Produce More Powerful and Profitable Communications: A White Paper Factory Success Story


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For communications to make a positive impact on your business, every message must be relevant, accurate and engaging. Success for most marketing and operations organizations depends upon finding the right balance of efficiency and effectiveness. This session will discuss moving to a White Paper Factory to add more value to communications to deliver higher customer engagement and revenue all while creating a lean manufacturing environment that can eliminate waste and lower costs. You will hear from Incepture Print Solutions on how they transformed their print and mail operation. Discover ways to help your business produce more powerful and profitable communications.

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Produce More Powerful and Profitable Communications: A White Paper Factory Success Story

  1. 1. Every connection is a new opportunity™Produce More Powerful andProfitable Communications:A White Paper FactorySuccess Story
  2. 2. 2PresentersGene Rauch, Director of Incepture Print SolutionsGene is a veteran of the print mail industry for twenty-nine years and all withFlorida Blue and its subsidiaries. Incepture is a wholly owned subsidiary ofFlorida Blue specializing in print mail services and staffing solutions. Genebegan his career with Florida Blue as an insert machine operator and hasworked his way up the ranks to his current position. Gene’s latest endeavorincludes orchestrating a change in print mail technology by turning his unit into a“White Paper Factory”.Kevin Marks, VP, Global Marketing and Product Management -Production Print, Pitney BowesKevin Marks brings over 25 years of experience in the digital printing, graphicarts and mailing industry to his role at Pitney Bowes. Kevin is responsible forproduct marketing and management for Pitney Bowes’ production print businessincluding system hardware, software, services and supplies. Kevin is a leanmanufacturing, six sigma trained Green Belt.
  3. 3. 3Agenda White Paper FactorySuccess Incepture PrintSolutions 5 Essential steps forsuccess Is a White Paper Factoryright for your business?
  4. 4. 4Incepture Print SolutionsLower costs and improve membercommunicationsClient Challenge:To lower costs and improve member communicationsIncepture desired to develop a best-in-class productionoperation and provide as a service to others. Located in Jacksonville, one of the largest commercialprint-to-mail operations in Northern Florida Leading the industry to dramatically improvecommunications Produces high quality documents from virtually anyprint steam and processes most any type of mailpiece
  5. 5. 5ROIGain control overproduction speedand economicsReduce operating andcontrol consumablecosts while you opennew revenueopportunitiesSupportOne service teamacross yourprintsteam andmailstreamBoost totalprocess uptimeOptimizationIntegrate intoexisting environmentswith easeMigrate and mergeapplications seamlessly;20.5-inch (520.7mm) webwidth leverages pre/postinvestmentsQualityCreate high impact,full color andmonochrome printMeet greater customerdemands withunparalleled1200 nozzle per inchnative resolutionProductivityCombination ofapplication flexibilityand speedAchieve critical productionwindows with variablesystem performance rangeand print speed up to 400 feet(122 meters) per minutePitney Bowes® IntelliJet 20™ Printing SystemEasily replace—and outperform—existing toner-basedmonochrome devices as you migrate to colorIt’s time tomake your move
  6. 6. 6Print in presort order,comingled statements andenvelopes in full colorAssemble envelope wraps andprint in-line during mail finishingAdd relevant messages onthe statement and envelopeIncepture Print SolutionsMove to a White Paper Factory SolutionSolution: Integrate print and mail to cost effectively producepersonalized, full color statements and envelopes to drive results
  7. 7. 7Incepture Print SolutionsInnovative paper storage solution Vertically stack storage of paperrolls Eliminate storage racks Minimize floor space
  8. 8. 8Incepture Print SolutionsWhite Paper FactoryResult: Transformation from a world of preprinted forms, separate jobsand manual handling to an integrated, automated workflow producingpersonalized four color documents and envelopes. Lower costs and faster production Growing service provider business
  9. 9. 95 Essentials steps for success whenmoving to a White Paper FactoryChoosing theright partnersInnovative mailfinishing solutionsImportance of printqualityWorkflow considerations forintegrating print and mailApplication migration, statementdesign and personalization12345
  10. 10. 10SortStep 5: Application migration, statementdesign and personalization
  11. 11. 11White Paper OffsetPrinterEnvelopePrinterShells(& storage)Branded, WindowedEnvelopes (& storage)DigitalPrinterWhiteEnvelopesMailFinishingCo-minglingJobsStep 4: Workflow considerations forintegrating print and mail
  12. 12. 12Step 3: Importance of print qualityVisual printqualityImproved open ratesClearer information andcall to actionOptimizedeconomicsEliminate reprintPostal optimizationProven, future-proof platformIntegrityBarcode verification
  13. 13. 13Step 2: Innovative mail finishingsolutionsPrint in presort order,comingled statements andenvelopes in full colorAssemble envelope wraps andprint in-line during mail finishingAdd relevant messages onthe statement and envelope
  14. 14. 14Step 1: Choosing theright partnerWhen you move to a White PaperFactory™ Solution, you integrate printand mail processes and workflow to gainhigh level synergies: reducing costs, creating efficiencies, improving the quality, adding value to your customercommunications.
  15. 15. 15Is the White Paper Factory journey rightfor your operation?A business checklistConsiderations Business Goals Applications Document Composition Printstream Mail Finishing Tracking & ReportingQuestions What critical businessissues can this help youwith? Who are thestakeholders? How does your decisionprocess unfold?
  16. 16. Every connection is a new opportunity™Thank you. Questions?