PItney Bowes Global Customer Summit 2011


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Overview of Activities at the Pitney Bowes Global Customer Summit 2011, June 6-8, 2011, Danbury & Shelton, CT

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PItney Bowes Global Customer Summit 2011

  1. 1. Global CustomerSummit 2011A world of opportunity. Start here.June 6 – 8, 2011Danbury and Shelton, CT 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Table of contents The Pitney Bowes Company Story 4 Our story 6 Customer Communications Management 8 The viable technology provider Innovation 10 Pitney Bowes: 1920-2010 DMT Solutions 20 Output Management solutions 24 Production Print solutions 30 Mail Finishing solutions 38 Sorting solutions 44 ADF solutions 48 Service solutions Brilliant Communication Awards 52 Awards DMT Solution Showcase 56 DMT showcase areas 57 DMT partners 3
  4. 4. The Pitney Bowes Company Story Our story We help businesses understand their customers and prospects better, so they can communicate more effectively using the most effective mix of channels—web, email, mail, text and call centers—to form personal connections that build long-term relationships and ensure business success. The value we deliver People today receive an overwhelming number of messages through a growing number of channels. Pitney Bowes is helping businesses make sure their communications get the attention of their customers and prospects. We also enable businesses to engage their customers on the customers’ own terms, which is critical when consumers are confronted with so many choices. • To help our customers grow, we help them gain deeper insights into their customers and use these insights to create more personal communications that really speak to their customers and create great customer experiences. • To help our customers improve efficiency in the creation and management of their communications, we provide products to automate their mail-and-print operations and streamline the flow of documents and data critical to running their business and to serving their customers. We also offer a broad range of managed services, so they can free organizational resources for their core business. • To help overwhelmed consumers take charge of their lives, we’ve introduced the Volly™ secure digital delivery service that allows them to pay bills, browse their favorite catalogs and keep track of coupons, all from one secure location. 4
  5. 5. The Pitney Bowes Company StoryOur capabilitiesWe deliver this value through a range of software, hardware and services, coupled with deep knowledgeof customer communications and a long tradition of innovation.InnovationYou probably know us as the leader in mail. Our mission has always been broader: To improve businesscommunications and facilitate global commerce.We are a company built on innovation. We introduced the postage meter in 1920 and have been responsiblefor virtually every technological breakthrough in the mailing industry since, including remote postagedownloading, Internet postage and networked digital mailing systems.We have used this expertise as a foundation to expand into new areas like data quality, location intelligenceand predictive analytics. Today we are a multi-billion dollar technology company with two million customersaround the world.Our valuesWe hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate citizenship, demonstrated in our businesspractices, progressive HR policies and our support for the communities where we do business.These core values are the foundation for the value we deliver to our customers, employees, shareholders and thecommunity at large. They enable our financial success, and they underlie the trust these stakeholders placein us every day.Why Pitney Bowes?We help our customers build stronger customer relationships, create more effective communicationsand streamline their operations, so they can grow and be more efficient. 5
  6. 6. The Pitney Bowes Company Story Customer Communications Management Pitney Bowes is the leader in customer communications management. We define CCM as solutions for creating more powerful communications that fully engage their customers and prospects—the key to building long-term customer relationships and driving profitable growth. CCM consists of three broad solution sets which we can implement as point solutions or as part of an integrated, end-to-end CCM solution. Our experts can also advise you on a total customer communications strategy and help you implement. Understanding customers Improve the quality of your data and understand your customers better so you can fully engage them Business success begins with finding the right customers and understanding enough about them to capture their attention and get them to act—whether it’s to make a purchase, sign up for benefits or just visit your website. With our business intelligence, predictive analytics and data quality solutions, companies can do more with the information they already have: • Connect transactional data points to get a more complete picture of a customer. • Model consumer behavior to improve sales and marketing results. • Find prospects who match the profile of their most profitable customers. Improving essential communications Create more powerful customer communications while reducing your production costs Your physical and digital communications are what connect you and your customers—and represent a significant investment. Our superior technology helps you achieve the operational reliability, efficiency and security you need to create multichannel communications of the highest quality, at the lowest cost possible. Your organization can also free up resources by having our experts manage all its customer communication needs. 6
  7. 7. The Pitney Bowes Company StoryOur solutions help your communicationsget results, with messages tailored for eachcustomer and delivered through the most effectivecombination of channels–the mail, email or amobile device, or the Web.Improving the customer experienceTurn your customer communications into two-wayconversationsWe help businesses listen. Because the bestcommunications are two-way conversations.Our software can keep everyone in an organizationup to date on every interaction a customer everhad with the organization, whatever thechannel. So a call-center representative, forexample, will know if the customer she’s talkingwith just received a credit card offer in the mail.Our real-time decision tools go far beyond the“Customers-who-bought-this-also-bought-that”variety to actually assess what a particularindividual might be interested in right now.As a result, our solutions don’t just drive productsales, but also long-term customer loyaltyand profitability. 7
