Transforming GIS:Changing the Way you Map the World


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With the increase in big datasets and advances in hardware, more demands are being placed on GIS professionals than ever before. Pitney Bowes introduces MapInfo Professional version 12.5 - a true 64-bit desktop GIS solution that can handle huge datasets, process faster and is easier to use. Version 12.5 provides a new layout designer, multi-threading, faster object processing, and a fully redesigned user interface for an improved WYSIWYG user experience.

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  • You have told us for a while now that producing high quality output is a high priority item. We started addressing output capabilities a few years ago. We added a new legend designer in v12 to allow you to create good looking legends easier than before. With capabilities like snapping to a grid, and aligning one or more items in the layout to a guideline, means you don’t have to spend as much time trying to get your legends to align and look professional.
    Another area we have always had a lot of feedback on is around labelling. Many of our users create lots of output and the key ingredient to producing great looking output is having good labels. That’s why in v12.0 last year, we rebuilt the labelling capabilities to allow you to create great looking labels automatically with much less time spent manually manipulating your labels. Feedback from some users is that it has saved them several hours a week.
    So that’s legend and labelling capabilities covered. The main thing left to do was improving the layout window. In 12.5, we have an all new Layout designer to make it easier than ever before to create great looking layouts. We’ve deployed the same grid and guidelines capability from the legend designer along with several other improvements to make generating layouts more efficient than ever before. Things like auto-wrapping text boxes and an easy access toolbar in the 32-bit version and a dedicated ribbon in the 64-bit version, for improved usability. The new layout designer will be in both versions.
  • Perhaps the best part of the new layout designer is that the map is interactive! That means you can interact directly within the map inside the layout window, rather than having to switch back and forth between the map and the layout. You can zoom and pan, turn layers on and off, reorder layers, turn thematics on and off, change style override, change labels. Basically anything you can do in a map window normally, you can do directly inside the layout window now.

    This once again, makes it even more efficient than ever before to create your layouts. We understand that you’re under pressure to do more with less, so we’re making life a little easier for you.
  • OK, so we’ve taken a quick look at the new layout designer which is the main improvement coming in the 32-bit version. The other key area of improvement in the 32-bit release is performance improvement of some of the object processing commands. Aside from producing a true 64-bit version which will capitalise on your hardware and processors, we’ve also reviewed the way certain object processing commands work, in order to make them multi-threaded and also maximise the available processors in your hardware. Operations such a Split, Erase, Erase Outside and Buffer are now considerably faster.

    Other operations (such as clean and combine operations) might additionally get you another 15-20% reduction in the 64-bit version.

    We’ve also been working on a new raster grid format to dramatically improve rendering times when working with large raster and grid data. Steve can elaborate further on this.
  • Now let’s look at what’s coming in the 64-bit version later in the year. In addition to the layout designer and object processing improvements mentioned already, there will be several other significant areas of improvement in the 64-bit version. Firstly, there is a completely redesigned user interface which utilises a ribbon toolbar, that is used in many other applications you would be familiar with, such as the Microsoft Office applications.
  • Supported personal geodatabase previously
    GML support – added write support
    Supporting newer versions of GML (previously supported 2.1)
    Can also open it in Open Universal Data and FME Quick Translator (previously was only through Import)
  • Maybe remove?
    New variable types – a way to create a variable that it doesn’t matter if it’s a 32-bit or 64-bit system
    Can write a MapBasic app that will run on 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Transforming GIS:Changing the Way you Map the World

    1. 1. Transforming GIS: Changing the Way you Map the World Introducing MapInfo Professional v12.5 June 2014
    2. 2. 2 MapInfo Professional v12.5 schedule Tomorrow! October 2014
    3. 3. 3Click for 30 day Free Trial 3 Cartographic output Ability to work directly with a map in a layout. An all new Layout Designer to make creating layouts easier. Performance improvements Use of multiple cores for object processing improvements OS - 64 bit Full 64-bit application User experience upgrades Redesigned user interface with ribbons (64 bit) New Grid Engine New format and high performing grid engine. (64-bit). Targeted for Q1 2015
    4. 4. 4Click for 30 day Free Trial New Layout Designer Grids and Guidelines Auto-wrapping text boxes 32 bit – easy access toolbar (as shown) 64 bit – dedicated ribbon Add logos and graphics with new image support Prepare maps for printing quicker and easier than ever before
    5. 5. 5Click for 30 day Free Trial Layout Designer – Active Maps Work directly with your map windows without leaving the Layout page! Pan and Zoom Adjust layers Modify labels Set the scale Prepare maps for printing more quickly and easily than ever before.
    6. 6. 6Click for 30 day Free Trial Performance Multi-threading of selected object processing capabilities to use more or all of the available processors  Split  Erase  Erase Outside  Buffer 64 bit version: Other operations (although not made to be multi-threaded) offer incremental improvements in the time to complete.  Mostly due to ability to use more memory. New raster grid format (.MRR) has substantially improved rendering times
    7. 7. 7Click for 30 day Free Trial 64 Bit version – New User Interface New User Interface Brand New Ribbon UI Window Management: Tabbed, Docking, Floating Multi-Monitor Support Mini-Toolbars Workspace Explorer Labeling Styles & Label Preview Click for 30 day Free Trial
    8. 8. 8Click for 30 day Free Trial And More! Added data file support! • ESRI GeoDatabase (import/export) • Geography Markup Language (GML) Improvements to Distributed Licensing New Projections and Coordinate systems Read Support GML v2.1.2 GML v3.1.1 GML v3.2.1 Write Support GML SF-0 (Simple Features Level SF-0 Profile)
    9. 9. 9Click for 30 day Free Trial MapBasic Enhancements Note that work on the 64 bit version of MapInfo Professional impacts the MapBasic language. Support for new capabilities in the 32 bit version may appear later this year in a patch release. New MapBasic syntax for Layout Designer and other new capabilities. MapBasic .NET support enhanced  Construct objects  Call Instance and Interface Methods and Properties New variable types: This, RefPtr, IntPtr and LargeInt, The new user interface is encompassed in a Microsoft .NET object model.  Support for .NET Instance object and Interface Properties and Methods  NET object model can be used from compiled MapBasic New definition file, IMapInfoProfessional.def for method declarations
    10. 10. 10 Free Trial Download The 32 bit release of MapInfo professional v12.5 is available for download!