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PixTV 24: Online Video Mastery for Agencies and Marketing Firms - YouTube, Vimeo, and All Points Bet


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Video, video, video. It's now the #1 priority of brands both large and small. Many of these companies turn to agencies and marketing firms to help them deliver video. And that's the problem. The online video world is not the broadcast media world: the rules, the venues, and the outcomes are radically different. In today's business environment, there's just no room to make mistakes. The good part is that online video can produce results - dramatic results.

If you're blowing your clients' budgets on over-production and grey-hat media buys, stop now and learn how to do it the right way. We can show you how with our webinar, "Online Video Mastery for Agencies and Marketing Firms - YouTube, Vimeo, and All Points in Between."

In this webinar you will learn:
-How online video market dynamics differ from traditional media
-Which metrics matter and how they fit into an effective analytics strategy
-Best ways to avoid ineffective, costly, and questionable view-generation scams
-Why integration with PR can dramatically extend reach while amplifying frequency
-When media buys are most effective for both impact and economics.

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PixTV 24: Online Video Mastery for Agencies and Marketing Firms - YouTube, Vimeo, and All Points Bet

  1. 1. Pixability TV 24WebinarSeptember 19, 2012 Online Video Mastery for Agencies and Marketing Firms: YouTube, Vimeo, and All Points Between
  2. 2. Agenda Online Video Masteryfor Agencies and Marketing Firms The Agency Challenge Online Video Marketplace YouTube Nation Online Video vs. Traditional Media Media Buying Considerations Avoiding View-Generation Scams The Power of PR Integration Metrics and Analytics Questions
  3. 3. Questions? Twitter: @pixability #pixtv24
  4. 4. Pixability: About Us Conceived at MIT, based in Cambridge, MA Drives YouTube results for business  Marketing platform for brand content marketing  Big data keyword/audience analysis for ad buyers Extensive YouTube experience  9,000+ brand YouTube Channels analyzed  Authors of “Video Marketing for Dummies” Over 500 customers
  5. 5. PixabilityWe solve YouTube for marketers and agencies Advertising Content Marketing Solutions Solutions Drive targeted traffic quickly Build a long-term audience On
  6. 6. Video Marketing for Dummies: The Book  Available as paperback and ebook  408 pages, $16.32 paperback $14.00 Kindle
  7. 7. The Agency Challenge
  8. 8. Content marketing on the rise: Video is #1Most Preferred Contentby US Brand/Agency Marketers (Source: Outbrain, March 2012)87% Videos 67% Blog Posts 44% 44% Slideshows Articles 22% Other
  9. 9. Ask yourself…  Is a well-produced video still great if nobody watches it?  Is the video a one-off or part of client’s marketing and content ensemble?  Are you approaching the online-video world with a broadcast media mentality?  Are you doing your clients a disservice by not getting the video in front of the right audience?  If you are using online advertising, are you paying for the right views or just any views?
  10. 10. Doing it the Wrong WayBig brands like Liberty Mutual produce expensive videos no one watchesMost corporations (and agencies) struggle with the management of their YouTube channel
  11. 11. Online Video Marketplace
  12. 12. Online VideoMany Choices and Considerations  Audience size & demographics  Commercial intent & acceptable use  Search  Advertising  Metrics & analytics  Branding
  13. 13. YouTube is the dominant video platformDominating in monthly video views Attracting younger viewers than TV Yahoo Facebook 33% Vevo YouTube VS. Viacom 67% Microsoft AOL 154M U.S. Amazon VS. Ages 18-49 Ages 50+ viewers Turner 18.2B U.S. video views per month Vimeo Prime 24%  55% of the U.S. online video Time market by video views TV 76%
  14. 14. YouTube Nation
  15. 15. YouTube is a major marketing channelAudiences are shifting from TV to YouTube #2 search engine, #1 video platform Now serving 4 billion hours of video per month, up from 3B earlier this year (Wall Street Journal, 7/31/2012) Over half of senior executives say they watch work-related videos on YouTube at least weekly (Forbes Insights, 2010)Brands are following and being rewarded Content marketing is on the rise and video content marketing is the most preferred by marketers 99 of 100 top global brands and 36% of U.S. businesses over 100 employees already use YouTube for marketing (eMarketer, 8/2012) 4 in 10 shoppers visited a store online or in-person as a direct result of watching a video online (ReelSEO, 8/2012)
  16. 16. Business video on YouTube is skyrocketingThe biggest marketers in the world are already using YouTube toreach their customersMonthly videos published on YouTube by global Top 100 Brands (Source: Pixability Video Radar)
  17. 17. Study: Top 100 Global Brands on YouTube Apparel Automotive Diversified Financial Services Fast Moving Consumer Goods Food/Beverages Luxury Media Technology Other Bubble size: Number of YouTube Channels 1,000,000,000 Google Sony Disney Nike 100,000,000 VW Apple Samsung Cartier NokiaTotal Video Views 10,000,000 1,000,000 Cisco 100,000 Kleenex Axa 10,000 10 100 1,000 10,000 Total Videos
  18. 18. Top 100 Brands on YouTube: Main Industry Clusters Apparel Automotive Diversified Financial Services Fast Moving Consumer Goods Food/Beverages Luxury Media Technology Other 1,000,000,000 Bubble size: Number of YouTube Channels 100,000,000 Cars LuxuryTotal Video Views 10,000,000 FMCG Tech 1,000,000 Financial Services 100,000 10,000 10 100 1,000 10,000 Total Videos Based on 1,278 YouTube channels belonging to the top 100 global brands (according to Interbrand) analyzed using Pixability’s proprietary Video Radar software.
