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Kenney chesney


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Kenney chesney

  1. 1. Never Gonna Feel LikeThat Again By: Kenney Chesney
  2. 2. FigurativeLanguage
  3. 3. Simile• In Line 15 it uses a Simile• Never Be AS Young AS I Was Then• This is a Simile because it Uses As
  4. 4. MetaphorIn Line 3 it Uses a Metaphor“ Little Chill on an OctoberSky.” This is a Metaphor because Its Comparing Something Not Using Like or As
  5. 5. PersonificationNear the end, in Line 38 it Uses Personification“Time’s Rushing by me Like The Wind.”ThisisPersonification Because “Time,” Doesn’t Really Rush Past You Like the Wind
  6. 6. Musical Device
  7. 7. Repetition• In Line 13 and 16 it Uses RepetitionNo I’m Never Gonna Feel LikeThat Again.”This is Repetitionbecausethe song Repeats This line.
  8. 8. Alliteration• In Line 6 it Uses Alliteration“Spend Saturdays Black and Blues”In this Line it Says “Spend Saturdays” Which Begins with “S” and Ends with “S”
  9. 9. Assonance• In Line 11 it Uses Assonance“AnotherRace I’m Glad Igot to Run”This is Assonance because it Repeats the Vowel Sound I
  10. 10. ConsonanceIn lines 17,18,19,and 20 it uses Consonance17- Practiced dancin’ in My Garage18- Two Left Feet and a WhiteCorsage19- Daddy Let Me Borrow the Dodge• 20- And He Said Don’t Bringer’ Home on EmptyThis an example of a consonance because the G is in each line Near the End.
  11. 11. End Rhyme• In lines 17 and 18 it uses an End Rhyme17- Practiced Dancin’ in My Garage18- Two Left Feet and a White CorsageThis is an example of an End Rhyme Because in each of these lines there’s a G at the end and they Rhyme.
  12. 12. Imagery
  13. 13. Visuals• In lines 21,22,and 23 it has 3 visuals 21- I swung by and picked up Cindy Lou 22- Took her to the Prom for a Dance or2 23- Then We Drove Down to theWater Blue These 3 Lines are Examples of Visuals
  14. 14. Lyrics• Friday night butterflies, Like clockwork theyd arive, Little chill in an October sky, Nervous till the kickoff came, Four quarters win or lose, Spent Saturdays black and blue, But it was what I loved to do, And it was more than just a game, It was my life and it was fun, Another season of my life is done, Another race Im glad I got to run, Another chapter of my life is over, No Im never gonna feel like that again, Times rushin by me like the wind, Never be as young as I was then, No Im never gonna feel like that again, Practiced dancin in my garage, Two left feet and a white corsage, Daddy let me borrow the Dodge, And said dont bring er home on empty I swung by and picked up Cindy Lou Took her to the prom for a dance or two, Then we drove down to the water blue, And thats where she kissed me
  15. 15. Lyrics• Got a call one July day, Cindy Lou was in that way I had a big decision to make And I couldnt take it lightly, First I thought of leaving town, But I couldnt let our families down, Now Im out here throw in this ball around, With a boy that looks just like me, Its my life and its sure fun, Another season of my lifes begun, Another race Im glad I get to run, Another chapter of my life Im writtin, No Im never gonna feel like this again, Times rushin by me like the wind, Gotta grab each moment that I can Cause Im never gonna feel like this again
  16. 16. By: Carlos Rodriguez