PixTV 23: YouTube for Marketers. From Killer Content to Astonishing Adwords.


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YouTube has been around for years now, but many marketers skip it when developing their marketing strategy. That's too bad because YouTube can be a powerful tool for businesses to get seen. Theresa Moore and Rob Ciampa will be tackling the questions every YouTube marketer faces when developing a video strategy (hint: it's not all about production). From social marketing to AdWords, they will show you how to build a real audience and keep it.

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  • New titlePractices? tactics? Channels?
  • http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/data-points-video-ads-greatest-hits-139981 Particularly interesting: Videos on video portals (e.g. YouTube) see the highest average click-through rate with almost 3.5% (which is pretty spectacular compared to other forms of online ads). Ad networks on the other hand only get to 0.7%.   Pixability is seeing click-through rates anywhere between 9 and 22%+(!) on YT pre-roll ads for our clients. The most successful type are actually longer ads of 1 minute or more that are - surprise! - highly targeted.  
  • Does a much more complete job of explaining the platform. If you explain the platform properly, can’t cleanly segment by right content, right audience, right results.Where should ‘call to action management’ go in my version?
  • PixTV 23: YouTube for Marketers. From Killer Content to Astonishing Adwords.

    1. 1. Pixability TV 23 Webinar July 25, 2012YouTube for Marketers. From Killer Content to Astonishing AdWords
    2. 2. Questions? webinar@pixability.com Twitter: @pixability #pixtv23
    3. 3. Agenda YouTube for Marketers Social Media YouTube Ads Video SEO Outreach YouTube Channel Website Management Embedding Content Mix Analytics
    4. 4. Pixability providesAn all-in-one video marketingsolution that helps organizations… get the in front of the to trigger the Right Right Right VIDEO AUDIENCE ACTION
    5. 5. Video Marketing for Dummies: The Book  Available as paperback and ebook  408 pages, $16.32 paperback $14.00 Kindle
    6. 6. YouTube
    7. 7. Biz video on YouTube is skyrocketing Monthly Videos Published on YouTube by Global Top 100 Brands (Source: Pixability Video Radar) 8000 7000 6000Number of Videos 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 05 2006 06 2007 07 2008 08 2009 09 2010 10 2011 112012
    8. 8. Content marketing on the rise: Video is #1Most Preferred Contentby US Brand/Agency Marketers (Source: Outbrain, March 2012)87% Videos 67% Blog Posts 44% 44% Slideshows Articles 22% Other
    9. 9. Video delivers throughout marketing funnel Video Marketing Impacts Smoothly IntegratesEvery Stage of Marketing Funnel With Conversion Practices Display Ads AWARENESS Social Media CONSIDERATION Retargeting SEM / SEO TRANSACTION Landing Page Optimization SERVICE Customer Portal
    10. 10. Most businesses fail to optimize video Views per Video Top 100 Brands on YouTube Less 1,000 to 10K to 100K to Over than 1,000 10K 100K 1 Million 1 Million 49.6% 30.4% 15.6% 3.9% 0.5% Almost 50% of videos published by the top 100 global brands got fewer than 1,000 views, meaning they failed to reach their audience. Source: Pixability Online Video Grader Sample of 150,000 business videos on 1270 YouTube channels belonging to Top 100 Global Brands
    11. 11. Customer Problem: Ineffective Video MarketingBig brands like Liberty Mutual produce expensive videos no one watchesMost corporations (and agencies) struggle with the management of their YouTube channel
    12. 12. The Best YouTube Marketers Produce More Videos Average Number of YouTube Videos per Channel 200 181 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 29 20 0 Top Quartile Bottom QuartileSource: Pixability Online Video Grader
    13. 13. Content
    14. 14. You’re NOT making Avatar…
    15. 15. …but you need to tell a good story.
    16. 16. Find out what your target audience cares about“What is going on in my industry on YouTube?”  Pixability Video Radar: Analyzes videos and channels that deal with a particular topic  Metrics on • Audience size • Most popular content types and sub topics • Social media reactions • Viewer sentiment
    17. 17. Video Radar Example: Video Length • The old cliché that a YouTube video has to be short is simply not true. • Longer content attracts many viewers as well. Videos longer • People seek longer than 3 minutes content when they are getting serious about buying.
    18. 18. Channel Management
    19. 19. YouTube Channel Page“Avatar” andChannel Title Links Great to send people to your website or social media channelsFeatured VideoFirst thing thatmost visitors see Channel description and channel tags Important SEOFeatured influencePlaylistsHelpful guidancefor viewers
    20. 20. Customized PagesAvailable for YouTube partners and big advertisers
    21. 21. The Importance of Playlists  Helps viewers find related content  Positive for video SEO
    22. 22. Subscribers  Good way to engage loyal viewers.  Don’t overestimate traffic impact for marketing-oriented channels. Often less than 1%.
    23. 23. Video SEO
    24. 24. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine  Very strong in how-to content  YouTube SEO follows different rules than traditional SEO  Google prioritizes pages with YouTube videos highly in conventional search
    25. 25. Video SEO highly influential for Google SEO  Google seems to prioritize web pages Video that have videos.  Now automatically recognizes Video embedded YouTube videos on pages. Video Video Video
