apps and Pages• Consulting• Strategy• Implementation• Maintenance• AnalyticsFind us online
  3. 3. Conquer the Web in Seven Steps• Goals must drive actions• Find your market, pick your niche• Build your own home first• Content comes before distribution• Know when to spend• Pay for instruction• Expand your reach slowly
  4. 4. Where to begin?It all starts with asking some hard questions.
  5. 5. Goals Must Drive Actions• Don’t make assumptions• Trendy isn’t always better• What would success look like?• What is a “need” and what is a “want”?• Create a marketing calendar• Define quantifiable goals … ROI
  6. 6. Pick Your Niche Online• Remember the importance of search• Contrast web reality with real life• Targeted traffic converts better• You need to know your target market• What’s your USP* on the web? * unique selling proposition - any aspect of an object that differentiates it from similar objects .. What sets you apart
  7. 7. Build Your Home First• Start with branding: logo, tagline, etc.• Add a website on your own domain name • Use your own domain for email too• When in doubt, use WordPress• Find a solid premium theme• Use minimal customization to get things up and running
  8. 8. Your Web Marketing Funnel Awareness ConsiderationPotential Pitfall: ConversionWhat happens whensomeone enters thefunnel when we Loyaltyaren’t quite readyfor them… Advocacy
  9. 9. Content Before Broadcast• Marketing funnel is built on content• Refine your sales pitch before you jump in front of an audience• Create a calendar to keep your web content thriving• Work out any content kinks before broadcasting your message
  10. 10. Know When to Spend• Bootstrapping ≠ no budget• Your time has value – don’t waste it• Value shifts as your company grows• “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”• Spend 10 minutes to find a better way• When in doubt, send it out • Especially true for one-time projects
  11. 11. Buy Top Quality Lessons• For each new hurdle, decide: • Is this a recurring scenario? • How fast is the tech changing? • Do I have the time?• Pay for instruction, not maintenance• Aim for low recurring costs when you build Good examples: Website maintenance, basic SEO work, monthly newsletters, content aggregation, brand reputation awareness, social network management
  12. 12. Expand Your Reach Slowly• Build a marketing calendar• Benchmarks include expanding your reach • Website, blog, rich media, social networks… • Static → video/audio → live online → live events• Schedule time to evaluate efforts• Refine, repeat, reevaluate … and reduce
  13. 13. Questions? Contact us