  19. 19. But most businesses fail to optimize videoViews per VideoGlobal Top 100 Brands on YouTube Less 1K to 10K to 100K to Over than 1K 10K 100K 1Million 1 Million 49.6% 30.4% 15.6% 3.9% 0.5%Almost 50% of videos published by the top 100 global brandsgot fewer than 1,000 views, meaning they failed to reachtheir audienceSource: Pixability Online Video Grader Sample of 150,000 business videos on 1270 YouTube channels belonging to Top 100 Global Brands
  20. 20. Online video vs. traditional media
  21. 21. The Traditional Ad Model• Show a lot of ads• Maximize Reach x Frequency• Customer buys (maybe)
  22. 22. Online Video:Paid, owned & earned media work together Promoted Video Ad YouTube Ads YouTube Channel Social Sharing Highly targeted, more A video channel Build a community cost effective than that you own and around your video traditional media control fully content Website Driving conversions through highly qualified website traffic
  23. 23. Your YouTube Brand Channel:Like Having Your Own Cable TV Station
  24. 24. Media buying considerations
  25. 25. Ad Strategy1. Good content + YouTube ad strategy = views and web traffic2. Effective advertising drives views and amplifies reach with the right audience3. Driving ad traffic to bad content = bad marketing4. Targeted landing pages are critical
  26. 26. How it works1. Select: 2. Place: 3. Call to Action:Choose one or Put ads where Users can immediatelyseveral of your YouTube your target audience watch your video andvideos as ads. already is. click through to your website for more • Geography information. • Demographics • Topics • Behavior • Specific search keywords
  27. 27. YouTube TrueView Ad Formats Skippable* Pre-Roll Keyword Search Display ads (in-stream) (in-search) (in-display)* Skippable after 5 seconds• Value for money: Charged per engaged video view, not per click or impression• Extremely flexible: Very different cost per view (CPV) ranges available depending on format and targeting• Affordable: Budgets starting at $30/day work
  28. 28. Ad Formats: Pre-Roll Companion Banner (permanently displayed) Pre-roll Video Ad
  29. 29. Ad Formats: Search Buy specific keywords that your customers are likely to search for. Ads appear on top of search results.
  30. 30. Good targeting boosts click-through ratesClick-Through Rates on Video Ads 0.7% Video Ad Networks 3.5% Video Portals + 10-30% Hyper Targeting Sources: AdWeek, Emarketer, Vindico, QuickPlay Media, Pixability Client Data
  31. 31. Avoiding view-generation scams
  32. 32. Viral SeedingWhat it is: Companies promising to make your videos “go viral”What they promise: We’ll get you in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers so that people will start sharing your video on social media.
  33. 33. How viral seeding really works  Seeding companies pay viewers to watch your videos on sites like so users can earn prizes.  They pay bloggers (and even some media outlets) to feature your video.  They buy cheap ad space on second-rate websites (even on pirated content), charging clients a very rich margin.
  34. 34. View Sellers What it is:  Companies on the Internet selling YouTube views at really cheap prices (<1 cent/view). What they promise:  Get huge numbers of YouTube views at prices well below any advertising campaign.  Plus, get comments and “Likes” on your videos.
  35. 35. How it works  View sellers pay users in foreign countries to watch your videos as often as possible (claims like “all views are from USA” are typically fake)  Some use automated programs that pretend to be real viewers (which violates YouTube’s terms of service).  Comments are created using fake or stolen YouTube accounts that often disappear shortly after the comment was written.  High risk of getting banned by YouTube.
  36. 36. The Power of PR integration
  37. 37. Online Video for Public Relations  Gets beyond the legacy print mindset  Allows a more engaged client experience  Transcends a press release with more detailed content  Extends communication by significantly extending audience reach  Amplifies the message with not just a video, but the increasingly more important video description
  38. 38. Metrics and analytics
  39. 39. What to Analyze? Raw numbers like views, users, demographics Traffic sources  Embed sites and links  Search keywords User engagement and sharing Click tracking Process: Establish a rhythm for analysis, e.g. monthly deep-dive with a quick weekly update
  40. 40. YouTube Analytics • Good starting point and free. • Optimized for content producers, not marketers. • Figuring out the most important facts for marketers is tough.
  41. 41. Advanced Analytics • For example in Pixability Caffeine • Easier and time-saving way to get to the right business facts. • Where did my traffic come from? • What do I need to focus on? • How do people react? • What are my competitors doing? • Automated email alerts.
  42. 42. Video Radar: Analyzing Viewer Feedback • Monitoring what people think is as important as watching pure view numbers. • Pandering to the audience with badly executed humor can go very wrong.
  43. 43. Now What? Making Analytics ActionableDon’t stop at analysis, but define clear actions Produce better / more / different content  Watch carefully what people like Invest in advertising and SEO Improve social media outreach Improve calls-to-action  Tell people what they should do next  Make it easy to contact you  Make sure you track all clicks, e.g. with
  44. 44. Questions?
  45. 45. 888-PIX-VIDEO - @agoeldi - @robciampa