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Push to talk can be used to compliment training and comply with legislation to protect lone workers and better manage workforces deployed across wide geographical areas.

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Cellutions ptt lone worker protection

  1. 1. Instant Communications Solutions Instant Communications Lone Worker Solution from inTechnology Instant Instant Instant Talk Alert Locate Lone Worker Solution Taxi Solution Short Term Hire Solution Signature Device Solution Education Solution Wide Area Solution Traffic Warden Solution Hotel Solution Healthcare Solution Blue Light Solution
  2. 2. Instant Communications Solutions The Additional and Compelling Case for Lone Worker Protection On 6th April 2008, The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Regulations 1999, present organisations with a compelling case Homicide Act 2007 became law. This landmark law, for the first to comply with their ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities towards the time enables companies and organisations to be prosecuted protection of Lone Workers. for corporate manslaughter or homicide as a result of serious Taxi drivers are one of the categories that are recognised as management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty Lone Workers and are one of the groups most often robbed of care. and attacked. The court is generally empowered to impose unlimited fines; a Publicity Order compelling the offender to publicise the offence and up to two years imprisonment for those ‘controlling minds’ Directors Now Risk whose inaction, negligence or oversight has contributed towards a fatal injury related to health and safety at work. GO TO In the event of a guilty verdict, current Law Lords guidance is that courts should consider imposing fines of up to 10% of an organisation’s annual turnover for up to five years. Jail This new law, combined with existing legislation such as Up to two years Fines of up to 10% of Compulsory the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSW) and the imprisonment five years turnover Publicity Order Management of Health and Safety at Work (MHSW) Headline News... New Legislation... Page 2
  3. 3. Lone Worker Definition & Example Groups The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) define Lone Workers as ‘those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. The NHS Security Management Service (NHS SMS) define lone working as ‘any situation or location in which someone works without a colleague nearby, or when someone is working out of sight or earshot of another colleague’. Lone Workers may be in fixed environments, mobile only occasionally or even home-based. Example Lone Workers groups include those that: Fixed Site Workers Work by themselves Small workshops Petrol stations Kiosks Shops Home workers Work separated from others Factory workers Warehouse operatives Leisure centre staff Research staff Work outside normal hours Cleaners Security staff Engineers Production staff Mobile Workers Work in remote areas Construction site staff Maintenance staff Electricians Lift repairers Painters & decorators Vehicle recovery staff Work in agriculture & forestry Farm workers Forestry workers Landscaping staff Horticultural workers Work in the service sector Social workers Home helps District nurses Estate agents Sales reps Teachers Page 3
  4. 4. Instant Communications Solutions It is the employers’ duty to • Maintain safe working arrangements under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSW) • Assess the risk faced by Lone Workers within their organisation • Take steps to avoid or control risk where necessary • Take steps to avoid or control risk where necessary The legislative compliance drivers are • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 • The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 • Safety Representatives & Safety Committee’s Regulations 1977 • The Health & Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 • The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) • The Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide Act 2007 Lone Worker Statistics 1.3m workers attacked 55,993 assaults 2.3m Lone every year on NHS staff Workers in UK 81% of Lone Workers £1 billion lost 56% of those in the concerned about to stress or NHS, Local Government violence depression or Housing Associations have experienced aggression One of the requirements specified by the HSE for effective Lone Worker protection is the provision of ‘devices designed to raise the alarm and assist resolution in the event of an emergency’. This booklet outlines inTechnology’s solution for Lone Workers. Page 4
  5. 5. Lone Worker Solution 1 2 3 Lone Worker Device PC Client APPs (issue to staff) (in central office or ARC*) (embedded in BB3G) Instant Talk OK Instant Locate Full Set-up Instant BB3G Service *Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) Alert Available BB3G Handset BS8484:2009 To deliver the requirements for the Lone Worker sector LONE WORKER DEVICE (and other sectors) inTechnology has developed the COMPLIANT BB3G handset. In simple terms it’s a blend of a mobile phone and a 2-way radio designed into a small ruggedised unit through which all 3 applications can be used – Instant Talk, Instant Alert and Instant Locate. The device exceeds the recently published standard for Lone Worker protection (BS8484:2009) published in Sept 2009 and was a finalist at the prestigious 2009 British Computing Awards. BB3G Product Detail The BB3G communicates with the Charger USB Port Camera central office (or Alarm Receiving & Headset Jack Centre – ARC) via a PC Client DEDICATED PTT BUTTON DEDICATED ALARM BUTTON which can be installed by your Vol reseller supported by inTechnology. Up / Down PTT The device is designed to be Button RUGGEDISED LONG simple to use and robust. It has a BATTERY LIFE dedicated alarm button, a dedicated push to talk button (just like a walkie talkie) excellent battery life and the additional advantage PRESENCE DIGITAL INFORMATION of presence information allowing Alarm you to see at a glance who is available to speak to in a user group and who is not. ACCESSORY SIMPLE PACKS TO USE Page 5