  8. 8. The Pitney Bowes Company Story Pitney Bowes, the viable technology provider The viability of technology providers is a critical consideration in selecting firms to provide solutions and services. At Pitney Bowes, we manage our business to deliver smart and secure solutions backed by our financial strength in order to grow with our customers for the long term. • Pitney Bowes is one of the largest companies in the customer communications management industry. In 2010, annual revenue was USD$5.4 billion. • Free cash flow for 2010 was USD$961 million, and the company estimates it will generate between USD$750 and USD$850 million in free cash flow in 2011. • For more than 20 years, Pitney Bowes Financial Services International (PBFSI), a wholly owned subsidiary, has been providing high-quality financial services for Pitney Bowes offerings to Pitney Bowes customers throughout the international marketplace. • The company has increased its dividend each year for the past 29 years, including 2011. • Pitney Bowes continues to invest in R&D. In 2010, our R&D investment was USD$156 million. Advanced technology is a key to the firm’s success, and it continues to be on the forefront of innovation as a result of this financial commitment. • The company ranks as number 375 in the 2010 Fortune 500—the annual ranking of America’s largest firms. Pitney Bowes first joined the Fortune 500 in 1962. • As of December 31, 2010, 70 percent of Pitney Bowes revenues were generated in the United States, and 30 percent in the rest of the world. 8
  9. 9. The Pitney Bowes Company Story• Pitney Bowes has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1950, and has been a component of the S&P 500 Stock Index continually since 1957.• Pitney Bowes has a large and diverse customer base with two million customers worldwide.• 2010 was the 90th Anniversary of incorporation of Pitney Bowes. 9
  10. 10. 1920Innovation Delivering more than 90 years of innovation, Pitney Bowes provides software, hardware and services that integrate physical and digital communications channels. Long known for making customers more productive, Pitney Bowes is increasingly helping companies grow their business through advanced customer communications management. The company’s founding was based on the invention of the postage meter at the beginning of the 20th century, and our steady stream of innovation in physical and digital technologies continues in the 21st century. Pitney Bowes was founded by Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes in Stamford, Connecticut around the innovative postage meter, which had to be approved by the U.S. Congress because it printed currency. Arthur H. Pitney Walter H. Bowes First official postage meter setting in the United States. 10
  11. 11. 1930 Innovation During the 30’s, metered mail grew from $32 million in postal revenue to nearly $190 million. The company expanded its product line offerings to include the omni-denomination meter to print postage from ½ cent to $99.00. A Mark of Product Excellence A Pledge of Postal service Pitney Bowes’s business was mail, and like the mail it reached nationwide. Sales and service forces covered the country and gathered once a year for leadership conferences. In 1938, top performers gathered in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Today, Pitney Bowes has The Model A mailing 2 million customers and machine which housed the processes $20 billion in Model M postage meter. postage funds a year. 11
  12. 12. 1940Innovation Walter H. Wheeler, Jr. did not give his name to the company, but he gave it much of his enduring character. He was a talented individual and, as a business leader, was well matched to the challenges and opportunities of his era. Women were nearly 40% of the Walter H. Wheeler, Jr. workforce at the Stamford plant where 28 different war products were manufactured. The “DM” desk model was the first mass-market postage meter. The “R” line meters and mailing machines were introduced for large, medium and small mailers. “Scrap for Victory” drive produced 50 tons of metal for war materials. 12
  13. 13. 1950 Innovation Pitney Bowes became publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. With nearly 3,000 employees, the company’s revenue was over $20 million in 1950, a 17% increase in just one year. The first automatic mail-sorting machine was developed for the U.S. Postal Service. Pitney Bowes unveils the “5000” series—a smaller, faster, omni-denominational meter and mailing machine. Today, Pitney Bowes sorters leverage best-in-class technology with seamless data and workflow integration to deliver greater postage and operational savings. Sorting more types of mail—from postcards and letters to flats, small parcels, even poly wrap® and irregular shaped pieces—for multiple savings opportunities. 13
  14. 14. 1960Innovation Pitney Bowes Growth in business mail leads joins FORTUNE to the implementation of the Magazine’s list zip code system in 1963. of FORTUNE 500 Companies. The TOUCHMATIC was the first mailing machine of its kind in the history of metered mail. The Mailomat “self- The 1961 service post office.” mail inserter. Electrostatic desk- top copiers join the product line. Today, the Intelligent Mail® barcode allows companies to improve tracking and have free address correction services; mailers who use the full-service barcode option can also earn greater USPS® discounts on qualified mail. 14
  15. 15. 1970 Innovation Pitney Bowes continued its geographic expansion in the Asia Pacific region. Acquisition of Dictaphone Corporation. In 1976, the Pitney Bowes Credit Corp. was formed, providing customers with Adoption of a new logo, symbolizingRobert Pitney’s invention financing and payment solutions. the intersection of paper-based and was the precursor to electronic communications. Postage by Phone.® Today, the remote In 1968, Pitney Bowes acquired downloading system is the Monarch Marking System one of the world’s largest Company, which would produce cryptography applications, the first barcode equipment for securely handling over retail trade use. $20 billion worldwide. Technological renewal meant applying electronics to functions that for 50 years had been performed mechanically. 15
  16. 16. 1980Innovation Pitney Bowes continued to expand in Asia Pacific with an office in Japan and the company’s Chairman traveled to China to sign a trade agreement. In 1987, the 3100 series inserter The company expanded its service could collate, offerings with the creation of insert enclosures, Pitney Bowes Management Services. seal, count, and stack envelopes in one uninter- ruped operation. A full line of facsimile products offered nationwide coverage. In 1980, Pitney Bowes was 60-years-old and highly successful. It began a process of renewal that would match historic strengths to future challenges. A symbol of this determination was a new corporate headquarters designed by I.M. Pei & Partners. 16
  17. 17. 1990 Innovation Purchase PowerTM is introduced, providing financing for equipment, services and postage to customers worldwide. Decision to divest Dictaphone and Monarch and focus on core businesses. Today, Pitney Bowes finances over $2 billion The launch of the Personal Post OfficeTM in equipment and increases demand for Pitney Bowes products postage globally. among the small and home-office markets. In the same year, the company introduces Purchase Power®, which revolutionizes how businesses pay for postage. Grand opening of the Technology Center in Shelton, CT A new age of integrated mail processing begins with the launch of the Paragon® system, which automatically calculated and affixed postage based on weight and size of mail. 17
