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Park Solution Pp


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Park Solution Pp

  1. 1. Bledsoe Creek State
  2. 2. Thursday & Friday • 8:30- Students need to be at school. • 9:30- We will be arriving at the park and taking a quick bathroom break. • We will meet Mr. Wheeler & Ranger Lance. • 12:30- Lunch time! • 1:30 or 2:00- We will be back at
  3. 3. Park Rules • No roller-blading, skateboarding, or roller-skating allowed in the park. • No bicycles allowed on the trails. • No bicycle riding after dark. • Vehicles allowed only on paved campsite drive or in overflow parking areas. Do not park on grass or road. • We do enforce park speed limits. (15mph) • No dumping of gray water. • Do not leave fires unattended. • Do not burn cans, plastic bottles or Styrofoam in fire pits or grills — Think Environmentally! • Do not leave any trash and if you see any please pick it up
  4. 4. Park Rules Cont. The main gate is closed at sunset— • close gate behind you when entering or leaving the park after this time. • Checkout time is 3 pm. • Cutting of park trees is strictly prohibited. • No swimming from state park property. • In an emergency—call 911 or other
  5. 5. School Rules • Zero tolerance for rough housing • Students have to stay with their group, no wondering off • No questionable touching for boys or girls • No inappropriate clothes • Zero tolerance for bad language • No drugs • No weapons, including knives • Must use tools correctly • No starting fires • Represent our school well in everyway
  6. 6. What to Wear and Bring • Long shorts or pants • T shirts • Sweatshirts • Extra Clothes • Shoes not sandals • Gloves • Wear stuff you do not mind getting dirty • Bug spray if you want it. • Cell phones will not work in the park except Verizon.
  7. 7. Food/Drinks • Bring two water bottles on both days – It will be hot • On Thursday you need to bring a sack lunch – Can include sandwiches, chips, etc. • On Friday we will be eating out – Bring money (fast food) • Trash MUST be thrown away – Trash Bags will be available at our location