Three Key Trends for Social Media


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Chris Giles,Vice President of Core Mailing, Solutions and Competitive Marketing for the North American Mailing, reviews new trends in social media that will affect virtually every business.

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  • You all probably know about QR codes – some have been used well – some have not. We know that coupons – for example, do work. Our research shows that three-quarters of U.S. consumers have redeemed at least one hard-copy coupon in the last month. QR codes are just digital examples of coupons, among other things. Again, our research indicates 73% of consumers indicatethey’ve redeemed an online coupon over the last month. That’s a lot of engagement. E-mail reminders can be a brand’s best friend when it comes to digital coupons. Reminder e-mails can be a real powerful of communicating with customers – and your help your clients or customers to get more value out of their relationship with you. The creative uses of QR codes engage and get customers thinking, acting, buying. What are some great applications we’ve seen?
  • Let’s see if you recognize any of these clever uses of QR codes. Maybe they’ll spark an idea that will help your business. We’ll start with real estate. How many times have you driven past a house or building with a QR code on the front, or the sign?
  • The QR code can lead to a video of the entire house, or stills of each room. This application helps to sell to buyers in different towns, states, or even different countries.
  • A clever blend of m-commerce, social media and fun: PGMobile used shopping trucks with QR Codes on the side. The eight QR Codes enable shoppers to purchase Procter and Gamble products for home delivery from Walmart’s ecommerce site and the trucks also distribute free samples. The trucks locations were tweeted by @PGMobile and shoppers could tweet requests to bring the trucks right to their office or apartment block. 
  • This is very clever. E-mart the largest retailer in South Korea increased sales 25% during lunchtime using a shadow QR Code. The QR Code was only scannable between 12pm and 1pm when the sun was in a position to cast the correct shape shadow. 
  • Did you know that, after Google, YouTube is the #2 site for searches? What can that mean for your organization? Do you have a YouTube channel yet? What could you put there?
  • Take a look.There’s everything – marketing, advertising, even videos about direct mail. That’s our business. What’s yours?Have you searched YouTube lately to see what consumers or businesses are learning about it?
  • At Pitney Bowes, we have our own channel. Divisions from around the world put up all kinds of videos, from how to use our products to marketing videos, showing prospective customers and clients what they need to know in order to be informed, to learn about what we do, and to see what we offer in the ways of products and services. What could you do with your own channel?
  • If you need inspiration or ideas, take a look at the “best” videos.We searched for the “best business videos” and came up with some great examples, including motivational videos for businesses. Taking a look at the number of views, as well as the up-and-down votes for videos can help you to see what people like and don’t like. It’s instant voting by your target market – telling you what they want to see and what they don’t care for.
  • Let’s look at another great Augemented Reality application – on Yelp! For those of you who don’t know what Yelp! Is, it’s an app that helps you to find great local restaurants. Let’s go use the App and take a look at what restaurant options we have right outside this room, and this building.
  • Gamification is currently being applied to customer engagement, employee performance, training and education, innovation management, personal development, sustainability, health and wellness – and the list continues to grow. Why? Because early, good applications show success. For example, Nike built the Nike+ platform to engage fitness enthusiasts to “take their workouts to the next level.” The online school, Khan Academy uses gamification to enhance the learning experience for students.A study by Findlay and Alberts indicates that the percentage of contributing members in a community shifts with gamification. That is, 68% of the community was composed of contributors (as opposed to merely observers), and then with gaming the number of contributors shot up to 83%. Another example is the Keas employee wellness program. This is a system that encourages employees to create healthier, happier lives. When Keas gamified their approach, their user engagement improved 100x (as an order of magnitude).
  • We’ve gone over a few great examples of how social media and the web have created entirely new ways to engage clients, customers, and prospects – and all of these, as we’ve mentioned, are great opportunities for mail. You can put QR codes on postcards, letters, even on the outside of envelopes. How can you increase visibility of your organization? Increase traffic to a location? Increase the number of customers or clients, using a fun application you’ve attached to a QR code? Think about what quick videos you can put together, using just your phone! You can drive traffic through YouTube in ways you’ve probably not yet imagined. Are you watching what’s being said about you on Twitter? Are you part of the conversation? If you haven’t started, listen first. Find out what’s being said, the language that’s being used, and see who the major players are. Then join in and engage – send people to your website, your location, and increase traffic or business. Publicize your Twitter feed on all your printed materials so people know they can “talk” to you. We’ve looked at examples of augmented reality – could you use something like this? Again, you put the codes in printed material to invite the world into your space, or to show them how you can be a part of their world and space. You are only limited by your imagination. And with gamification, the new trend, how might you engage your targets further? How might you make the digital experience of your organization more fun?
  • Three Key Trends for Social Media

    1. 1. March 12, 2013Three Key Trendsfor Social Mediain the Mailing Industry
    2. 2. 2Your PresenterChris Giles first joined Pitney Bowes in the U.K. in 1989and, since then, has held a number of positions aroundthe world, ranging from Product Development andInternational Marketing to Product Line Management,including a web based mailing solutions startup ownedby Neopost SA.During his career in the mailing industry, Chris hasworked closely with postal authorities in a wide range ofcountries. He is currently Vice President of Core Mailing,Solutions and Competitive Marketing for the NorthAmerican Mailing area.
    3. 3. 3Agenda Mail meets mobile/web Where are we today? Where are we going? What is Social Media? Great examples Where are we going?How can you “play in this new game”?
    4. 4. 4QR codes – only the beginning
    5. 5. 5QR codes – well done
    6. 6. 6QR codes – real estate
    7. 7. 7QR codes – purchase “on the road”
    8. 8. 8QR codes – increase sales 25%
    9. 9. 9QR codes – where packages are going
    10. 10. 10What is Social Media to you?
    11. 11. 11Future of Social Media?
    12. 12. 12Search for anything…
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    15. 15. 15What are people saying about you?
    16. 16. 16Do you know about Augmented Reality?Image Source Page:
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    23. 23. 23Yelp!
    24. 24. 24Image Source Page: – the new “buzz” word2010 - $10M*2013 - $242M*2016 - $2.6B**Estimates
    25. 25. 25Gamification
    26. 26. 26Where can we go from here?• QR codes• YouTube/videos• Twitter• AugmentedReality• Gamification
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