  18. 18. 2000Innovation During a decade of tremendous expansion, the company invested in over 90 acquisitions and expanded its portfolio of offerings in areas such as mail services, location intelligence, software and printing. Pitney Bowes launches the IntelliJet™ Printing System, a new production color printing system for high- volume transactional mailers. APSTM Series Advanced Productivity System integrates with DFWorksTM suite for online management of all document processes. Pitney Bowes is recognized as one of the world’s largest software companies according to Software Magazine. IntelliLinkTM software for the DM SeriesTM Digital Mailing Systems is introduced. DM 200® Digital Mailing System Pitney Bowes becomes MapInfo, a provider of location the largest provider of mail intelligence solutions, is presort services in the U.S., acquired by Pitney Bowes aggregating outbound mail from many organizations In 2004, Group 1® Software is and enabling more mailers acquired, expanding our presence to enjoy the benefits of in customer communication postage discounts. management software. 18
  19. 19. 2010 Innovation To celebrate its 90th anniversary on April 23, 2010, Chairman Murray Martin and the corporate officers rang the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Pitney Bowes launches Volly™ secure digital delivery service, a new cloud-based digital mail communications platform. Pitney Bowes introduces the Connect+™ Customer Communications Series to help organizations deliver more powerful messages. Pitney Bowes acquires Portrait Software plc, Oxfordshire, UK; provides customer communications management software to enhance existing customer analytics and relationship management systems.Pitney Bowes is recognized by the Pitney Bowes is now a global enterprise deriving 30% of itsEthisphere Institute as one of the revenue from outside the United States.World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2010 for the fourth year in a row. Pitney Bowes Healthcare Pitney Bowes’s software division based in India earned recognition Customer Communications as one of India’s Top 50 Best Companies to Work For in 2010 Management is launched. by the Great Place to Work® Institute. 19
  20. 20. 20 DMT Solutions: Output Management
  21. 21. Innovative outputmanagement solutionsWith Pitney Bowes Production Intelligence® Output Management solutions youcan have your customer communications stream any way you like it. Whether youare taking your first steps toward a White Paper Factory™, adding integrity to yourdocument production process, responding to customer-driven channel demands,or improving the efficiency of a mixed shop of output and mail finishing devices,Pitney Bowes Production Intelligence packs the power you need to meet theserequirements with ease.Pitney Bowes Production Intelligence Output Management solutions can helpyou unlock the value of your legacy and modern applications in ways you neverthought possible.Take a fresh look. 21
  22. 22. DMT Solutions: Output Management Add value to documents, accelerate productivity and improve integrity Real time “any-to-any” print stream transformation Output device management doesn’t make the headlines, but it is where we got our start in Production Intelligence® and it can be critical to a well functioning document production operation. Our open, industrial strength Output Management solution set incorporates flexible print stream transformation, centralized resource management and output device independence. It frees users from proprietary print streams and vendors, helping you to tailor a solution to meet your business output needs—including both printed statements and electronic delivery. Break your reliance on preprint Saying goodbye to pre-printed forms and starting each job with blank paper and/or white envelopes might be easier than you think. The reasons are simple enough: inkjet technology now delivers the speed, print quality and per piece affordability that mailers demand. By combining high-performance printing with data-driven, high-integrity Production Intelligence® Output Enhancement software, our solutions can help you move gradually—or quickly—to a White Paper Factory™ environment at any point in your value chain. Let us help you get started. Add integrity, right from the start The first step to being able to account for everything in your mail production environment is—quite simply—knowing in advance what you are counting. Our Production Intelligence® Output Enhancement software helps you create integrity where none existed, by assigning an identity to every piece of each document in your mailstream, creating a corresponding 2D barcode that will be included with each piece you print, then giving that information to your mail finishing equipment so it can confirm its work as it goes. Everyone likes being “in the know”, even your inserters. 22
  23. 23. DMT Solutions: Output ManagementProducts NEW! Sell transactional document• P/I™ Output Manager white space to third party advertisers• P/I™ Enterprise Manager Enhance your buckslip or insert revenue program• P/I™ Output Enhancement by selling existing white space on your transactional• P/I™ Wizard documents to third party advertisers. Simply make your statements available on our new Web portal,• P/I™ OfficeMail review and approve requests by advertisers, thenSelected capabilities watch the extra revenue roll in.• Print any application on any printer The Web portal finds and identifies available white• Intelligently split jobs to balance workloads over multiple space on your documents and creates printers, even over multiple locations targeting information based on psycho• Centralize printer control, resource management and demographic profiling information. job-level accounting• Meet demands for multi channel communications• Add 2D barcodes needed for high integrity mail finishing• Integrate with ADF control systems• Integrate with address presort and cleansing applications prior to printing• Merge smaller jobs into a single large job• Replace POSTNET with Intelligent Mail® barcodes to meet USPS requirements• Reformat documents to streamline downstream processing• Eliminate preprinted forms with offset shell replacement• Enhance documents by adding color and/or graphics Third party advertisers brought to the table by Media Horizons, our industry leading media broker partner. Web portal currently available within the United States only. 23
  24. 24. 24 DMT Solutions: Production Print
