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Xplor XDU RoadShow: Linking Print and Mail


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Digital inkjet technology has advanced to the point where you can't afford not to migrate to color. When you integrate print and mail, you can easily manage legacy applications to color, streamline workflow, consolidate resources, and eliminate waste to greatly reduce operational and business costs. This presentation by PB'er Kevin Marks took place during Xplor International XDU 2012 On the Road seminar series.

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Xplor XDU RoadShow: Linking Print and Mail

  1. 1. Linking print and mail:White Paper Factory SolutionPresented by: Kevin Marks VP, Global Product Management and Marketing, Production Print 1
  2. 2. Print and mail trends Cost pressures •Postage Increasing •Production Costs personalization •Labor (one to one) Job varietyVolume decreases increasing-moreand shorter run productslengths Multichannel delivery: Electronic, physical and hybridContinued focus oncustomer retention More opportunity for Increase focus on value add revenue enhancement 2
  3. 3. Today’s business imperativesHow will I make my print and mail operationsmore valuable?Aggressive cost Which tasks or steps within mymanagement and control operation don’t create value? How can I reduce FTEs?Operational productivity How can I drive more results and improve SLAs?Mail as a new source Grow customer retention and loyalty?for corporate revenues Optimize cross sell / up sell? 3
  4. 4. The document of the future (today) All created with 100% variable data Application template Form Document design Transactional data Personalized, targeted insert Personalized,targeted onsert Personalized, targeted “ensert” 4
  5. 5. Customer Communications ManagementUnderstand Customers Manage Communications Improve Customer Experience Make messages Communicate with customers the Build relations personal way they prefer based on experiences Profiling & Data Prep & Document Multichannel Customer Response Customer Interaction & Segmentation Composition Output Management Response Analysis Physical Enterprise Retail Database Call Center Data Integration Mail Mail Postal & Composition Print Finishing Sortation Service Web Location Intelligence Document Output Archive Channel Management Optimization Predictive Analytics Automated Response Campaign Customer e-presentment/email Mobile Digital Effectiveness Segmentation Mailbox Hybrid Mail - Office documents Digital 5
  6. 6. High level existing workflows Print White Offset Forms Digital Paper Printer (& storage) Printer Envelope Mail Mail Finishing Sorting White Envelope Branded, Windowed Envelopes Printer Envelopes (& storage) Insert Offset Preprinted White Printer Insert Paper 6
  7. 7. Integrate print and mail When you integrate print and mail processes and workflow, you gain high level synergies:  Reducing costs  Creating efficiencies  Improving the quality  Adding value to your customer communications 7
  8. 8. High level future workflow (Today) Presort Software Form Stock Overlay Software Insert Imposition Software X X Print White Offset Forms Digital Paper Printer (& storage) Printer Envelope X X Mail Finishing Mail Sorting White Envelope Branded, Windowed Envelopes Printer Envelopes (& storage) X Insert X X X Merging Inline Envelope Printing Offset Preprinted White Printer Insert Paper 8
  9. 9. Total process optimization Seamless application migration and enhancements add significant value to your business Add color variable print to the outside of envelope Print checks Capitalize on with MICR relationship-building Migrate to full TransPromo and color without personalized inserts compromise Eliminate pre-printed shellstransitioning to a white paper environment 9
  10. 10. Linking print and mail at drupa Lean, hyper efficient manufacturing  Fully operational white paper factory End-to-end hybrid communication Solution  IntelliJet 20™ @ 400FPM  Mailstream Wrapper™  DFWorks® White Paper Factory Real world solutions  Two applications Vis Energy Statement – first Telecom Bill – advanced relevant  Comingled for ultimate migration to color messaging  Greater use of color  Basic offset shell lean manufacturing replacement  Highly variable Transpromo and postal efficiency  Color data added to basic messaging form design  Offset shell replacement  Remittance perforation 10
  11. 11. White Paper Factory ApplicationProduce personalized envelopes inline  Vis and Audire Jobs are merged  Combined print stream is sorted by postal code  Fully personalized with transpromo elements  Statements printed 2-up format on IntelliJet™ Printing System  Print file for Wrap file is separated from main print stream to create new job  Contents and wrap both have code Wrap added to permit a match  Print file for Wrap is printed 1 Up landscape with return address Contents 11
  12. 12. Recipe for linking print and mail • Upstream in • Upstream at postal composition prep (CASS, PAVE, • Downstream in Manifest…) output management • Downstream in print Stream output management- engineering Call postal Presort Apply form application co- stock mingled overlay jobs together Add Add inline envelope high quality messaging inkjet and printing to • Upstream document intelligence • Upstream at the composition process finishing time of file creation to finishing • Downstream • Downstream in • Add or configure output management additional inserter integrity solution input for merging 12
  13. 13. Produce personalized communicationsthat drive business results Aflac can now add relevant benefit information as well as targeted offers for other types of policies directly to their customer communications. Multiply this by 400,000 statements per month and its a potent cross-sell channel.  Produce variable data, high-quality colorful, communications using IntelliJet™ 20 Printing System  End-to-end system integrity using Production Intelligence® Output Management software YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION NOW TELL ME MORE 13
  14. 14. Engage customers with personalizedenvelope printingMidwest Insurance Provider will helptheir agents to increase memberengagement with highly personalizedcommunications.  Today, print variable addresses on the mailpiece using Print+ Messenger™  In the future, add targeted personalized messaging to drive customer engagement  Print agents address and help eliminate cost and cycle time associated with returned mail,  Add agent’s photo on mailpiece to enhance the client-agent relationship.TALK TO MELIKE YOU KNOW ME 14
  15. 15. Increase response rates and buildstronger customer loyalty Fenske Media Corporation produces colorful marketing communications that break through the noise and deliver real results for their clients.  Print colorful, high quality messages directly on envelopes using Print+ Messenger™  Eliminate pre-printed envelopes to drive down cost per mailpiece  Ability to leveraging more personalized messages and graphics in the future START SELLING ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE 15
  16. 16. Linking print and mailcan help you Marketing & Line of Business can: • Maximize existing real estate on transactional statement • Infinite variety of inserts • Gain more messaging per ounce • Target customer messaging • Quickly execution of new campaigns • Maintain control of messaging • Integrate campaign based upon results • Greater ROMI for campaigns • Faster time to market for campaigns Print & Mail Operations can: • Greater postal densities and work share discounts • Lower material costs • Less setup/changeover • Lower production overhead • Lessen inventory management • Increase productivity merging jobs and streamlining workflow • Leverage lean manufacturing/workcell optimization and expertise 16
  17. 17. A brilliant statementfor your bottom line Email Kevin MarksQuestions? 17