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Make Video Visible with Video SEO


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Make Video Visible with Video SEO

  1. 1. Make  Video  Visible   with  Video  SEO  
  2. 2. Why  Video  SEO?  1.  People  are  watching  more  and  more  videos   online.  2.  YouTube  is  now  the  second-­‐largest  search   engine  in  the  world.  3.  Video  is  not  overused  (yet)  from  an  SEO   perspecIve.  
  3. 3. What’s  Video  SEO?  Two  possible  definiIons:  1.  Using  video  to  increase  the  effecIveness  of   your  tradiIonal  SEO.  2.  Improving  the  view  numbers  on  your  video   markeIng  content,  e.g.  on  YouTube.  •  They  both  feed  into  each  other.  
  4. 4. Where  we  get  our  data:  Pixability  Video  Grader   Measures the effectiveness of video marketing: •  Use of video on company website •  SEO results •  Effectiveness of company YouTube channel •  Data from 3000+ marketing channels 8
  5. 5. What  to  expect:  Total  Views  Per  Video   Online Video 1.5%  0.2%   Grader Result <100   8.8%   between  100  and  1000   27.6%   between  1000  and  10000   24.1%   between  10000  and  100000   between  100,000  and   37.8%   1,000,000   >1000000  •  65%  of  YouTube  videos  get  fewer  than  1000  views  •  Only  1.7%  get  more  than  100,000  views     Sample  basis:  MarkeIng-­‐oriented  YouTube  channels  (not  private  users)  
  6. 6. The  four  steps  of  video  markeIng   1. Create 2. Publish 3. Promote 4. Track Repeat  
  7. 7. Create:  Producing  the  Right  Content  
  8. 8. The  Best  Video  Marketers    Produce  Many  Videos   Online Video Average  Number  of  YouTube  Videos  per  Channel   Grader Result200   181  180  160  140  120  100   80   60   40   29   20   0   Top  QuarIle   Boaom  QuarIle  Source:  Pixability  Online  Video  Grader  
  9. 9. The  Best  Video  Marketers     Produce  More  Different  Video  Types   Online Video Grader Result Average  shortest  video   Average  longest  video   29s   Best  Channels     1190s   (Top  QuarIle)   81s   Worst  Channels   364s   (Boaom  QuarIle)   Length  (seconds)   •  The  most  successful  YouTube  channels  use  a  broader  range  of   video  lengths.     •  This  corresponds  to  a  broader  range  of  different  video  types  –   anything  from  quick  promoIons  to  long-­‐form  educaIonal  videos.  Source:  Pixability  Online  Video  Grader  
  10. 10. Publish:  Making  Your  Video   Available  
  11. 11. Publish:  Where  To  Put  Your  Video   Your  Video   “Posting” “Hosting” Public video sharing Dedicated player on your platforms website
  12. 12. PosIng:  Plagorm  Market  Share   •  YouTube  is  by  far  the  dominant  plagorm   •  Special  case:  Facebook   Source:  
  13. 13. HosIng  Video  on  Your  Website:  Professional  HosIng  Service  or  YouTube  Player?   HosGng  Service     YouTube  Player   (Brightcove,  WisGa,  etc.)   •  Free   •  More  control  over  player   •  Views  count  for  YouTube   •  Beaer  analyIcs   SEO   •  Higher  video  quality   •  Google  video  SEO  through   video  sitemaps   For best SEO results use both.
  14. 14. Promote:  Gejng  the  Word  Out  
  15. 15. Public  Plagorms:  What  Can  You  Influence?   “Posted” Videos “Hosted” Videos Public video sharing Dedicated player on your site platforms1.  Metadata: Titles, description texts, tags2.  Playlists3.  Participate in the community4.  Paid ads Search Engine5.  Conversion elements
  16. 16. Traffic  Sources  for  YouTube  Videos   Online Video Traffic  source   Grader Result 40%   34%   35%   30%   25%   21%   20%   15%   13%   13%   12%   10%   7%   5%   0%   Other   Embedded   External  links   Search   Paid   Mobile   YouTube   player  on   (incl.  social   adverIsing   pages   external  site   media)  Source:  Sample  of  Pixability  clients  
  17. 17. YouTube  Metadata   Title Make it crisp. First 5-6 words appear in search results Thumbnail Only 3 to choose from. Faces and clearly recognizable things work best. Description text Should be 100+ words and keyword-rich. Tags Essential for search and “related videos” traffic
  18. 18. The  Best  YouTube  Marketers     Do  Their  SEO  Homework   Average  Tags  per  Video   16   15   14.76   14   13.3   13   12.3   12   11.5   11   10.7   Tags   10   9.2   9   8   <100   between  100   between  1000   between   between   >1000000   and  1000   and  10000   10000  and   100,000  and   100000   1,000,000   •  The  more  successful  videos  consistently  use  more   tags  and  more  targeted  Itles  and  descripIon  texts.  Source:  Pixability  Online  Video  Grader  
  19. 19. YouTube  Playlists   •  Help  your  viewers   find  related  videos.   •  Show  up  prominently   in  search  results.   Easier  to  get  found   than  with  individual   videos.   •  Can  combine  your   own  and  other   people’s  videos.  