  25. 25. DMT solutionsMake a brilliant statementfor your bottom lineTo produce accurate, meaningful, timely customer communications effectively andefficiently requires a smart approach to the entire process. That’s where partneringwith Pitney Bowes can provide a unique advantage. We unify your productionenvironment to optimize the effectiveness of your transactional mail operationswith essential hardware, software and services that make print and mail anend-to-end process.Pitney Bowes IntelliJet™ Printing System family offers a brilliant combination ofindustry leading print speed, color inkjet quality and web format size, to help youto produce higher quality, full-color transactional documents faster and at a lowercost. When you link this proven performance, high productivity and throughputto Pitney Bowes Production Intelligence® Output Management software and mailfinishing systems, you will optimize efficiencies across the entire process. We canimprove operational performance, help you build stronger customer relationshipsand drive better business results.Take a closer look. 25
  26. 26. DMT Solutions: Production Print IntelliJet 20™ Printing System It’s time to make your move The Pitney Bowes® IntelliJet 20™ Printing System brings Color, without compromise business-building flexibility to your production floor. Designed Backed by a strategic alliance between Pitney Bowes and HP, the IntelliJet™ to meet the needs of transactional print and mail operations, Printing System family leverages the system is sized to replace—and outperform—existing proven HP inkjet technology and toner-based monochrome devices so you can grow volumes HP Bonding Agent to produce without growing footprint. The IntelliJet 20 also provides a high-value, high-volume customer simple and accelerated path to color within the same system. communications. With IntelliJet, every job is fully optimized for high-speed inserting and mailing—and your business is positioned to drive better bottom line results. Capabilities Easily migrate applications using Market-leading 1200 nozzles a 20.5-inch (520.7 mm) web width per inch resolution and superior Reliably print at speeds up to optical density 400 feet (122 m) per minute for Process 100% variable content monochrome; 200 feet (61 m) with a powerful, scalable per minute for full color IntelliJet™ Print Process Manager Maximize throughput with IntelliJet™ Print Process 2-up processing of up to 872 Manager processes a range of color impressions per minute; PDLs including Metacode, LCDS, up to 1744 monochrome only APF, PS, PDF and PCL impressions per minute Produce MICR print in-line with a Produce up to 25 million letter- fully integrated imaging solution sized color and up to 50 million Unrivaled service and support monochrome only impressions when you need it, 24 x 7 per month 26
  27. 27. DMT Solutions: Production PrintIntelliJet 30™ Printing SystemCapitalize on colorful new opportunitiesThe innovative Pitney Bowes® IntelliJet 30™ Printing System Achieve peak operational performanceis specifically designed to drive improved results over your Pitney Bowes Production Intelligence® software is built right into every IntelliJetexisting print and mail processes. A streamlined platform solution giving you a streamlined platformfor unprecedented print and mail integration, the system will for unprecedented print and mail integration.help you achieve new levels of productivity, optimization and You’ll gain high level synergies, improvingquality at a lower total cost of ownership. Not only can it make workflow, reducing costs, creatinga positive impact on your customer communications, it can efficiencies and enhancing the qualitymake an utterly brilliant statement for your bottom line. of your customer communications.CapabilitiesInnovative 30-inch (762 mm) Meet demands for stricter qual-web format ity will full-color, 1200 nozzlesBoost productivity printing at per inch resolutionspeeds up to 600 feet (183 m) per IntelliJet™ Print Processminute for full color variable jobs Manager processes a rangeMaximize throughput processing of PDLs including Metacode,3-up letter applications at up to LCDS, APF, PS, PDF and PCL3,928 color impressions per min- Accept a wider range of paperute; 2-up letter applications up to from 40-350 gsm, including2,618 impressions per minute plain, uncoated stocks—Produce up to 100 million no pre-treating requiredletter-size equivalent full-color Unrivaled service and supportimpressions per month when you need it, 24 x 7Produce in-line, fully integrated Enable 3-up printing that isMICR checks optimized for mail finishing with a seamless merge capability 27
  28. 28. DMT Solutions: Production Print IntelliJet 42™ Printing System Ultimate lean print manufacturing A brilliant combination of quality, format size and productivity. Unmatched productivity The revolutionary Pitney Bowes® IntelliJet 42™ Printing System The optimum solution for continuous, streamlined print and mail manu- is uniquely designed to help high volume print manufacturing facturing, the IntelliJet 42 Printing environments achieve new levels of operational productivity. System is part of a tightly integrated The system’s 42-inch web width and unprecedented throughput solution consisting of Pitney Bowes® combine to deliver the ultimate in document manufacturing software, hardware and customer productivity, opening the door for smart consolidation of support services. resources. The IntelliJet 42 Printing System delivers on the promise of lean print manufacturing. Capabilities Unprecedented transactional Meet demands for stricter application flexibility with scalable quality will full-color, 1200 up to 42-inch (1067 mm) web format nozzles per inch resolution Achieve ultimate productivity Scalable Printing Technology printing at speeds up to 600 feet enables the highest quality (183 m) per minute for full color thermal inkjet printing at the variable jobs lowest total cost of ownership Maximize throughput processing IntelliJet™ Print Process 4-up letter applications at up to Manager processes a range of 5,236 color impressions per min- PDLs including Metacode, LCDS, ute; process two 2-up jobs at once APF, PS, PDF and PCL Produce up to 140 million Automate roll changeover with letter-size equivalent full-color optional zero-speed splicer impressions per month 28
  29. 29. DMT Solutions: Production Print 29
  30. 30. 30 DMT Solutions: Mail Finishing
  31. 31. A smart start to mail finishingPitney Bowes portfolio of high performance mail finishing solutions offers a uniquecombination of productivity, flexibility and integrity. Whether you need to process acomplex billing application or just a simple marketing campaign, we have the rightsolution that not only helps ensure the job gets done faster and with the highest levelof accuracy, but also at the lowest cost.Built-in intelligence can help you link these solutions to our Production Intelligence®Output Management software, IntelliJet™ Printing systems, Postal Solutions and ADFsoftware to optimize efficiencies across the entire process. Pitney Bowes can improveoperational performance, help you build stronger customer relationships and drivebetter business results.Take a closer look. 31
