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Created by Pitney BowesSources
Parcel stats - Outlook for UK mail volumes to 2023; PwC
Ebay stats -
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Sending Out Lots of Parcels? Your Cost-Cutting Secret Weapon


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This infographic highlights the booming ecommerce industry, the vast number of parcels sent out in the post today,and the simple solution you can use to keep your postage costs low and grow your business. For me detail, visit

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Sending Out Lots of Parcels? Your Cost-Cutting Secret Weapon

  1. 1. Created by Pitney BowesSources Parcel stats - Outlook for UK mail volumes to 2023; PwC Ebay stats - Amazon Marketplace stats - ting-year-for-marketplace-sellers-2014-01-09 Esty stats - pdf?ref=progress_report_download 1st 2nd SPECIALDELIVERY 1st 2nd SPECIAL DELIVERY 1st 2nd SPECIALDELIVERY Royal Mail mounted a big push to attract online retailers with its first TV campaign. of its Group revenue51% Not surprising, parcels account for... They have national coverage No maximum volumes Important around high capacity periods (run up to Christmas) – other carriers may restrict volumes Royal Mail send more parcels than anyone else. wide range of choices Next day (1st Class), 3 day (2nd Class), proof of delivery (Signed For) and insured/compensation (Special Delivery – 9am & Next Day) Why? Great news... Get a franking machine! 5 Reasons Why buthowdoyoukeepyourpostagecostslow whilstgrowingyouronlineretailbusiness? £ £ ££ 4. Royal Mail services in your office! 1st Class, 2nd Class, Special Delivery, Recorded Delivery, International services and so much more – Time is money. No more wasting time queuing at the Post Office Gain instant access to Parcelforce Frankpay for Large Parcels too! 5. Transform every parcel to a mini billboard! Envelope/Label Messaging - Print your logo, a personalised message or include a hard to resist offer on your parcels. Free Advertising! 2.Paytheexactcost–downtotheverylastpenny! Built-in scales = accurate pricing every time. No more under or over stamping! 3. Track you spending! Online tech ‘InView’ to monitor and control your postage spend. Keep a close eye on your shipping P&L. 1 2 3+ + + 1 2 6 1 2 9 SPREADSHEET YOUR MESSAGE 1. Great Savings! Royal Mail gives franking users between 6% - 16% discount on parcels. Save 30p per item on Small and Medium Parcels up to 2kg! Discount 16% OFF Sending out lots of parcelS? Your cost-cutting secret weapon Royal Mail is a great option Choice to arrangecollections or take to local Post Office With the growing popularity of e-commerce sites, Parcels double the share of the mail bag to roughly 21% UK home shopping sales as % of total retail sales 2005 6%; 2012 11% 21%6% 11% 2005 2012 Predicted Parcel volume growth for 2013-18 In 2012 roughly 1·7bn parcels in the UK 3.3%1.7bn This reflects in MarketplacE 1bn UNITS 2,000,000 sellers worldwide sold in 2013 Just how many? EBAYusers listing at least items per sale on the site at any one time. 1 ITEM per month 10,000,000 4,000,000+ Amazon ETSY 18% ARE 1,000,000sellers worldwide entrepreneurs selling goods as their full time job. it’s never been a better time to sell online. the number of parcels sent out in the post today