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Media Asset Management


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Media Asset Management

  1. 1. Media Asset Management • Ramiro Gómez • Oliver Grimm • Software Developers at lieblinx GmbH in Berlin, Germany
  2. 2. What will be covered? • Media Upload • Media Integration • Media Storage • How to manage media (open discussion)
  3. 3. Drupal Core Media Features • Upload module for various file types as node attachments • Basic image processing toolkit for resizing, cropping, rotating and ? • How to integrate non textual media?
  4. 4. Contrib Media Modules • Asset Manager - The Solution to all your problems!? • Image • Video • OpenPackage Video • Imagefield, Imagecache,.... • FlashVideo, SWF Tools
  5. 5. Asset Manager • Today 11 am - the surprise • Asset Manger - a management solution that currently supports images • Upload and content integration • Other media like video, audio, etc. will supported in future versions
  6. 6. Image module • Images as nodes • Pros: taxonomy, commenting, etc. • Unless you are flickr you want to integrate images in your content
  7. 7. Video Module • Video upload, download, and display • pros and cons - see image module
  8. 8. More Media Modules • Too many to list them all • To name a few: imagefield and imagecache
  9. 9. The Problem • Which module to use?
  10. 10. The Answer • Asset Manager
  11. 11. Wait! • Current release of AM is a development snapshot • But it looks very good already
  12. 12. Media Integration • Some options: plain html, tinymce, fckeditor, content filters, CCK and theming
  13. 13. tinymce • pros: „usability“, extensible • cons: lots of JS, slow, complex
  14. 14. fckeditor • pros: „usability“, extensible, content templates, filemanager • cons: lots of JS, slow, complex, safari not supported
  15. 15. Media Storage • All one one server: bad performance with lots of media and traffic • : ssh, filestore, filemanager • Server mounted as Samba share • Media Mover module: Amazon S3, etc
  16. 16. Open discussion • How to manage media? • What are your approaches?
  17. 17. Thanks.