  32. 32. DMT Solutions: Mail Finishing NEW mailstream Wrapper The next generation mail finishing system The NEW Pitney Bowes mailstream Wrapper combines Industry leaders deliver innovation, intelligence and speed to redefine productivity breakthrough innovation Developed in partnership with Sitma and operational efficiency. Designed to process high volume Machinery, the mailstream Wrapper Transactional and Direct Marketing communications, this integrates Sitma’s innovative wrap unique solution builds on the best-in-class capabilities of the technology into the existing workcell high speed, high integrity MPS26 mail insertion system. With of the Pitney Bowes MPS26 high speed the mailstream Wrapper, your business will be positioned to mail finishing system to produce high achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and operational quality customer communications. cost savings. Capabilities Mailpiece created with appear- End to End Integrated High ance and features of traditional Integrity Mailpiece Tracking envelope to include contoured flap Optimizes return on investment and window with ability to upgrade existing Process variable thickness Pitney Bowes MPS/APS systems applications at speeds up to 26K Reduce material costs up to 40% mailpieces per hour over traditional boxed envelopes Increase productivity 20-25% Tight-web design enables in-line by eliminating envelope insertion envelope printing process Increase operational efficiency Compatible with industry and system uptime with high proven MPS family of input, capacity envelope rolls containing enclosure feeder, output and up to 60K envelopes software options 32
  33. 33. DMT Solutions: Mail Finishingmailstream Productivity SeriesNon-stop performance and reliabilityPitney Bowes mailstream Productivity Series (MPS) is a Built-in Productionscalable, intelligent high-speed mail finishing systems. Building Intelligence® software Built-in data-rich reporting capabilitieson its solid, high integrity base you can build a system to meet automatically collect the data you needyour exact requirements, utilizing cutsheet and continuous to make informed business decisions.inputs, merging inputs, friction and rotary feeders, new wrapping The MPS lets you access multiple reporttechnology, color envelope printing, and more. Process your types and job statistics to evaluatesimple or complex applications on the system used by the your operations and identify potentialhighest volume, highest integrity mailers worldwide. areas for change. Reports operate on a scalable platform with machine-based or networked views and are fully enabled for DFWorks® ADF integration to manage enterprise-wide workflow.CapabilitiesHigh Productivity Inputs eliminate High performance letter mailspeed degradation associated processing at speeds up to 26K/hrwith high page count applications High Speed Digital MeterSupports OMR,BCR, 2D, OCR and Permit Printingscanning; includes Line Scan Increase operationalcapability efficiencies and mailpieceNEW Auto Fold capability ensures effectiveness with the Print+quick, consistent job setup and Messenger color and NEWreduces risk of non-compliant mail monochrome inkjet systemHigh speed document merge End to End High Integritycapability Mailpiece TrackingProcesses wide range of NEW Integrated, highenclosure types with both Friction integrity, labor savingand Rotary enclosure feeders Auto Traying solution 33
  34. 34. DMT Solutions: Mail Finishing Mailstream Evolution TM The smart approach to mail finishing The Pitney Bowes Mailstream Evolution™ inserting system Faster letter to flats changeover delivers high performance when you need it—every single Achieve the fastest changeover in the industry with automated job setup, day. Its flexible platform can be built to meet your current automated fold plates, linescan needs, and then easily expanded as your requirements grow. cameras which read all symbologies Whether you have high or low page counts, cutsheet or anywhere on the input document, continuous applications, open or closed face envelopes, we and material handling options that can help you design a system that meets your exact business can rotate, flip or turn your collation. needs with the highest possible productivity and integrity. Capabilities Letter mail processing (up to14K/hr) NEW Auto Fold capability Flats mail processing (up to 9K/hr ensures quick, consistent High Productivity Inputs eliminate job setup and reduces risk of speed degradation associated non-compliant mail with high page count applications Process broad range of NEW High capacity Cut Sheet enclosure materials with low Input with vacuum separation maintenance, modular servo processes high value, high margin Rotary and Friction Feeders statement applications Increase profitability and NEW Continuous Form Cutter mailpiece effectiveness with processes documents lengths the Print+ Messenger color and between 3.5” to 14” NEW monochrome inkjet system No Changeover Module Direct Connect Verify identifies significantly reduces changeover and tracks each mailpiece from letters to flats with filebased processing and input scanning 34
  35. 35. DMT Solutions: Mail FinishingMailstream Evolution TMRight sized to fit your operational needsThe best in class performance, flexibility and reliability of Small footprintthe Pitney Bowes Mailstream Evolution™ is now available in without compromise Processing the mosta reduced footprint configuration to meet your mid-volume challenging, high value customeroperational needs. Achieve consistent performance and communications is never inincreased operational efficiency with new automated job question with the industry provensetup features. Designed to process a wide range of flexibility of the Mailstreamapplications, this modular platform can be configured to Evolution. Your investment ismeet your current needs and upgraded to meet future protected with this scalable platform that allows you to start out small and evolve to meet your future business needs.requirements as your business grows.CapabilitiesLetter mail processing (up to12K/hr) Configurable transport availableFlats mail processing (up to 9K/hr) in 3 station incrementsContinuous loading cut sheet Maintain system uptime withfeeder for processing simple, continuous load Rotary andsingle page applications Friction FeedersNEW Continuous Form Cutter Processes wide range ofprocesses documents lengths envelope sizes and stylesbetween 3.5” to 14 including executive, diagonalSupports OMR,BCR, 2D, OCR and side seamscanning; includes Line Scan Scalable, modular platformcapability configurable to meet your spaceNEW Auto Fold capability ensures and application needsquick, consistent job setup and Direct Connect control systemreduces risk of non-compliant mail for scalable integrity 35