  6. 6. Instant Communications Solutions Example Deployment - Estate Agents The disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh more than 22 years ago instantly alert to, a centralised control point – either the main was front page news. In this deployment the agency staff agency office or an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). are issued BB3G handsets and can instantly talk to, or Instant Talk Instant Alert OK OK OK Management Agent 1 Agent 3 OK OK Estate Agency Office Agent 2 Agent 4 (or ARC*) Emergency Services * Alarm Receiving Centre Example Deployment - Bus Staff In this deployment the drivers and conductors are issued a centralised control point – either the district office or an BB3G handsets and can instantly talk to, or instantly alert to, Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Instant Talk OK Instant Alert OK Emergency Services OK OK District Transport Office (or ARC) Management Group * Alarm Receiving Centre Page 6
  7. 7. Example Deployment - Train Staff In this scenario the train staff are effectively Lone Workers train staff are all issued BB3G handsets and can communicate as they are dispersed over the full length of the train and with each other and a centralised control point (both on and frequently out-of-sight from each other. In this example the off the train). OK Trolley Service OK OK OK OK Chef Train Guard Driver Ticket Collector On Train Control Regional Office Example Deployment - Housing Association Staff The UK’s 10,000 front-line Housing Association staff can all ther the district Housing Association office or an be considered Lone Workers. In this deployment housing Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). They can also use the agency staff are issued with BB3G handsets and can instantly handsets to co-ordinate activity between themselves. talk to, or instantly alert to, a centralised control point – ei- Instant Talk OK Instant Alert OK Housing Officer 1 Emergency Services Housing Officer 2 OK OK Housing Agency Office (or ARC*) Management Group Housing Officer 3 * Alarm Receiving Centre Page 7
  8. 8. Instant Communications Solutions Instant Communications Step-by-Step The following sequence works through the three core guard ‘Albert’ (one of a group of 4 security guards) initiates applications - Instant Alert, Instant Locate and Instant Talk. an alert to control using his BB3G handset. It is based on the scenario shown below in which a security Hotel Lone Worker Scenario Instant Talk Instant Alert OK OK OK OK Security 1 Security 2 Cleaning 1 Cleaning 2 SECU RITY OK OK OK OK Security 3 Security 4 Group 1 Security Group 3 Cleaning Cleaning 3 Cleaning 4 OK OK OK OK Leisure 1 Leisure 2 Control Maint 1 Maint 2 OK OK Hotel Main Office OK OK Group 2 Leisure Leisure 3 Leisure 4 Group 4 Maintenance Maint 3 Maint 4 Centre Staff Pre-Alert Stage At this stage the laptop control screen is blank and the icon on the BB3G handset is green / yellow indicating ‘active’ wording is WHITE (indicating no-alert). The presence ‘Albert’ is available to talk to and is ‘OK’. Presence Status Available and ‘OK’ Screen Blank Security 1 (Albert) Control Page 8
  9. 9. Alert Activated Our security guard ‘Albert’ finds himself in a threatening might escalate the tension. Instead a discreet RED FLAG position and presses the alert button on his BB3G. By design appears across Albert’s presence icon which is his there is no audible alert emitted from the handset since this confirmation that his alert has been transmitted. Instant This is getting Presence Icon Alert changes to Alert status scary...need to press the Instant Alert button Discreet Alert Transmission Alert Button Security 1 Alert Received The alert triggers a siren in the control room (or Alarm is automatically and instantly logged with a unique Response Centre – ARC) and the word ‘alert’ changes from ID reference alongside the date and time. WHITE to RED. The subscriber’s alert (‘Albert’ – BB3G Orange) Instant Alert Crikey... Albert BB3G Orange needs help! Subscriber BB3G Orange Active Status Active BB3G Orange ! Owner Time of Alert 25/09/2009 09:24:25 Alert ID 813392-2009092533865 Control Page 9
  10. 10. Instant Communications Solutions Alert Ownership The controller then takes control of the alert by clicking the with his electronic tag. At the same time a discreet alert icon circled. The moment he does this the system automatically acknowledgement is transmitted to the BB3G handset and logs him as the owner of that alert and populates the screen the flag changes from RED to YELLOW. Instant Unique alert Alert ID and full audit trail bscriber BB3G Orange ctive Status Active wner alertcontrol@pt I have control me of Alert 25/09/2009 09: ert ID 813392-200909 ...Got a yellow flag...good, help is coming Subscriber BB3G Orange Active Status Active BB3G Orange ! Owner alertcontrol@ptx.com Time of Alert 25/09/2009 09:24:25 Alert ID 813392-2009092533865 ‘Click’ Alert Located The control room (or ARC) then clicks the ‘Instant Locate’ icon on the dashboard and using Google Maps ‘Albert’s position is triangulated using GPS. Instant Locate A56 ...I press Instant Locate here...and... BB3G Orange ! A651 ...I have you! A650 ‘Click’ Page 10
