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Fwdder : share your forward mails


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My presentation about for Thailand Next Web Apps 2008

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Fwdder : share your forward mails

  1. : Share your forward mail TNWA 2008 Pittaya
  2. What is fwdder? Email sharing website Support image, video, audio, html mails
  3. Appearance
  4. Member area
  5. Profile
  6. Users ~12.5k registered member 10k+ UIP/day 100k+ PV/day
  7. Trend
  8. Technologies Apache Squid PHP5 MySQL Solr
  9. Servers 2 Gentoo boxes One for Apache + Squid + Solr Another one for MySQL
  10. Technical problems Hotmail Spam Parsing HTML mail Relate stories
  11. Other problems Educating user Duplicate mails Blood/gore content