  36. 36. DMT Solutions: Mail Finishing FlowMaster® RS Inserting System Superior flexibility and performance The Pitney Bowes FlowMaster® RS Inserter will make your Improve your bottom line operations more productive, more flexible and ultimately Add reporting intelligence with Pitney Bowes iSiteTM Vision Solution. more profitable. Its servo powered transports are field proven, Options include simple output scanning, in even the most demanding high volume environments, to job reconciliation, image archival, keep running and running. The FlowMaster®RS handles a sitewide reporting and the ability to wide range of materials and sizes. With its reliability and tie this information into our powerful far-reaching versatility, the FlowMaster®RS system makes DFWorks® platform. it easier to grow revenue and improve your bottom line. Capabilities Letter mail processing (up to16K/hr) Process wide-range of materials Flats mail processing (up to 9K/hr including single-panel glossy, Configurable with low standard folded, cross-folded maintenance, modular servo newsletters, stitched booklets Rotary and Friction Feeders Process high margin read and NEW High capacity Cut Sheet print applications with flexible Input with vacuum separation document scanning processes high value, high margin NEW Increase profitability and statement applications mailpiece effectiveness with NEW Auto Fold capability ensures the Print+ Messenger color and quick and consistent job setup monochrome inkjet system NEW Next generation Bindery Speed Sort Output Conveyor Interface automates manual enables easy identification of mail tasks by integrating bindery and breaks for fast sorting inserter operations iSiteTM Vision Solutions provide intelligence, output scanning and job reconciliation 36
  37. 37. DMT Solutions: Mail FinishingPrint+ MessengerTM Color Inkjet SystemPersonal, powerful, profitable communicationsThe innovative design of the Print+ MessengerTM full color A whole new mediaprinting system enables mailers to increase the effectiveness Turn the everyday business envelope into a whole new media— a media that may have the highest readership of any inof customer communications and achieve new levels of advertising, because nooperational savings. Turn plain white envelopes into a revenue- one discards the mailgenerating tool with one-to-one high-resolution graphics and without first looking at theTransPromo messages. Combined with the ability to eliminate envelope. Use the outsidepreprinted envelopes, reduce material inventory and commingle of the envelopes to drivejobs, mailers can now transform their operations to deliver revenue opportunities.significant results to the bottom line.CapabilitiesFull CMYK color printer Hot-swappable ink cartridges(600x300 dpi) maximize system uptimeMPS - Letters (20K/hr) Intelligent variable thicknessMSE/FlowMaster - Letters (up to mechanism and Direct Connect14 K/hr) Flats (9K/hr) software ensures consistent highPrint 100% variable images, logos print qualityand messages at speed with Optimizes return on investmentproprietary Print+ MessengerTM with ability to retrofit Print+Controller Messenger to existing PitneyPrint+ Messenger Layout Designer Bowes systemssimplifies creation of dynamic Hot-swappable ink cartridgesenvelope content maximizes system uptimeFast drying dye-based ink ensures Self-servicing features neces-high quality finished pieces sitate minimal printer expertise within the mail finishing workcell 37
  38. 38. 38 DMT Solutions: Sorting Solutions
  39. 39. Start here forincreased automationPitney Bowes sorters leverage best-in-class technology with seamlessdata and workflow integration to deliver greater postage and operationalsavings. Superior read rate performance and the ability to use printstreamdata to perform an electronic first pass can help you qualify for greaterdiscounts and speeds delivery. Sorting more types of mail—from postcardsand letters to flats, small parcels, even Polywrap® sheets and irregularshaped pieces—multiplies savings opportunities.Pitney Bowes sorting technology and productivity solutions can help yousave more time and more money than you previously thought possible.Take a closer look. 39
  40. 40. DMT Solutions: Sorting Solutions EZ-Flats Sorting System Low cost of entry for bundle-based savings Flats discounts are now attainable for virtually any in-house Save more mailer! Organizations mailing between 500 and 10,000 First- Looking for more ways to reduce costs? The EZ-Flats system is now available as a labor-saving inbound system, integrating with Class flats, Standard Mail flats or Bound Printed Matter each your corporate database to help day can take advantage of bundle based discounts in just one speed the accurate delivery of sorting pass. Quick and easy to learn, this semi-automated mail to your internal customers. solution combines an automatic front end process—including reading, weighing, labeling and bin assignment—with a manual, yet simplistic back-end process. Capabilities Sort Letters, Flats, Parcels, Bound Printed Matter Irregular Shapes and (Regular, Single Piece Polywrap® Sheets (1,400/hr) and Priority Mail®) Bundle-based processing Intelligent Mail® Basic Service USPS® Manifest In-Line Weighing Parcels (Single Piece and In-line Labeling Priority Mail) Handwritten Addresses First-Class Mail (Flats, Single ® Inbound Sorting Piece and Priority Mail®) Standard Mail® (Regular, Non-Profit and Drop Ship) 40
  41. 41. DMT Solutions: Sorting SolutionsReliant Sorting Solution* TMMid-speed letter and flats processing with a small footprintReliant™ is redefining the ROI of in-house mail sorting by Maximizes your SPI* (Sorts per Inch)providing a compact solution that delivers amazing throughput With its compact, single-sided footprint, the Reliant™ Sorting Solution is an ideal solution for businesses where ROI—andand outstanding functionality. Now companies with lower mail space—are at a premium. At just 9’ 9” in length and 34 inches involumes can achieve the same efficiencies as high volume width, it fits through a standard door and can be placed againstmailers. Whether you’re sorting incoming or outgoing mail— a wall to minimize floor space. Also operates on standardyou can experience reduced operating costs, increased postal 120 volt outlet(s), so no special wiring required.discounts, and improved productivity.CapabilitiesSort Postcards (18K/hr), Inbound SortingLetters (18K/hr) orBusiness Flats (16K/hr) Lockbox SortingFirst-Class Mail® MERLIN® Standards GradingStandard Mail® Handwritten AddressesUMove Enabled In-line WeighingIntelligent Mail Basic ® Selective Openerand Full Service Doubles Detector*Reliant™ Sorting Solution currently available within the United States only. 41
  42. 42. DMT Solutions: Sorting Solutions VariSort Mixed Mail Sorter TM Flexible, high volume flats manifesting The VariSort™ Mixed Mail Sorter automates difficult-to-sort Modular capabilities flats—including Polywrap® sheets and irregular pieces— Start out with the size and processing capacity you need today and quickly add more capabilities as your requirements grow. and small parcels. It can help you take advantage of almost Expansion modules can be rolled up any sorting automation opportunity, so you can benefit from and online in just a few hours! increased postage savings and accelerate your outgoing and incoming mail delivery. It can sort up to 8,000 mailpieces per hour, creating predictable SLAs, improved accuracy and significantly reduced labor costs. Capabilities Sort Postcards (42K/hr), Letters (36K/hr) and In-line Labeling Business Flats (21K/hr) Selective Opener First-Class Mail® Track and Trace Integration Standard Mail® Drop Ship Handwritten Addresses MERLIN Standards Grading ® Doubles Detector Intelligent Mail® Full Service Dimensional Measurements Inbound Sorting Mailpiece Image Archival Local Video Encoding Sort into Pockets or Tubs Lockbox Sorting 42