  11. 11. Location ‘Zoomed’ Using the zoom capability embedded in Google Maps, – in this example the junction between Otley Road Albert’s location is pinpointed to the junction of two roads and Beckwith Road. Instant Locate ad y Ro Otle BB3G Orange ! ...Zoom Beckwith Road Response Decision Having located Albert, the control room then decides on a the controller decides to speak to the other three members response. In this example the controller decides not to speak of the Security Group – Security 2, 3 and 4. The controller to Albert directly in case his position is compromised. Instead selects them on his screen. Instant Talk Options Instant Talk PC Client Control OK...decision... BB3G Orange ! Control ...I’m going to call in Security 1 (Albert) ONE TO ONE Security 2 help from the 3 other Security 3 security guards Security 4 WIDE ONE TO AREA PRIVATE GROUP ONE TO ALL Page 11
  12. 12. Instant Communications Solutions Security 2, 3 and 4 Selected The controller (or ARC) makes his selection ‘active’ by The controller is reassured that the selection is active highlighting Security 2, 3 and 4 and clicking ‘enter’. because the lettering turns RED. Presence Icons I know Security 2,3 & 4 are available from Control Management their ‘presence’ icons BB3G Orange ! Security Security 1 (Albert) Security 2 When I select them Security 3 the lettering turns RED Security 4 Alert Icon ‘Click’ (Security 1 - Albert) Available Icon (Security 2,3 & 4) Message Broadcast The controller now simply holds down the GREEN phone icon Security 2, 3 and 4. The message is deliberately not and sends a broadcast message to Albert’s colleagues – transmitted to Albert’s handset. Instant Talk Control Management Security 2,3 & 4... BB3G Orange ! Security Security 1 (Albert) ...Code RED on Security 1... Security 2 ...location is Junction of... ! Security 3 Security 4 You are talking Confirmation of transmission ‘Click & hold’ Page 12
  13. 13. Accessory Kit 1 Supplied with the BB3G handset This basic headset comes in the box with the BB3G. It plugs directly into the BB3G and I receive calls via the earphones and transmit by pressing the PTT button on the BB3G OK Accessory Kit 2 Average noise environments I receive calls by the earpiece...and transmit via the ruggedised Vigilite The Vigilite connects to the BB3G via Bluetooth Bluetooth Vigilite BB3G OK Further accessory details on our website: www.instant-communications.co.uk Page 13
  14. 14. Instant Communications Solutions Accessory Kit 3 Average noise environments I receive calls via the headset... ...and transmit into the headset microphone by pressing the PTT button on the remote control. Bluetooth Bluetooth Necklace OK LED Indicator PTT Button Reset Button Charging Inlet Multi Button Accessory Kit 4 High noise environments I receive calls through the earphones... ...and transmit into the headset microphone by pressing the button on the Vigilite (or BB3G) Bluetooth Vigilite BB3G OK Further accessory details on our website: www.instant-communications.co.uk Page 14
  15. 15. About inTechnology Instant Communications is provided by acknowledged industry leader inTechnology. It is headed by Peter Wilkinson, the founder of Freeserve, Planet Online and Sports Internet, and is one of the most respected Managed Service providers in the UK. The multi-million pound investment in Instant Communications (comprising Instant Talk, Instant Alert and Instant Locate) has now matured to the point that it is firmly established as the UK market leader. It has been selected as the Instant Communications solution of choice by high profile customer groups including facilities management groups, major retail chains, the emergency services, schools and universities. It is delivered as an SMS software download to supported devices or embedded in the firmware on inTechnology’s own Instant Communications Device (BB3G). It will also soon be available as an API option to enable the applications to be embedded in other vendors’ devices. Partner Programme InTechnology is currently developing a comprehensive partner programme for its Instant Communications technology. This will embrace: • Device Partners • Accessory Partners • Connectivity / Network Partners • Risk Assessment & Training Partners • Specialist Resellers For further information please see our partner programme at www.instant-communications.co.uk Return on Investment Staff suffering incidents as a consequence of an employer’s lack of adherence to duty of care responsibilities may lead to: • Increased litigation costs • Increased insurance costs • Long term absence • High staff turnover and increased recruitment / replacement costs • Low morale Adoption of an effective Lone Worker solution – such as inTechnology’s BB3G and PC Client solution – not only addresses the employer’s duty of care responsibilities but also enables improved workforce management through its suite of Instant Communications applications. Effective Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility dictate that organisations cannot afford not to protect their Lone Workers Page 15
  16. 16. Instant Communications Solutions Your Nearest Reseller Cellutions Limited Pennington House 55 Hoghton Street Southport PR9 0PG (t): 0870 760 4444 (e): protection@cellutions-ltd.com Helpline: 0800 1234 567 www.instant-communications.co.uk email: help@instant-communications.co.uk