  20. 20. Important  Traffic  Source:    Related  Videos   Related Videos Selected by YouTube’s algorithm algorithms Paid Ad based mainly on tags tags similar Selected by matching tags
  21. 21. The  Best  YouTube  Marketers    Use  Social  Media  to  Get  Traffic      7,000     Online Video Grader Result  6,175      6,000      5,000      4,000     Top  QuarIle    3,000     Boaom  QuarIle    2,000      1,295      1,000      24      13      -­‐         Facebook  Shares   Tweets  Source:  Pixability  Online  Video  Grader  
  22. 22. Social  Media  Video  Tips  •  YouTube:  Engage  in  the  community   –  Subscribe  to  other  people’s  channels.  You  will  appear  on   their  channel  page.   –  Accept  (most)  friend  invites.   –  Be  generous  with  “liking,”  “favoriIng,”  and  adding  other   people’s  videos  to  your  playlists.  •  Facebook:  Use  video  on  your  pages  and  wall  streams   –  Use  a  Welcome  tab  with  a  video  message.   –  Embed  YouTube  videos;  don’t  upload  directly  to  Facebook.  •  TwiTer:  Announce  every  new  video  with  a  “[VIDEO]”   tag  •  LinkedIn:  Use  updates  with  video  (add  YouTube  videos   as  aaachments.)  
  23. 23. Paid  YouTube  Campaigns  (“Promoted  Videos”)   •  Managed much like AdWords. •  Fairly attractive keyword pricing (often 1/10 of comparable AdWords keyword) •  Can be used for both search and display ads (“related videos”) •  YouTube likes popular videos -- more paid views might help SEO.
  24. 24. Increasing  Conversion  Rates   Pop-up (available for paid YouTube campaigns) Link as first element of description text Plus:     Clear  call-­‐to-­‐acGon   in  the  video  itself  
  25. 25. Video  SEO  on  Your  Website:    What  Can  You  Influence?   “Posted” Videos “Hosted” Videos Public video sharing Dedicated player on your site platforms 1.  Metadata: plenty of text around videos 2.  Video sitemaps 3.  Traditional SEO Search Engine
  26. 26. Gejng  your  hosted  videos  on  Google:   Video  Sitemaps  <?xml  version="1.0"  encoding="UTF-­‐8"?>  <urlset  xmlns="hap://"  xmlns:video="hap:// format •  XML-based file schemas/sitemap-­‐video/1.1">  <url>   that tells Google    <loc>hap://</loc>   where your videos    <video:video>          <video:content_loc>hap:// live and what they are file.mp4</video:content_loc>          <video:thumbnail_loc>hap:// about. 2dc014807ea405cd774ad18046e111211542861e/file.jpg</video:thumbnail_loc>          <video:Itle>Video  helps  you  sell  more  -­‐-­‐  Video  ediIng  and  markeIng  service</video:Itle>   the file •  Create        <video:descripIon>Producing  high-­‐quality  online  video  to  enhance  sales  and  mmanually aorasy  as   arkeIng  is  now   s  e 1,  2,  3.    Video  is  one  of  the  most  effecIve  ways  to  market  your  company.  It  will  increase  traffic  to  ythrough our   site,  improve  conversion  rates  and  will  get  you  more  sales.  Professional  video  used  to  video hosting yourffordable  to   be  expensive,   Ime-­‐consuming  and  difficult  to  create.  Not  any  longer.  Pixability  makes  it  easy  and  a produce  videos  that  you  can  use  on  your  website,  on  Youtube  or  on  social  media  sites  like  FRegister on service. acebook.  We   will  send  you  an  easy-­‐to-­‐use  Flip  cam,  you  shoot  whatever  footage  you  want,  send  the  cam  back  in  the   Google Webmaster pre-­‐addressed  envelope  that  we  provide  and  we  will  give  you  back  professionally  done  video,  with   music,  transiIons,  Itles  and  your  logo.  We  will  also  help  you  publish  your  video  on  plagorms  like   Youtube  in  the  most  effecIve  way.</video:descripIon>   Tools.        <video:publicaIon_date>2010-­‐10-­‐26T21:55:10+00:00</video:publicaIon_date>          <video:family_friendly>yes</video:family_friendly>   •  Bing uses mRSS.        <video:duraIon>46</video:duraIon>          <video:tag>pixability</video:tag>          <video:tag>video  markeIng</video:tag>          <video:tag>video  ediIng</video:tag>          <video:tag>youtube  markeIng</video:tag>      </video:video>  </url>  
  27. 27. One  Video  Per  Page  (says  Google)  
  28. 28. Summary:    The  Most  Important  Tips  1.  Produce  a  lot  of  videos  with  different  topics,   different  lengths,  and  different  styles.  2.  Put  them  on  YouTube  and  your  website.  Other   plagorms  are  secondary.  3.  Use  social  media  and  the  YouTube  community  to   promote  them.  4.  Do  your  SEO  homework  with  tags,  descripIon   texts,  and  strong  Itles.  5.  Consider  paid  YouTube  campaigns.  6.  Use  video  sitemaps  for  videos  on  your  website.  7.  Rinse  and  repeat…  
  29. 29. Some  Resources  •  Pixability’s  video  SEO  primer:  •  ReelSEO:  •  YouTube  Playbook: hap://  
  30. 30. Thank  You!