  43. 43. DMT Solutions: Sorting SolutionsVantage Sorting System TMVery high speed letter processing with innovative in-line optionsThe Vantage™ sorter combines speed, intelligence and Expanded automationendurance for the highest overall throughput in the industry. The Vantage™ sorter is the first sorter which can include both an in-line scale and meter, helping some organizations eliminateEvery individual part of its newly engineered front end was offline metering and giving others the ability to accept mail from moreselected for high speeds and longevity, for more consistent sources. There are many other technology advantages—such as theoperation and less costly downtime. Innovative new feeder ability to obtain dimensional measurementstechnology lets you sort mailpieces with a variety of for color and black envelopes—thicknesses while maintaining a consistently high speed. which expand the types of mail and services that you can offer.CapabilitiesSort Postcards (45K/hr)and Letters (45K/hr) In-line WeighingFirst-Class Mail® 2, 3 or 4 Pocket TiersStandard Mail Drop Ship ® Selective OpenerMERLIN® Standards Grading Track and Trace IntegrationIntelligent Mail Full Service ® Handwritten AddressesInbound Sorting Positive Piece-Level TrackingLocal Video Encoding Doubles DetectorLockbox Sorting Dimensional MeasurementsIn-line Labeling Mailpiece Image ArchivalIn-line Metering Integrated Conveyor System 43
  44. 44. 44 DMT Solutions: ADF Solutions
  45. 45. DMT solutionsInformation thatleads to excellenceTo achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in documentproduction, high-volume mailers need an integrated, consistent way tomonitor and measure workflow, resource, job and mailpiece status.They also need a way to simplify and automate time-consuming productionplanning and analysis tasks. That’s where our DFWorks® system comesin. It’s a powerful, scalable ADF information engine with a portfolioof modular data collection, production management, automation andreporting components.Let Pitney Bowes help you create a more intelligent, high-performing ADF.Start here. 45
  46. 46. DMT Solutions: ADF Solutions Pitney Bowes ADF solutions can help improve your customer communications in four important areas Compliance and integrity Employing a systematic approach to tracking and managing your production is the proven methodology to ensure the integrity of your document factory. Efficient processes can also help you meet compliance-driven timetables and SLAs. Productivity ADF solutions enable you to process mail with maximum efficiency for faster operation and lower cost. Beyond purely monitoring for quality assurance, ADF software can also drive your process improvement and efficiency, such as automating a closed-loop reprint process. Postage cost Gaining full visibility of postage costs and funds management within a facility or across an enterprise, helps manage cash flow and internal accounting processes, regardless of postage payment methods. ADF solutions can also help you selectively insert buckslips or other materials, to help keep your mailpiece weights below postage breaks. Customer Communications Management Meeting customer preference for how and when they want to be communicated to is forcing many mail producers to “move beyond the clipboard” as they manage all of these processes. ADF solutions can help you extend the reach of your customer data to include the complete customer communications value chain, helping you drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. 46
  47. 47. DMT Solutions: ADF Solutions NEW! Extend your ADF tracking and reportingProducts to include legacy equipment• DFWorks® Document Lifecycle Tracking With Pitney Bowes iSite™ Vision Solutions you can• DFWorks®Mailrun Management add reporting intelligence to mechanically based• DFWorks®Postage Accounting and Funds Management mail finishing systems. Options include simple• DFWorks®Postal Manifesting output scanning, job• DFWorks®Production Workflow reconciliation, image• DFWorks®Productivity Reporting archival, site wide• P/I™ Direct Access Inserter Productivity Reports reporting and even• iSite™ Vision Solutions the ability to tie this information into ourSelected capabilities powerful DFWorks®• Determine and benchmark productivity by equipment, platforms. Flexible operator and job profile implementation platforms• Instantly know the status of every mailpiece that passes include bolt on cameras, through your facility integrated transports• Simplify mailpiece lookup for efficient customer service and even a roll up• Evaluate operator performance solution that lets you• Automate and simplify site, account, job and resource use a single iSite system planning and management to monitor any inserter• Create an audit trail for jobs and mailpieces within your operation.• Reconcile production jobs and pieces with high accuracy iSite™ Roll Up Transport• Simplify postage costing, account management and lets you quickly roll up our charge-backs over time, sites and jobs scanning module to any• Replenish postage automatically without slowing production inserter, adjust the height• Automated postal documentation for mixed-weight First-Class Mail® and tie the system into• Expedite “account pulls” from jobs in process your overall ADF.• Automate a closed-loop mailpiece reprint process 47 47
  48. 48. 48 DMT Solutions: Service Solutions
  49. 49. Solutions that work for youToday, there is tremendous pressure for businesses to deliver higher valueprinted business communications. You invested in innovative solutionsto help your print and mail operation enhance capabilities and achieveSLAs. But alone, hardware and software technology can do little to takeyour operation to the next level of performance you need to succeed.You need expert service and support.Pitney Bowes is known for our world-class customer satisfaction andcommitment to providing exceptional service to customers around theglobe. We know what it takes to meet the 24/7 demands of high volumemailers. Look to Pitney Bowes for a total solution for your print andmail operation.Achieve your goals. 49
  50. 50. DMT Solutions: Service Solutions ServiceWorks Solutions TM At your service Whether you require comprehensive on-site support Service simplified or occasional technical expertise to compliment your Just imagine how simple, conve- nient, and cost effective it would be own in-house service capabilities, our full-range of for your business to have a single, ServiceWorks™ Solutions can help your equipment and reliable service provider for all operation perform at their best. your print and mail equipment. We have a simple solution. Customer support Pitney Bowes Multi-Vendor Service Pitney Bowes global service organization has more than provides a single point of accountability along with a full range of 1500 certified Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) exceptional services for your equipment from installation and repair and support staff. We offer repair and maintenance to preventive maintenance. service for many different types of production print and mail equipment. We’ll help keep you at peak productivity. ServiceWorks™ Solutions flexible offerings include: On-site Service Preventive Maintenance (U.S. only) Experienced personnel On-call Service Installation Support (U.S. only) Our technicians are fully trained on the equipment they service. Field personnel have an average of 15 years Block of Hours Sorter Helpdesk 24 x 7 (U.S. only) experience and are direct employees of Pitney Bowes. Consulting Services Time and Materials Support Online Parts Ordering-PartsWorks™ (U.S. only) Fast access Parts Cabinet Program Operator Refresh Training Access our call center for 24 x 7 coverage (in most areas). (Europe only) Essential parts Multi-Vendor Service (MVS) We’ll provide the right part in the right place at the right time. 50
