ServiceWorks: Operator and Workflow Efficiency


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Discover new ways to enhance operator and workflow performance.

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ServiceWorks: Operator and Workflow Efficiency

  1. 1. 2014 Enterprise Client Summit Unlock the Value of Your Communications 2014 Enterprise Client Summit Operator and Workflow Efficiency Breakout Presenters: J. Bartee, B. Budd, P. Ostrowski, M. Doane, L. Klar, E. Osterberg
  2. 2. ServiceWorks™ Welcome! • Are you interested in: – Maximizing machine utilization and capacity? – Improving operator consistency and skill level? 22014 Enterprise Client Summit – Selecting the best parts inventory strategy based on your unique business needs? – Saving time and money by resolving machine stoppages quickly?
  3. 3. Building Operator and Workflow Efficiency through Performance & Productivity Programs 2014 Enterprise Client Summit Programs ServiceWorks™ Solutions that Work for You™
  4. 4. Connecting Metrics to Your P&L • Do you currently track metrics for machine utilization and capacity? • For those of you who do, have you connected those metrics to the impact on your P&L? 42014 Enterprise Client Summit metrics to the impact on your P&L?
  5. 5. Utilization & Capacity Production Schedule (less breaks), 84:00:00 48:00:00 60:00:00 72:00:00 84:00:00 96:00:00 Utilization & Capacity Run Time Operator Stop Machine Stop Production Schedule (less breaks) 52014 Enterprise Client Summit 31:52:47 24:44:21 28:34:42 19:37:51 19:04:27 17:21:30 9:20:14 4:23:23 4:18:51 4:41:15 11:56:28 11:28:42 8:18:05 5:23:40 7:04:39 3:42:45 7:46:19 5:42:52 0:00:00 12:00:00 24:00:00 36:00:00 48:00:00 APS01 APS02 APS03 FX01 FX02 FX03 3/3 6am-7/3 6am
  6. 6. Performance & Productivity Runtime Outcomes 55% 60% 65% 70% RT% Trends 62014 Enterprise Client Summit A-Peak A-NP B-Peak B-NP Q3 '13 65.2% 62.7% 39.7% 37.7% Q4 '13 66.1% 62.8% 40.6% 38.9% Q1 '14 67.2% 64.1% 43.3% 41.7% 35% 40% 45% 50%
  7. 7. Financial Impact of RT Improvements RT Impact - APS Job XYZ Operator ID Run Time % Quarterly Login time of App PPH Sam 79.7% 65 10,308 72014 Enterprise Client Summit Jade 75.9% 65 7,704 Diff 3.8% 2,604 Quarterly Change na na 169,260 Annual Change na na 677,040
  8. 8. Stoppage Analytics Lost Piece Opportunity = $121,568 82014 Enterprise Client Summit
  9. 9. Additional Opportunity Areas 92014 Enterprise Client Summit
  10. 10. With improved machine utilization and increased capacity, how will you ensure your operators can support your improvement initiatives effectively? 2014 Enterprise Client Summit improvement initiatives effectively? ServiceWorks™ Solutions that Work for You™
  11. 11. Building Operator Efficiency through On-System Support 2014 Enterprise Client Summit On-System Support ServiceWorks™ Solutions that Work for You™
  12. 12. On-System Support (OSS) Need assistance with equipment? Ask a supervisor or peer for Increases machine run time Increases operator efficiency, reducing job costs. How do your operators resolve an equipment issue today? How often do they… Your operators now have the first point of resolution at their fingertips. On-System Support… 122014 Enterprise Client Summit Ask a supervisor or peer for help? Wait for Service to resolve an operator issue or adjustment? Non-productive time is money and affects your bottom line. reducing job costs. Builds operator skill sets, increasing retention. Helps you to meet your client SLAs.
  13. 13. Are you interested in other ways to increase operator efficiency that can effect your bottom line and shareholder value? 2014 Enterprise Client Summit value? ServiceWorks™ Solutions that Work for You™
  14. 14. Building Operator Efficiency through Education Solutions 2014 Enterprise Client Summit Education Solutions ServiceWorks™ Solutions that Work for You™
  15. 15. Why Invest in Operator Education? “What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.” — Zig Ziglar, success speaker “Employees are “maxed out” today at their 152014 Enterprise Client Summit “Employees are “maxed out” today at their current level of knowledge and skill. They cannot get more or better results by simply working harder to apply their present abilities.” — Brian Tracy, business development expert
  16. 16. Is there Business Value in Education? Firms that invest $1,500 per employee in training compared with those that spend $125 experience an average of 24 percent higher gross profit margins and 218 percent higher revenue per employee Source: Laurie J. Bassi et al., "Profiting From Learning: Do Firms' Investments in Education and Training Pay Off?" American Society for Training and Development 162014 Enterprise Client Summit Career development is the No. 1 factor in employee retention, above salary, according to a survey of 6,400 employees conducted by consultants Sharon Jordan- Evans and Beverly Kaye.
  17. 17. Increased Shareholder Return Based on the training investments of 575 companies during a three-year period, researchers found that firms investing the most in training and development (measured by total investment per employee and percentage of total gross payroll) yielded a 36.9 percent total shareholder return as compared with a 25.5 percent weighted return for the S&P 500 index for 172014 Enterprise Client Summit 25.5 percent weighted return for the S&P 500 index for the same period. That's a return 45 percent higher than the market average. These same firms also enjoyed higher profit margins, higher income per employee, and higher price- to-book ratios. Source: American Society for Training and Development
  18. 18. Education Drives Profit and Shareholder Value Hands-on Learning Skills Retention Operator Retention Your jobs on your machines 182014 Enterprise Client Summit Increased Machine Utilization and Operator Efficiency Increased Profitability and Shareholder Value
  19. 19. Education Solutions To Start: • Basic Operator Course • Key Operator Course • Advanced Operator Course • More coming! 192014 Enterprise Client Summit • Best practices for machine set up, operation and troubleshooting • Help meet your client SLAs • Maximize operator productivity and efficiency • Increased profits and shareholder value
  20. 20. You are on your way to operational excellence! Now let’s focus on a flexible strategy to manage another important element of 2014 Enterprise Client Summit manage another important element of your operation. ServiceWorks™ Solutions that Work for You™
  21. 21. Managing Your Parts Inventory Strategy
  22. 22. Is This What You Want? 222014 Enterprise Client Summit
  23. 23. The Building Blocks to Parts Inventory Pay as Planned Level 1 Level 2 232014 Enterprise Client Summit Pay as You Go Planned Parts Level 1 Level 2
  24. 24. Is this the Security you want? 242014 Enterprise Client Summit
  25. 25. Is this the Security you want? 252014 Enterprise Client Summit
  26. 26. Is this the Security you want? 262014 Enterprise Client Summit
  27. 27. Interested in Learning More? 2014 Enterprise Client Summit ServiceWorks™ Solutions that Work for You™