    26. 26. YouTube Metadata Title Make it crisp. First 5-6 words appear in search results Thumbnail Only 3 to choose from. Faces and clearly recognizable things work best. Description text Should be 100+ words and keyword-rich. Tags Essential for search and “related videos” traffic
    27. 27. Important Traffic Source:Related Videos Related Videos Related Videos Selected by YouTube’s algorithms Selected by YouTube’s algorithm based mainly on tags tags and based mainly on similar user behavior
    28. 28. Influence Factors on YouTube SEO Search ranking factors in order of importance: 1. Video title 2. Total number of views the video got 3. Recent number of views the video got 4. Video tags 5. Number of times the video has been embedded on other sites 6. Number of links from external sites to the video 7. Description text 8. Video age: Older is better, unless it’s a trending topic 9. Transcript texts 10. Number of total views of the video’s YouTube channelSource: Pixability statistical analysis of YouTube search results
    29. 29. Website Embedding
    30. 30. Should you use a YouTube player on your site? In a word, yes. Pro:  Free  Very broad device support  Very strong effect on video SEO Con:  Limited control  Somewhat limitedExample: nike.com analytics
    31. 31. Customized Embed CodesThe YouTube player is more flexible than you think.
    32. 32. Social Media Outreach
    33. 33. The Importance of Social Video Sharing Up to 50% of a YouTube video’s views (on average) are generated by external sites YouTube’s algorithms increasingly prioritize frequently shared videos  Better search rankings  Higher visibility in “Suggested Videos” Source: Pixability Caffeine Analytics
    34. 34. YouTube Videos in Facebook
    35. 35. YouTube Videos in Twitter 35
    36. 36. YouTube Videos in Pinterest
    37. 37. Social Media Tips1. Understand your audience  Use the right kind of content  Give people a reason to share your videos2. Pick your battles: Doing it right is more important than doing it all3. Use your YouTube videos on all your social channels  Attractive content for social marketing  Don’t upload videos to Facebook, but embed YouTube players4. Expect short attention spans. Don’t be afraid of repetition.
    38. 38. YouTube Ads
    39. 39. Ad Strategy1. Good content + YouTube strategy = views and web traffic2. Effective seeding drives views and amplifies reach3. Seeding bad content = bad marketing4. Targeted landing pages are critical
    40. 40. How it works1. Select: 2. Place: 3. Call to Action:Choose one or Put ads where Users can immediatelyseveral of your YouTube your target audience watch your video andvideos as ads. already is. click through to your website for more information.
    41. 41. Placement Examples: Search Buy specific keywords that your customers are likely to search for. Ads appear on top of search results.
    42. 42. Placement Examples: Videos/Channels Place ads right next to videos that your target audience may watch. Advantage: Viewers are already in the right mood.
    43. 43. Placement Examples: Pre-Roll Your video rolls right before a video that your audience might be interested in – like a TV commercial. Users can click right through to your website. You pay only per view, not by the length of the ad.
    44. 44. Good targeting boosts click-through ratesClick-Through Rates on Video Ads 0.7% Video Ad Networks 3.5% Video Portals + 34% Hyper Targeting Sources: AdWeek, Emarketer, Vindico, QuickPlay Media, Pixability Client Data
    45. 45. Analytics
    46. 46. What to Analyze? Raw numbers like views, users, demographics Traffic sources  Embed sites and links  Search keywords User engagement and sharing Click tracking Process: Establish a rhythm for analysis, e.g. monthly deep-dive with a quick weekly update
    47. 47. YouTube Analytics • Good starting point and free. • Optimized for content producers, not marketers. • Figuring out the most important facts for marketers is tough.
    48. 48. Advanced Analytics • For example in Pixability Caffeine • Easier and time-saving way to get to the right business facts. • Where did my traffic come from? • What do I need to focus on? • How do people react? • What are my competitors doing? • Automated email alerts.
    49. 49. Video Radar: Analyzing Viewer Feedback • Monitoring what people think is as important as watching pure view numbers. • Pandering to the audience with badly executed humor can go very wrong.
    50. 50. Now What? Making Analytics ActionableDon’t stop at analysis, but define clear actions Produce better / more / different content  Watch carefully what people like Invest in advertising and SEO Improve social media outreach Improve calls-to-action  Tell people what they should do next  Make it easy to contact you  Make sure you track all clicks, e.g. with bit.ly
    51. 51. Agenda YouTube for Marketers Social Media YouTube Ads Video SEO Outreach YouTube Channel Website Management Embedding Content Mix Analytics
    52. 52. Cloud-based software for marketers and agenciesAnalysis Online Video Grader Video Radar Measures individual channels Measures topics, competitors and sectors Video Marketing Platform Video Portfolio ManagementAction Call-to- Plan Create Publish Promote Ad Target Action Discover and Video Search Social media Hyper-ad Advanced Benchmark production Optimization Integration Targeting Analytics Keywords Outsourced Integrated web Competition management & Deep YouTube Audience branding Social sentiment Sentiment Recommendations Website
    53. 53. www.pixability.com 888-PIX-VIDEO 888-749-8433andreas@pixability.comtheresa@pixability.com