  51. 51. DMT Solutions: Service Solutions 51
  52. 52. 52 Brilliant Communication Awards
  53. 53. Honoring the bestand the brightestThe new Brilliant Communication Awards from Pitney Bowes honor theleading print and mail organizations—the innovators, early adoptersand creative problem solvers—who are finding new ways to streamlineworkflow, ensure accuracy, and market precisely to get the greatestvalue from their customer communications. They’re leading a CustomerCommunications Management evolution using Pitney Bowes solutionsto help lower costs, enhance the value they provide to their customers,and make their organizations more successful.Are you among them? 53
  54. 54. Brilliant Communication Awards Powerful Colorful communication award communication award For improved productivity, efficiency and quality For migrating to or use of digital color PSC Info Group, Oaks, PA Emdeon, Toledo, OH Pres/Emtex Integration Emdeon Moves to Full Color Processing Computershare Communication Company Wilen Media Corp., Farmingdale, NY GmbH, Munich, Bavaria Color Communications To Highlight Customer Services Disaster Recovery Site - Offerings and Increased Response Rates Directly Connected with Pitney Bowes KDC Corporation, Osaka, Japan Significant Improvement of Efficiency and Productivity by Replacement to PB Inserters and Software Tri-Win Digital Print and Direct Mail, Dallas, TX Increased Capacity, Accuracy, and Efficiency via FlowMaster Wilen Media Corp., Farmingdale, NY Powerful Communications Through 4-Color Variable Data Printing 54
  55. 55. Brilliant Communication AwardsProfitable Innovators choice awardcommunication award Selected by peer votingFor creating more relevant, profitable All Brilliant Communication Award entries participatedcustomer communications in the online voting by peers. Did you vote? To view the 2011 award entries in detail, go to www.pbbrilliantawards.comPSC Info Group, Oaks, PASpeak Softly But Carry a Big StickPress Ganey, South Bend, INOperational EvolutionTSYS, Columbus, GATransPromo Solution/ TSYS Whitespace ManagerMailsort Macon Inc., Macon, GASolutions, Not SuggestionsWilen Media Corp. Farmingdale, NYProfitable Communications to Effectively Compete inDirect Mail Personalized MarketingLogistic Mail Factory GmbH, Augsburg, BavariaIntegration of Postoffice from CodX to P/IOfficeMail solutions Special thanks to all those who participated in the new Brilliant Communications Awards. We were delighted byDATA PLUS, Tosu City, Saga Pref the response and are excited to be able share the brilliantDATA makes PLUS Value for Anyone results being achieved by our customers. 55
  56. 56. DMT Solution Showcase DMT showcase areas Tuesday, June 7, 1:00pm – 4:00pm New Mail Finishing Solutions: Tour stops 3-5 our unprecedented combination of multi-up format, Flexibility meets operational efficiency. See the new unmatched print speed of up to 600 feet per minute, and smallest member of our Mailstream Evolution™ mail industry leading digital color inkjet quality. Talk to our finishing team, the fastest changeover in the industry, experts to learn how our growing family of IntelliJet™ and a new cutter that could help you make the move Printing Systems can help you migrate transactional from cutsheet to highly efficient continuous. applications to color to make a positive impact on your customer communications, and a brilliant statement for Marketing Communications Solutions: Tour stops 6-8 your bottom line. See new solutions that can help extend your Direct Mail capabilities, including color envelope printing choices, Postal Solutions: Tour stops 13-18 inputs designed to handle color documents with care, Sorting now comes in all shapes, sizes and capabilities. and efficiency driving tracking and reporting. With Pitney Bowes comprehensive solutions you can automate more than ever—whether you want to fit a sorter White Paper Factory™: Tour stops 9-11 into a very small space, sort at extremely high speeds, Our solutions can help you move gradually—or quickly sort unusual shapes or materials, or simply leave the —to a White Paper Factory™ environment at any point sorting to us! See how our sorting and payment solutions in your value chain. From software-driven offset shell can help you with your postal automation strategy. replacement, to our new state-of-the-art envelope wrapper, see how you can reduce costs while creating Customer Communications Management: Tour stops 18-24 higher value customer communications. It may be a long walk to our Customer Communications Management area, but it is certainly worth the trip! Learn Production Print Solutions: Tour stop 12 how complete data control can help you drive operational Only Pitney Bowes lets you integrate print and mail so efficiencies such as end-to-end closed loop processing, every job is fully optimized for high-speed inserting and multi channel delivery, QR code driven payment methods, mailing. You can achieve breakthrough productivity with and more. 56
  57. 57. 18 24 17 23 16 22 15 14 13 3 21 EE 12 4 5 20 19 11 DD Marketing 6 Track 10 8 CC 7 9PITNEY BOWES SHOWCASE SOLUTIONS1 Service Solutions that Work for You 8 FlowMaster® RS Flex with next generation Bindery 18 Vantage™ High Speed Sorting System with in-line scale2 Cash in on White Space with our new Web portal Input and Print+ Messenger™ Color Inkjet System 19 Automated Document Factory Solutions3 Our smallest Mailstream Evolution™ yet, scalable 9 Next generation MPS White Paper Factory™ System 20 Automated Reprint Solution for both current and future needs 10 Easy first steps toward a White Paper Factory™ strategy 21 Pitney Bowes Marketing Solutions Marketing4 Mailstream Evolution™ with new continuous form input 11 MPS Mail Finishing System with personalized inserts Automation and Prospect Finder5 Mailstream Evolution™ with Print+ Messenger™ 12 IntelliJet™ Printing System Family 22 Pitney Bowes Management Services Customer Color Inkjet System & Auto Fold Capability 13 Small footprint Reliant™ Sorting Solution Communications Management Solutions6 FlowMaster® RS Flex with statement processing plus 14 Pitney Bowes Presort Services 23 Pitney Bowes Mailing Solutions Management DI950 read and print 15 Pitney Bowes Global Financial Services Postage FastPac® Inserting System and Connect+ 30007 FlowMaster® RS Flex with iSite™ Reports central Payment Solutions printing QR Codes tracking and reporting 16 VariSort™ Mixed Mail Sorter for difficult-to-sort flats 24 Companion™ with Read and Print and 17 EZ-Flats Sorting System for low volume flats DM Infinity™ meter 57